This history was mostly compiled from emails I received from Layton Carter, Stena Carter Cook and Juana McLeod. Juana explained that some of the dates came to her via Albert Wood “I have a few dates that were provided to me by Albert Wood which he found in microfilm of the Old Scottish Parochial Birth, Baptism & Marriage Registers.”




SUTHERLAND Shield: Red with three gold stars. 

SUTHERLAND Crest: A cat-a-mountain. 

SUTHERLAND Motto: "Sans Peur" (Without fear) 

Gaelic Name: Sutherlarach   

Badge: Cotton Sedge

Lands: Sutherland

Origin of Name: Placename, Scotland

Pipe Music: The Earl of Sutherland’s March 


The Earldom of Sutherland is claimed to be the oldest in Britain.

The Sutherland clan derive their name from the territory known as Sudrland by the Norsemen who had conquered much of the Scottish mainland north of Inverness. The family are thought to be of Flemish origin, descendants of Freskin, who is also an ancestor of the Murrays of Atholl.

The Earls of Sutherland maintained feuds with many neighbouring clans, in particular Clan McKay. Relations with the Sinclairs of Caithness were also strained, and the 11th Earl of Sutherland and his wife died of poisoning, at the instigation of the Earl of Caithness.

The first Duke of Sutherland was renowned for being a keen reformer and he cleared his tenants ruthlessly from the land to set up new industries on the coast. He was responsible for virtually destroying the old ways of life in Sutherland and was never forgiven by many people for these clearances.

The principal seat of the chiefs of clan Sutherland is the fairy tale castle of Dunrobin, which has been transformed from a traditional Scottish castle into a vast palace in the French chateau style. Now open to the public, it remains in the possession of the Sutherland family.

        The first Duke of Sutherland was renowned for being a keen reformer and he cleared his tenants ruthlessly from the land to set up new industries on the coast.  



1.             James Sutherland, born  1755, died Mar 17, 1813 buried in Stewiacke East Cemetery, NS  (son of John Donald Sutherland and Janet Grant) James Sutherland and Christiana Ross came to Prince Edward Island from Scotland in 1806 on the passenger Ship 'Elizabeth and Ann' which departed Thurso, North Britain on November 08, 1806.  James Sutherland was from Kildonan, Sutherlandshire, Scotland. He first married #1 Mary MacKay and #2 Christiana Ross. He and Christiana and 7 children came to Canada in1806. A petition was made to Obtain land in Stewiacke East. In this petition, it says James was a sergent in the last 4 yrs of the Americian War in a regiment raised in the County of Sutherland commanded by Colonel Wenyss. In his petetion, he asked for 1000 acres. He settled in Stewiacke East in 1808 and died Mar 17, 1813. He is buried with his second wife Christine Ross his daughter Martha and husband William MacPhee and their son Bennie.



SUTHERLAND, James                        l755 - l8l3

Wife - Christiana Ross

Daughter - Martha Sutherland

Husband  - William MacPhee -  son Bennie

Christiana’s ghost has been seen riding a white horse and wearing a green riding habit.  She did many deeds of kindness (during her lifetime).


There is a beautiful plaque outside the Stewiacke River Park which commemorates the site on which was built (in l803) the original home of

James Sutherland, Kildona, Scotland, donated by his great great grand -daughter Frances Sutherland Dennis    (l970)





The Elizabeth and Ann of Newcastle sailed for Nova Scotia from Thurso, North Britain on November 8th, 1806. Master: Thomas Wynn

Surname Given                       Age          Occupation/Other

Sutherland               Ann          19           

Sutherland               Ann          1              grouped with Ann

Sutherland               Isabel      3              grouped with Ann

Sutherland               Janet        12            grouped with Ann

Sutherland               Jas           51            **

Sutherland               Margaret 30            **

Sutherland               Mary       15            grouped with Ann

Sutherland               William    8              grouped with Jas

Ross                        Christian 34            female



                                      He married (1) Mary McKay.



                                                i               Agnes Sutherland. It is believed she may have stayed in Scotland.

                                                ii              Annie Sutherland. Born about 1787


                                                                                She married Alexander Gordon.  Alexander: Lived in Pictou, County, NS.


                                                iii             Barbara Sutherland.  It is believed she stayed in Scotland.



                                      He married (2) Christina Ross  Feb 08, 1791, Kildonan, Sutherlandshire, Scotland.



                                      ROSS Shield: Red with three lions rampant, silver. 

                                      ROSS Crest: A laurel wreath held in the hand. 

                                      ROSS Motto: "Spem successus alit"  (Success nourishes hope)

                                      Gaelic Name:  Rôs   

                                       Badge: Juniper

                                      Lands: Ross-shire, Ayrshire and Renfrewshire

                                      Origin of Name: Placename, Ross-shire

                                      Pipe Music:  The Earl of Ross's March



       The name Ross derives from the ancient Celtic word "Ros", meaning "a promontory", in this case the lands of Easter Ross. The clan is known to Highlanders as Clann Aindreas - the sons of Andrew.

