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Family of  Massachusetts, Nova Scotia and Beyond.

Information compiled by: Sandra Scott Cook

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                   This project started because of my own personal interest in family history. I wanted to have something in writing for my children.

I have learned that this will be a never-ending project. Those of you that take an interest can continue by adding your own up to date information. I have traced as many of the grandmothers that I could that married into the Scott family. Please understand that I compiled this information without a guarantee of any errors. I will include a Quote from Mary Lovering Holman book.


                                                                                    “Good reader, blame not the wrytter, for that that is myssing in this Booke

                                                                                                is not his faulte. What he hath founde…as nere as

                                                                                                            possybell he could he hath sett downe


                                                                                                                        -English parish register of 1582



                                                                                                                        To: Samantha, John and Scott

                                                                                                                                    With Love, Mother


                                                                                                                                    In Loving Memory of

                                                                                                                                    Vernon Ellis Scott

                                                                                                                                    (July 20, 1936-July 31, 1971)

                                                                                                                                    “In Memory a Daily Thought

                                                                                                                                    In Heart a silent sorrow”


                          I will start this Scott family with Benjamin Scott. I have tried to find out for sure where Benjamin and his wife Margaret have come from,

                          to this date I have been unsuccessful. There is still a question if our John Scott is truly Benjamin Scott’s Son. However from all the information

                          I have read I believe it to be so. This may never be proven one way or the other. Most of the Early Scott information I have taken from a book called

                   “THE SCOTT GENEALOGY” by Mary Lovering Holman, compiled by the author for Grace Harriett Scott written in 1919. Grace Harriett Scott was our

5th cousin once removed. Mary Lovering Holman was a well respected Genealogist and a lifetime member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. I also used the Jennie Reid books “Musquodoboit Pioneers” Volume 1 and Volume 11( note to anyone following the link to photos from Jennie’s book Mrs. Robert Bell should be Mrs. George Bell) and Israel Longworth’s “History of Colchester County, NS”. Other information I gathered from census records, the Internet, graveyards and most importantly family members.                                                                                                                                    




                                                                                        Benjamin Scott



1. Benjamin Scott, born 1610-1620 in Scotland?, died Sept 26, 1671 in Rowley Mass. USA.  Died age 51+/- I have a death date June 06, -Sept 22, 1671. Note: that his will was proved Sep 26, 1671. Birthplace and dates unknown I am guessing 1610 to 1620. Marriage date note: "Margaret Stephenson is judged at liberty to be married to Benjamin Scott",28 day of the 5th month 1642.     

(Records of the Court of Assistants, p. 125.) Benjamin Scott , with his wife Margaret, were early residents of Cambridge, Mass., wence they removed to Rowley before 1651 and were granted land in 1664, having previously purchased land in Haverhill.                                                                                  


                                                                His Will was proved 26 Sept 1671, he having died shortly before that date.                                                                                                                                              


" I , Benjamin Scott  Being very weeake of Body but of competent understanding and memory doe make this my Last Will and Testament.   Imprimis.  I will and begueath my Soule unto the hands of the all mighty god that give it and my body body to the Earth in hope of blessed resurection. And as for my outward estait, my will is that my littel peece of land the towne gave me at the bricke kill my wife have the benefit of it dureing her widdowhood so long as she remaine relique to me and after her I will and give unto my son Beniamin.  I will also  and give unto hir my bigest cow and all my household stufe I give hir to be wholly hir owne and at her will and despose.  Item, as for my son Beniamin my will is that he have The oxen and the mare and the cart and plough and all the tackling belonging unto them and the land after the caring of his mother and his own armes.  Item. as for my son John I will give him one cow and one heiffer, the cow is his own and I only give one heffer, he having bond from me to the obtaining of a good trade.  Item. as for my daughter Mary, I will and give hir one cow that is called Spoferd.  Item. my will  farther is that my son Beniamin, and John according to his promise be helpfull to the getting up of a house on the land for the comforth of ther mother.  And I make my well beloved wife the solle executrix of this my last will and Testament.                                                                                                                                       

