The below Duncan information taken from the “The Scott Genealogy” by Mary Lovering Holman.                                                       




DUNCAN- Hannah Duncan Scott Ancestors





SAMUEL DUNCAN was an early resident of Boston. He appears in a case in Court 1 Dec. 1640. but there being a mistake in the presentment he was discharged. Savage says he was of Newbury. in 1738. Samuel Duncan of "Roxbere'. appears in an Essex Co. Case in 1672. He apparently left no Will nor was there any Administration on his estate, so that it is impossible to obtain a full list of his children. He died in Roxbury, 19 Nov. 1693* His wife's name was Mary. She was admitted to Roxbury Church. 11 May 1684.


Suffolk Deeds, 9: 140. John Griggs of Roxbury sells to Samuel Dunkin,

Senr., of Muddy River, (Brookline) land in Boston, beyond Muddy River; Mary Griggs releases her dower. 14 Mar. 1672.

9: 136. Samuel Dunkin of Muddy River, sells land in Muddy River, to Manasses Beck, 25 June 1674.

10: 5. Samuel Dunkin, Sr. of Muddy River, Planter, sells land in Muddy River to John HilI of Boston, 29 July 1674.



i. SAMUEL  b. about 1647; m. DELIVERANCE. She was probably the dau. of John Curtis, of Roxbury who deeds part of his home lot to Samuel Duncan, Jr. 7 Nov.1682. He had by her, in Roxbury. (1), Margaret, b. 17 Mar. 1670; (2). Samuel, b. Nov. 1672, d. 28 Dec. 1672, ae. 6 weeks (G. S.); (3), Sarah, b. 23 Scpt. 1674, d. 26 July 1675; (4), Jabez, b. 20 Aug. 1678; (5), Deliverance, b. 29 Sept. 1681; (6) Samuel, b. 14 Aug. 1680. He probably had also a son John and possibly removed to Worcester.


ii. HANNAH, b. 28 Apr. 1651, Boston; m. JOHN SCOTT.


iii. JADEZ, b. 24 Feb. 1654, Boston, "died in the Company's service" in 1676. Administration on the estate of Jabesh Duncan, late of Roxbury, Slain in the Country's Service, is granted unto Samuel Duncan, his brother, in behalf of himself and other Relations, in 1676, he giving Security to administer according to Law. (Sulfolk Probate, 12: 11 a.) He served under Sergt. Robert Bardwell, in Capt. Turner's Command, 9 Apr. 1676. John Dunkin of Worcester certifies 1 Apr. 1785, that his uncle Jabez Dunkin was killed in the fight and applies as his proper heir.


iv. THOMAS, b. 15 Jan. 1655, Boston.


HANNAH DUNCAN (Samuel1). born in Boston, Mass.. 28 Apr. 1651. probably died in Roxbury before 1722; married in Roxbury, 29 May 1672, JOHN SCOTT


*Some authorities state that Samuel Duncan. Jr., died on 19 Nov.1693.



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