                                      The traditional progenitor of the clan was Fearchar Mac an t Sagairt which is translated as "son of the priest". Fearchar was created Earl of Ross in 1234, for services to Alexander II.

The last chief of the clan Ross to hold the earldom died in 1372, having fathered no sons. His daughter tried to claim the earldom, but it passed to the MacDonalds of the Isles and subsequently into the hands of the crown in 1476. The once proud Ross estate of Balnagowan became heavily burdened by debt in the 18th century and it was purchased by a lowland branch of the Ross family who, although bearing the family name, were genealogically complete strangers to the Celtic Earls of Ross. In the early 20th century the chiefship of the clan Ross was restored to the true line.





                             2.                iv             William R. Sutherland b. 7 Feb 1797 Knockfin, Kildonan, Sutherlandshire

                                                v              Mary Sutherland. b. 30 Nov 1791 Kinbrace, Kildonan, Sutherlandshire


                                                                                She married James Holland. Born about 1791


                                                vi             Janet Sutherland. b. 16 May 1974 Borrobol, Kildonan, Sutherlandshire


                                                                                She married John Frame, born from Shubenacadie, NS.


                                                vii            Isabel Sutherland. b. 22 May 1799 Knockfin, Kildonan, Sutherlandshire


                                                                                She married Benjamin Campbell.  Benjamin: From Cold Stream, NS.


                                                viii           Cnristiana Sutherland.


                                                                                She married John Roynan.


                                                ix             Ann Sutherland. Baptism  18 Jun 1804 Halkirk, Caithness, Scotland


                                                                                She married Samuel Collas.


                                                x              Martha Sutherland.


                                                                                She married William MacPhee.  William: of Hants County, NS.






Second Generation




2.    William Sutherland, (1.James1) born Dec 25, 1798, died Nov 10, 1879, buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Stewiacke East,NS.  Another birthdate from GeneJane site Feb 07, 1797.Kildonan, Sutherlandshire, Scotland.


                                         He married Elizabeth (Eliza) Richardson, born Apr 21, 1817 in Ireland, died Feb 04, 1900.(the daughter of Rev. George Richardson and Elizabeth Corcoran)

The notes below came from Juana McLeod via email to me.


“"The Richardson family left Ireland around 1820 and first
came to Quebec.  It is believed that they then came to Chester, Nova
.  In 1822, George Richardson (Elizabeth's father) was ordained at
Hammond's Plains, Nova Scotia.  He ministered in the Hammond's Plains -
St. Margaret's Bay area for ten years.  In 1832 the family came to the
Stewiacke area where Rev. Richardson became the first minister of the
Baptist church in Lower Stewiacke.  He served there for 7 years before
moving on. It appears that Elizabeth Richardson met and married William
Sutherland during this period."

I also have an excerpt from a letter that Rev. George wrote to his daughter

Anna that mentions Eliza and William. (taken from my file notes)

A letter written by Eliza's father, Rev. George Richardson to his

daughter, Anna (as found in the book, "HOME-MAKING AND ITS PHILOSOPHY",

William Charles Archibald, 1910) on 16 April 1850 gives a hint that the

Sutherland family was experiencing difficulties at that time.

Excerpt of letter: "If you feel inclined to write me a letter and let me

know how you all are, I should accept the favor, and in addition you

will please tender my affection to my dear Eliza and husband and

family.  Also, should you write, please let me know how they are

succeeding for time and eternity.  I cannot but naturally feel for

their state."”


                                                                                                         RICHARDSON Shield: Silver with a black stripe on which there are three silver lions heads. 

RICHARDSON Crest: A red pegasus. 

RICHARDSON Motto: "Virtute Acquiritur Honos"

Clan Information

                                                         Through the centuries the RICHARDSON family was affiliated with many different clans through marriage. The clan BUCHANAN claims the RICHARDSON family as a sept or directly affiliated family.





                             3.                i               Ameila Sutherland b. June 27, 1837.

                                                ii              George Richard Sutherland, born Nov 24, 1838.  Moved to Massachusetts.


                                                                                He married Kate Peters, 1869, born from Sydney,NS.


                                                iii             James W. Sutherland, born Oct 29, 1840, died May 26, 1865.  Killed in the US Civil War. He never married.

                                                iv             Samuel Kent Sutherland, born June 07, 1842.  Lived in Malaga, Queens County, NS.


                                                                                He married Mary Andrews, 1878.


                                                v              William R. Sutherland, born May 11, 1844.  He was a Minister likely Baptist? He never married.

                                                vi             Mary Holland Sutherland, born Jan 01, 1846.


