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                                  Edmund Rice- Esther Pitt Whippey Scott Ancestors



1.         Edmund Rice, born 1594 in Barkhamstead, Hertforshire,England, died May 03, 1663 in Marlbourough,Mass.  The parents of Edmund Rice are unknown, This has been well researched by many

genealogists and historians, including Mary Lovering Holman. Edmund ,Thomasine and 8 children(Mary, Henry, Edward,Thomas, Lydia, Mathew,Samuel and Joseph) arrived in Mass. about 1638 from England.

They settled in Sudbury Middlessex and had one more child Benjamin in1640. After the death of Thomasine he married #2 to Mercy Hurd Mar 01, 1655/56. and had 2 more children Lydia and Ruth.                  

Edmund became a freeman May 13, 1640 in Sudbury, became Deacon of the church in 1648. He is known as Deacon Edmund Rice.


                                                                He married Thomasine Frost, Oct 15, 1618, (daughter of Thomasine Belgrave and Edward Frost) baptized Aug 11, 1600 in St. James Church, Standstead, Solfolk Co,England, died June 13, 1654 in




                                                                                                2.             i               Samuel Rice b. Nov 1634.


Second Generation


2.         Samuel Rice, (1.Edmund1) born Nov 1634, baptized Nov 12, 1634 in Berkhamstead,Hertfordshire, England, died Feb 25, 1685 in Marlbourough, Mass.  Samuel married #2 Mary Dix Sep 02, 1668

Sudbury,Mass. Samuel married #3 Sarah White Dec 13, 1676 in Concord, Mass. Samuel left a will on Feb 10, 1684 at Marlbourough, Middlessex Mass proved April 07, 1685. Brothers Edward and Joseph Administrators. Samuel and First wife Elizabeth had 7 children Elizabeth, Hannah, Joshua Joseph, Edmund, Esther and Samuel. Samuel and #2 wife Mary had 3 children Mary, Edward, Abigail. Samuel and

#3 wife Sarah had one son Joseph.


                                                                                He married Elizabeth King, Nov 08, 1655 in Sudbury, Middlessex,Mass, (daughter of Anne Collins and Decan Thomas King) died bef Oct 30,1667 in Marlbourough, Middlessex, Mass,

                                                                                buried Oct 30, 1667 in Marlbourough, Middlessex, Mass.



                                                                                                3.             i               Esther Rice b. Sep 18, 1665.


Third Generation


                                                                3.             Esther Rice, (2.Samuel2, 1.Edmund1) born Sep 18, 1665 in Marlbourough, Mass, died Feb 11, 1737.


                                                                                She married Daniel Hubbard, Nov 01, 1683 in Hadley, Mass, born Mar 09, 1661 in Hadley, Mass, (son of Mary Merriam and John Hubbard) died Feb 12, 1744. 

                                                                                Daniel: Daniel Hubbard and Esther Rise had 11 children born between 1685-1706. Esther, Anna, Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel, Rachel, Edmund, Joseph, Joshua and Rebecca.



                                                                                                4.             i               Esther Hubbard b. Jan 17, 1685.


Fourth Generation


                                                                4.             Esther Hubbard, (3.Esther3, 2.Samuel2, 1.Edmund1) born Jan 17, 1685.


                                                                                She married Leonard Hoar, Nov 13, 1707 in Brimfield, Mass, born 1684 in Hadley, Mass, (son of Daniel Hoar and Mary Stratton) died Apr 1771 in Brimfield, Mass. 

                                                                                Leonard: Don't have list of children but David and Possibly Esther b. Apr07, 1719. Died at age 86 buried Brimfield Center Cemetery, Brimfield Mass.



                                                                                                5.             i               David Hoar b. Feb 23, 1713.


                                                                                See Hoar Family File for more information on Hoar Ancestors


Fifth Generation


5.                    David Hoar, (4.Esther4, 3.Esther3, 2.Samuel2, 1.Edmund1) born Feb 23, 1713 in Brimfield, Mass, died in Onslow.  David and Abigail had 8 children born between 1743-1760.

                David, Abigail, Mary, Soloman, Ebenezer, David, Ruth and Prudence.


                                                                                He married Abigail Hitchcock, May 17, 1741, born June 01, 1718.



                                                                                                6.             i               Ruth Hoar b. 1756.


Sixth Generation


6.                    Ruth Hoar, (5.David5, 4.Esther4, 3.Esther3, 2.Samuel2, 1.Edmund1) born 1756, died Dec 08, 1848.  Ruth and William had 9 children Allen, Esther Pitt, Agnes Pitt, William, David, Abigail,

                Stephen, Samuel, Bethsheba.Ruth had 2 children to second husband James b. Sep 22, 1794 and Hiram Jan 22, 1800. She would have been 46 by the time her last child born.


                                                                                She married (1) William Pitt Whippie, Apr 01, 1773 in Truro, NS, died Jan 24, 1791.



                                                                7.             i               Esther Pitt Whippey(or Whippie) b. Nov 19,1774.


                                                                                She married (2) William Downing, Dec 26, 1793, born in Ireland.


Seventh Generation


                                                                7.             Esther Pitt Whippey(or Whippie), (6.Ruth6, 5.David5, 4.Esther4, 3.Esther3, 2.Samuel2, 1.Edmund1) born Nov 19,1774 in Onslow, NS.  Esthers maternal  lineage can be traced,.


                                                                                She married William Scott, May 23,1793 in Onslow, NS, born 1769, (son of Ephriam Scott and Elizabeth Tackles) died in Musquodoboit, NS


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