                                                'Datted and signed the sixt of June (1671)                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                            by his                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                             "Beniamin ~ Scott "                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                                                                         mark     X               

                                                " Signed in the p' sence of  Samuel Brocklebank  James Barker"                                                          





He married Margaret Stephenson, Mar 28, 1642 in Mass USA, born about 1617, died Sept 22,1692 in Salem (on Gallows Hill).  Margaret: Benjamin and Margaret probably met and married in America. He may have been born in Scotland or England and her in Wales?? They lived first in Cambridge Mass. and then Rowley. He died in1671 and she possibly made a living on the farm, with the help of her son’s Benjamin and John? This is an unconfirmed note. A well documented Fact. She was accused, tried and convicted unjustly of witchcraft in Salem (which adjoins Rowley) Hanged on Gallows Hill on Sept 22, 1692. Margaret was possibly the oldest woman hung (although that honour seems to have gone to Rebecca Nurse who was 70.) Margaret would have been 75.  We should be proud of Margaret as they only hung people who would  confess of witchcraft. The confessors would be exempt from hanging in hopes that they would lead to other witches. From what I have read if confessed your heirs would have no rights to your property. (For the fourth and last time, the procession left Salem jail for the place of execution of those persons condemned for witchcraft, on Thursday, September 22d. There were eight victims this time. Samuel Wardwell of Andover was the only man to thus suffer, the women were Mrs. Martha Cory, wife of Giles Cory, Alice Parker, wife of John Parker, and Ann Pudeator, widow of Jacob Pudeator, all of Salem, Mary (Towne) Easty, sister of Rebecca Nurse and wife of Isaac Easty of Topsfield, Margaret Scott, widow of Benjamin Scott of Rowley, aged about seventy-five, Wilmot Reed ("Mammy Red"), wife of Samuel Reed, of Marblehead, and widow Mary Parker of Andover. Upon the ladder, Mrs. Cory, protesting her innocence, concluded her life with an earnest prayer. After the sheriff had done his part in the affair, Rev. Nicholas Noyes, of Salem, turned toward the suspended bodies of the victims, and said: "What a sad thing it is to see eight firebrands of hell hanging there.") In 1711, all the accused were exonerated and their relatives offered retribution. But, whether out of fear or shame, not all the families came forward to accept the apology. Margaret’s name was not cleared until Oct31, 2001, 309 yrs after her death. Margaret must have suffered extremely from the time of her arrest on Aug 06, 1692 until her death on Sep22, 1692 Margaret Scott’s Obituary.  She loved the comics, and had a heart of gold.” This information I took from a site the Salem Gazette Nov 26, 1692. I do not know how accurate this information is.





Examination of a Witch, by T.H. Matteson 1853.
original painting at Peabody Essex Museum 





Trial of George Jacobs, 1692 by T.H. Matteson. A Hanging 1692
The original of this oil painting hangs in the

Peabody Essex Museum. It was painted in 1855

and is by no means historically accurate

but is very dramatic.



                                                                        Below the translation of the above documents

(Frances Wycom v. Margaret Scott)

                                                                         The deposistion of frances wycum who testifyeth and saith that quickly

                                                                        after the first court at [Salem] about wicthcraft margerit Scott whom I very

                                                                        well knew: or hir Apperance came to me and did most greviously torment me by

                                                                        choaking and almost presing me to death: and so she did continue affleting me

                                                                        by times tell the 5'th August 1692 being the day of hir examination allso

                                                                        during the time of hir examination margerit scott did most greviously afflect

                                                                        me: and also severall times sence: and I beleve in my heart that margerit

                                                                        Scott is a wicth and that she has often afflected me by acts of wicthcraft

                                                                        frances Wycum owned: to the grand Inquest: that the above written

                                                                        evidence: is the truth upon oath: Sept'r 15: 1692: Jurat in Curia.