                                                                                She married Henry Stevens on Feb 06, 1877 born Forest Glen, NS.


                                                vii      Elizabeth M. Sutherland b. Oct 24 1848 in Stewiacke East.


                                                                                                She moved to Massachusetts and was unmarried


                                                viii           Alexander (Sandy) Kent Sutherland, born Feb 18, 1851, died 1938, buried in Forest Glen Cemetery, NS.  They lived on the family Farm.


                                                                                                He married Lelia J. Stevens Aug 12, 1874  born 1845, died 1913, buried in Forest Glen Cemetery, Col Co, NS.


                                                ix             Robert K. Sutherland, born July 07, 1853, died Aug 18, 1883.  He never married.


                                                x              Anna Sutherland, born Sep 22, 1855.  Lived in Boston Mass, after second Marriage lived in Lynn Mass.


                                                                                                She married (1) Thomas Pierce.

                                                                                                She married (2) George Wright.


                                                xi             Theodore H.P. Sutherland, born Dec 22, 1858, died Dec 26, 1878, buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Stewiacke East, NS.


                                                xii            Joseph Sutherland, born Oct 10, 1861.


                                                                                                He married Fanny Stevens.  Fanny: She was widow of James Stevens.






Third Generation





Amelia Sutherland, (2.William2, 1.James1) born June 27, 1837 in Stewiacke East, Col Co, NS she died March 06, 1907 in South Bar, NS she was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery South Bar NS on 03 Dec 1868 in Rev. George Richardson's house, South Bar, Nova Scotia. Amelia was born on 27 Jun 1837 in Stewiacke East, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. She died on 06 Mar 1907 in South Bar, Nova Scotia and was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, South Bar, Nova Scotia.




             She married William E. Meech, on Dec 03, 1868 in Rev. George Richardson's house, South Bar, NS, (John) was born in 1828 in Bagber, Dorset, England. He died on Apr 15, 1889 in South Bar, Nova Scotia and was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, South Bar, Nova Scotia.

       Ameila was the second wife of William E. Meech. He married #1 Elizabeth Long on July 12,1857 in Goullies, Newfoundland. He had 4 children to this first Marriage, Jane Elizabeth Meech, John Albert Meech born  Dec14, 1859, Michael George Meech born Jan 27, 1862 and a William Henry Meech born Jan 18, 1864. It appears that Elizabeth passed away and William came to NS with his children. Sometime between 1864 and 1869.







                                                v      James Sutherland Meech born Sept 17, 1869

                                       4.       vi    Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) Meech born Dec 14,1873.

                                                vii     Samuel Ken Meech born July 07, 1874

                                                viii     Mary Holland Meech born Nov 11, 1876 Albert Wood a descendant

                                                ix       Eliza Evangline Meech born May 02, 1879  Juana McLeod a descendant

                                                x        Winnifred Meech born 1881 born Sep 20,1881


                                                                                  Source Information: Census 1881

                                                                                 Census Place Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

                                                                                 Family History Library Film   1375803

                                                                                NA Film Number   C-13167

                                                                                 District   6

                                                                                Sub-district   P

                                                                                Division   1

                                                                                Page Number   59

                                                                                 Household Number   269


                                      Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

                                      William MEECH   M   Male   English   53   England   Farmer   Church of England 

                                       Amelia MEECH   M   Female   Scottish   44   Nova Scotia      Baptist 

                                      John A. MEECH      Male   English   21   Newfoundland   Seaman   Roman Catholic 

                                      Michael MEECH      Male   English   18   Newfoundland   Farmer'S Son   Roman Catholic 

                                      William H. MEECH      Male   English   16   Newfoundland   Farmer'S Son   Roman Catholic 

                                      James S. MEECH      Male   English   11   Nova Scotia      Baptist 

                                      Jane E. MEECH      Female   English   9   Nova Scotia      Church of England 

                                      Samuel K. MEECH      Male   English   7   Nova Scotia      Church of England 

                                      Mary A. MEECH      Female   English   4   Nova Scotia      Church of England 

                                      Eliza E. MEECH      Female   English   1   Nova Scotia      Church of England              



                   See Meech file for more information on William Meech and his family.


Fourth Generation





4.    Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) Meech, (3.Ameila3, 2.William2, 1.James1) born Dec 14,1873 in South Barr, Cape Breton, NS, died April 18,1953 from Stomach Cancer, buried in Eastside Cemetery, Brookfield,NS.  Birth Date confirmed 1901 census Colchester County NS



      She married Alonzo Carter, Sept 20, 1899 in Salem, Mass, born March 04, 1857 in Brookfield, NS, (son of George Washington Carter and Emeline Hamilton) died Oct 26,1940, buried in  Eastside Cemetery, Brookfield, NS.




See Carter file for Descendants of Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) Meech Carter.