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Note: Edmunds information was taken from “The Scott Genealogy” by Mary Lovering Holman




WILLIAM EDMANDS, born in 1610, a tailor, was made a freeman in Lynn, Mass., 6 May 1635. He deposed in 1652, "aged about 42"; in 1678, "aged 68th year"; and died in Lynn, 4 Aug. 1693, aged eighty-two. His first wife was named MARY and after her death in Lynn, 2 Mar. 1657, he married (2), in Boston, 1 Sept. 1657, widow ANN MARTIN, who died before him.

He was licensed to keep an Inn in Lynn in 1650 and remained the innkeeper for many years. He evidently lived in Chelsea, then called Rumney Marsh, near the Boston line. He was the residuary legatee of Thomas Batt's estate in 1689.

There is an interesting case in the Essex County Court, pertaining to him and his wife Ann. One Henry Greene had a daughter Mary, who was afflicted with a "dangerous sore leg". He had placed her in charge of Dr. Comfort Starr of Charlestown, but she not getting any better, he left her with Mrs. Ann Edmands to see if the latter could effect a cure and guaranteed certain payment in case of recovery. Ann Edmunds evidently had a recognised skill in healing, as she is called in one place, a" doctor-woman ", and the little girl became well. Greene, however, failed to pay as agreed and then Edmands sued him.

Administration on the estate of William Edmands was granted to John Edmands, of Lynn, 11 Sept. 1693. (Essex Probate, 8584.) The deed of division of his property was signed by John Edmands; Joseph Edmands; Samuel Edmands; Mary Hutchins.

Children :

 i.       JOHN  b. about 1638; m. SARAH HUDSON and MARY ___.

 ii.     MARY, b. about 1640; m. JOSEPH HUTCHINS.

iii.    JOSEPH, b. 1643, deposed in 1660"aged about 17"; m. SUSANNA ____.



JOHN EDMANDS (William 1), born in Lynn, Mass., before 1640, died in Lynn between 6 Oct. 1701 and 6 Apr. 1701; married (1), in Lynn, 16 Dec. 1662, SARAH HUDSON who died 15 Feb. 1682. He married (2.) about 1686, MARY who probably was a widow George, and the sister of the wife of Joshua Blanchard, of Charlestown. John Edmands in his Will speaks of his "brother-in-law", Joshua Blanchard '. An exhaustive search apparently proved that Mary was not a Blanchard,and as John Edmands. only sister married a Hutchins, the only way that Edmands and Blanchard could be brother-in-laws would be by their wives being sisters. Joshua  Blanchard had two wives, his first was named Elizabeth. She died 15 July 1688, aged twenty-one. He then married (2) Mehetabel who died 10 Jan. 1741-2 aged seventy-six. Mary, wife of John Edmands, named a child, Mehetabel, and it is probable that Mehetabel wife of Joshua Blanchard and Mary, wife of John Edmands, were sisters. The date of Mary's death is unknown but survived John.


John Edmands, of Lynn, husbandman, made his Will, 6 Oct.1701, proved 6 Apr. 1702. He calls himself "sick and weake" and gives his whole estate to wife Mary until son Joseph is of age; he gives to daughter Mary Edmands; daughter Elizabeth Edmands; daughter-in-law Elizabeth George; son William to be maintained by wife until son Joseph is of age and if William then remains "lame and decrepid ", Joseph is to care for him; to daughter Mehetabel when of age; to daughter Rebecca when of age and if she remains weak and sickly, Joseph is to care for her; youngest son Ebenezer Edmands to have the housing that was" my father William Edmands' ".Benjamin and Samuel, two sons, were to be put at trades when fifteen years of age; to daughter Hannah Edmands and to two oldest daughters, Mary and Elizabeth Edmands. Wife Mary to be executrix and brother-in-law Joshua Blanchard to be overseer. (Essex Probate, 307: 308.)


Children born in Lynn, Mass. :

By first wife, Sarah Hudson:

.i. WILLl.AM, b. 16 June 1664. .

ii. JOHN, b. 1 Feb. 1665-6.

iii.JONATHAN, b. 30 Sept. 1668.

IV. MARY. b. 14 Oct. 1671.

V.ELIZABETH, b. 1 May 1677.

vi..NATHANIEL, b. 2 Apr. 1680.