       (                                                                Reverse) frances Wycomb ags't Margaret Scott



(Phillip Nelson and Sarah Nelson v. Margaret Scott)

                                                                        #[also] phillip Nellson and Sarah his wife doe testifie and say that for

                                                                        Two or three years before #[the said] Robert Shilleto dyed we have often hard

                                                                        him complaining of margerit Scott for hurting of him and often said that she

                                                                        was a wicth and so he continewed complaining of Margarit Scott saying he

                                                                        should never be well so long as margerit Scott lived & so he Complayned of

Margret Scott: att times untill he dyed

image032Margaret Scott Momorial


Massachusetts Clears Five Witches in Salem Trials

New York Times/November 2, 2001


Boston -- More than three centuries after they were accused, tried and hanged as

unrepentant witches on Gallows Hill in Salem, Mass., five women have been

officially exonerated by the state.

The act, approved by the Legislature, was signed on Halloween by the acting

governor, cheering the descendants of Bridget Bishop, Susannah Martin, Alice

Parker, Wilmot Redd and Margaret Scott. The five were among 20 men and women put

to death during the witchcraft hysteria of 1692.

"We've had an awful lot of descendants that have been out there working for it,"

said Shari Kelley Worrell of Barrington, Ill., an eighth great-granddaughter of

Susannah Martin. The Puritan leader Cotton Mather called her one of the most

"impudent, scurrilous, wicked creatures in the world."

Ms. Worrell said: "I want to make sure that people know she was not a witch.

History will now record her as being what she really was."

Ms. Worrell said she felt pity for her distant ancestor, who could have lived

had she admitted to being a witch.

"How would I feel dying as a Christian martyr, having people think I worshiped

the devil?" she asked.

The state has tried to make amends before. In 1711, more than two decades after

the trials, all the accused were exonerated and their relatives offered

retribution. But, whether out of fear or shame, not all the families came

forward to accept the apology.

A 1957 state resolution cleared the name of one more victim, Ann Pudeator, and

"certain other persons" who were unlisted.

State Representative Paul E. Tirone, who helped shuttle this year's act through

the Legislature, said the "other persons" should be cleared by name.

"These people were victims of hysteria, and they paid deeply with their lives,"

said Mr. Tirone, whose wife, Sharon, is a descendant of Sarah Wildes, who was

exonerated in 1711.

The history lesson, he said, is one that modern Americans should keep in mind in

the wake of Sept. 11 if they are tempted to eye their neighbors with suspicion.

"Sometimes when things like this happen we need to take a breath, and look at

it," Mr. Tirone said. "We just can't paint blame with a wide brush."


Spectors, Maleficium, and Margaret Scott-by Mark Rice (Copyright, 2005) -History 209, an Undergraduate Court, Cornell University Spring Semester, 2003-Revised for presentation to the Berkshire Conference, 2005- Link from Web for this article I copied-Well written great article on Margaret by Mark Rice-Well worth the read-

“Margaret Scott possessed the characteristics that made her a prime suspect for any witch accusation during early New England. However, Scott was unlucky enough to be accused during the Salem witch hunts. As a result, Scott, an orthodox suspect, was thrown into a very unorthodox witch hunt with very little chance of survival. The evidence of Margaret Scott's case highlights the nature of witchcraft accusations in New England and the Salem witch-hunt. In the end, Margaret Scott was accused and executed on charges of witchcraft due to prolonged suspicion of her character, the spectral evidence provided in her trial, the maleficium evidence against her, and the prominence of the accusers in her community.

