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Painted in 2002 by S. Cook




                                                                        “Good reader, blame not the wrytter, for that that is myssing in this Booke

                                                                                                                        is not his faulte. What he hath founde…as nere as

                                                                                                                                    possybell he could he hath sett downe


                                                                                                                                       -English parish register of 1582 



My Family History Pages

Scott updated July 2011 Family of Massachusetts, Nova Scotia and Beyond

Scott grandmother files Bell updated Mar 2011, Watson, Hilchey updated Feb 2011, McMullen updated Oct 2011,

 Hoar, Rice, Beckonshaw, Tackles, Edmunds, Duncan, Priest, Pratt and Prior

Miles Family of England, Bonavista Newfoundland, and Beyond. Updated June 2010

                                                            Chiperi of Corovia, Romania and Beyond

Verenca of Corovia, Romania and Beyond


My Husband’s Family History Pages                                      

                                        Cook of Truro NS Updated Nov 2011

                                                            Cook Grandmothers Carter , Updated May 2010 McCarthy Updated June 12, 2007, Kaulback New- Nov 2011

                                                                                                Carter grandmothers McLellan Updated Oct 2010, MacIntosh Updated Oct 2010, Cates Updated June 2010,

Sutherland, Hamilton Updated June 2010, Church, Meech




Another of us has got “A Round Tuit” L’Acadie Vineyards     

                                      And another of us Simply Kate’s






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