By second wife, Mary___:

.vii  JOSEPH, b. 1 Mar. 1686-7.

viii..BENJAMN, b. 6 Sept.1668. .

ix.  SA.MUEL, b. 7 Feb. 1691.

x.   EBENEZER, b. 5 Apr.1693.

 xi. MEHETABEL, b. 27 Feb. 1695-6.

.xii REBECCA.; mentioned in her father's will.

 xiii. HANNAH; mentioned in her father's will.


JOSEPH EDMANDS (JOHN2,WILLIAM1)born in Lynn Mass., 1 Mar. 1686-7,died in Dudley,Mass.,between 20,June 1751 and 5 June 1768; married(Int.) in Lynn, 25 Oct. 1707,Mary Pratt, of Charleston, perhaps daughter of Joseph and Dorcas (Folger) Pratt, wbo died before 1745, probably in Dudley. He married (2), in Woodstock, Conn., 6 Aug. 1746, MRS. BATHSHEBA (SANFORD) HOLMEs, daughter of Thomas and Christian Sanford, of Boston, and widow of David Holmes.

Joseph Edmands remained in Lynn. until about 1724. when he removed to a tract of land between Woodstock. Conn., and Oxford, Mass.. called Kickamowadchaug. which later became the town of Dudley. Mass.


He made his Will. 20 June 1751, proved 5 July 1768. He gave to son-in-law Joseph Scott. and son-in-law David Cutting, being in full of their wives' portions of his estate; to daughter-in-law. Hannah Edmands, the late wife of son William Edmands, deceased, one shill- ing, he having had his share; to son-in-law Philip Newell. in full of his late wife Hannah.s share; to son Benjamin Edmands; to grand- daughter. Mary Newell, in care of her father, Philip Newell, and if she dies, to be divided amongst her surviving sisters. " Whereas there is a certain Joynture made between me and my well beloved wife Bathsheba dated Aug. 5, 1746 , wherein it was agreed that if she survived me and should choose to leave my house she should have £100 inasmuch as she bas been a loving wife she is to have £6-13-4 more. Son Joseph Edmands to be Executor and to have the residue. (Worcester Probate 18829.)


Essex Co. Deeds, 22: 79. Joseph Edmands of Lynn, husbandman, sells to Mr. John Brintnall of Boston, land in Lynn. laid out to honored father John Edmands. 17 July 1707.

57: 66. Joseph Edmands of Lynn, sells to John Burrill. land laid out to father. John Edmands; Mary, wife of Joseph Edmands. releases her dower. 15 July 1715.

41: 198. Joseph Edmands of Lynn, sells to Richard Mower. of Lynn, land at Rumney Mursh. formerly owned by father. John Edmands; Mary, wife of Joscph Edmullds. releases her dower, I July 1723.

42: 153 and 49: 50. Joseph Edmands sells his homestead in Lynn to John Ballard and Samuel Stocker. in 1724.

Worccster Deeds. 14: 517. William Dudley of Roxbury. seIls to Joseph Edmands. of Lynn. yeoman. tract of land between Woodstock and Oxford, Suffolk Co.. bounded on land of Ebenezer Edmands. 29 Apr. 1724.

4: 316. Joseph Edmands of a farm callcd Kekamowudchaug, between Woodstock and Oxford. Bells Jonathan Newell. of a farm adjoyning, a tract of land in Kekamowadchuug. 81 Mar. 1727.

22: 154. Joseph Edmunds of Dudley. for great love and paternal affection for son William Edmunds. gives him land in Oxford, which he bought this day from Mr. Joseph Scott of Dudley and which belonged originally to Mr. Edward Kitchen of Salem. 6 Apr. 1743.



i.                     HANNAH ..b. 13 Jan. 1708-9. Lynn; m. PHILIP NEWELL.

ii              JOHN. b. 17 Dec. 1711, died young.                                                                                                                                            

iii.            JOSEPH, b. 1 Feb. 1714.

iv.            WILLlAM, b. 14  Mar. 1716; m. HANNAH SCOTT .

         v.             MARY, b. 30  Aug. 1719; m. JOSEPH SCOT'l' and DANIELL KNOWLTON.

         vi.            SARAH, b. about 1721; m. DAVID CUTTING

         vii.           BENJAMIN; b. about 1724  m. MEHETABEL TRUSDALE of Pomfret.


MARY 4 EDMANDS (Joseph I, John 2, William 1), born in Lynn. Mass., 30 Aug. 1719; married (I), JOSEPH SCOTT ; married (2). DANIEL KNOWLTON.       





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