Margaret Scott was the only person to be accused of being a witch from Rowley during the Salem trials. This was mainly due to the fact that community members long thought of her as a witch. She most likely was suspected of witchcraft because of her low stature in the community, the number of child fatalities, long widowhood, and begging; all common traits among people accused of witchcraft.1

Margaret Scott's origins are obscure. Born Margaret Stevenson in England somewhere around the year 1615, she first appeared in the record books in 1642, when she married Benjamin Scott. Initially the Scotts lived in Braintree, but later moved to Cambridge where they had four children between 1644 and 1650. The Scott family arrived in Rowley in 1651 where Margaret gave birth to three additional children. Of all the children, only three lived to adulthood. Still, by the time of the witchcraft trials, the seventy-seven year-old Margaret Scott had as many as eleven grandchildren.2

It is hard to pinpoint the status of the Scott family among the residents of Rowley. Evidence from Essex County records indicates that the Scots were not wealthy and never appeared in any positions suggesting importance or prominence. Benjamin Scott himself was never assigned a high-status title such as Mister or even the lower status title Goodman. The Scotts lacked the money to purchase their own land. Instead in 1664 the town donated land to Benjamin Scott.3 In March of 1665, Benjamin Scott was convicted of the crime of theft, for which he was "fined and admonished." However, six months later he took the Freeman's Oath, indicating he was both a householder and a church member, in short, an upstanding person.4 Benjamin Scott died in 1671 leaving an estate worth only 67 pounds and 17 shillings, not much by the standards of that time. However, Margaret had to live on this estate for the next twenty-one years and by the time of the Salem trials, must have been very poor.5

At first glance, Margaret Scott seems to have lived an uneventful life. However, certain aspects of her character made her a very likely candidate as a witch suspect. One such aspect was the high infant mortality rate among her children. Women in New England who had trouble raising children were very vulnerable to witchcraft charges. In fact, only 7 out of the 62 accused female witches in New England prior to 1692 had a considerable number of children.6

Out of Margaret's seven children, only three made it to adulthood. This does not consider any miscarriages or other problems that Scott may have had. Furthermore, only one of her three children born in Rowley lived to adulthood. The residents of Rowley would have been well aware of her high infant mortality rate.7

Another factor about Margaret Scott's character that made her vulnerable to accusations was her status as a widow for twenty-one years. Being a widow did not in itself expose a woman to suspicion.8 However, Scott suffered from the economic and social effects of being a widow for a prolonged period. The most dangerous aspect of being a widow was the lack of a husband for legal support and influence. Also, Scott, 56 at the time of her husband's death, was forced to live off her husband's small estate for twenty-one years. Often widows who were over fifty and not wealthy, were unable to find a new spouse and thus were reduced to poverty and begging. By begging, Margaret would expose herself to witchcraft suspicions according to what historian Robin Briggs calls the "refusal guilt syndrome". This phenomenon occurred when a beggar's needs were refused causing feelings of guilt and aggression on the refuser's part. The refuser projected this aggression on the begger and grew suspicious of her.9

Some of the depositions against Scott did involve misfortunes occurring to people who had denied her a service or good. Perhaps Scott actually used her reputation to receive favors, which could be very effective. If people believed that Scott was a witch, they might have eagerly given her what she asked out of fear of retaliation. However, if someone refused Scott and then fell on bad circumstances, witchcraft suspicions and accusations were almost a certainty.10

Evidence suggests that Scott's widowhood suffering and dependence on begging resulted in part from a lack of familial support. Only Margaret Scott's son Benjamin stayed in Rowley. When Margaret Scott was accused of witchcraft, Benjamin, who had six children of his own at the time, offered no legal support. He probably lacked the time and money to pursue a legal defense of his mother.11

A careful examination of the depositions and witnesses shows a clear pattern among Margaret Scott's accusers. Many who were wealthy residents of the town who cooperated in the effort to convict Margaret of witchcraft.

Captain Daniel Wicom appeared as the central figure among the accusers. As a prominent member of Rowley, any witchcraft affliction that involved Wicom, who filled many town leadership positions, would have led to legal action against Scott.12 According to depositions presented against Scott, the residents of Rowley suspected her of being a witch for as many as twenty years but no action was taken until his daughter became afflicted by her.

The Wicoms were not the only prominent family of Rowley involved with the accusations against Margaret Scott. The Nelson family also played an active role in the trial. Thomas and Phillip Nelson were brothers; Sarah was Philip's wife. Their father, Captain Philip Nelson, passed away in 1691 leaving an estate of 500 pounds suggesting that both Thomas and Philip were well off themselves. Unfortunately, records fail to distinguish between Philip the father and Philip the son. However, the prominence of the name of Philip Nelson in town records suggests that the family was wealthy and powerful.13

What is notable among the many appearances of Nelsons and Wicoms in the Essex County records is actually what did not occur. While the two families appear in many land disputes, they never appear as opponents. While one cannot assume that both families were friends, it is safe to say that they were not enemies. Philip Nelson gave testimony that supported Daniel Wicom in a 1679 trial and in 1680 the two men sided together in another court case. 14 The connection between the Wicoms and the Nelsons as Margaret Scott's chief accusers continued with the deposition of Philip and Sarah Nelson who testified to the affliction of deceased Robert Shillito, who lived in Daniel Wicom's tithing district. Wicom would have collected Shillito's taxes, been in contact with him, and have been very familiar with his supposed affliction. The final connection occurred in the deposition of Thomas Nelson. At the end of his testimony, the record indicated him as a member of the grand jury giving him the power to determine Margaret Scott's fate extending the Nelson-Wicom connection to nearly all aspects of the trial. 15

The depositions offered against Margaret Scott highlight the rumors about her reputation and the common beliefs that circulated about witches in early New England. Of the six depositions presented before the Salem Court on September 15th, four described the spectral image of Margaret Scott tormenting others. Some depositions given showed that many people suspected Scott was a witch long before 1692. The spectral evidence came from the depositions of young women who may have been influenced by their paranoia surrounding Indian hostilities, social pressures, and religious beliefs.

According to the evidence, Margaret Scott's specter first attacked Frances Wicom at the beginning of the trials at Salem around the tenth of June and continued to do so until the date of her examination on August 5th. The seventeen year old Frances gave her deposition to the court at Salem on September 15, 1692. Describing afflictions that were believed to be very common Frances stated that Margaret Scott "came to me and most grievously torment me by choacking and almost presing me to death".16

Several factors may have led Frances Wicom to testify to such a terrible experience including her home environment and its relationship with Indian conflicts. She undoubtedly would have heard firsthand accounts of bloody conflicts with Indians. New evidence shows that a direct correlation can be found between anxiety over Indian Wars being fought in Maine and witchcraft accusations. In such a tense environment where New England was tormented by Satan through witches and Indians, who were thought to be servants of the devil, young girls would have been willing to accuse anyone who was remotely suspicious making Scott, who already had a shady reputation, an easy target.17

Frances's family's high status in Rowley may have made also have made her a likely candidate for being "afflicted". The Wicoms's affluence would have made Frances the object of attention in Rowley society. Being afflicted gave Frances an outlet so she could say and do anything without any consequences providing a great release for a girl who lived in such a proper setting as the Wicom household and Puritan society in general.18

The second sufferer from spectral torture, Mary Daniel, also presented her deposition at the trial in Salem on September 15. It too listed many painful torments at the hands of Margaret Scott.19

No records of Mary Daniel's birth or parents exist. The first time Mary Daniel entered the record books was for her baptism on December 6, 1691. She next appeared for her accusations of Margaret Scott. There was a good chance that Mary Daniel was actually a servant in the household of Reverend Edward Payson, minister of Rowley at the time of the trials. 20 He obviously would have encouraged her to become a member of the Puritan faith.21

If Mary Daniel worked for Mr. Payson, her religious surroundings could well have had an effect on her actions. Recent converts to Puritanism felt inadequate and unworthy and at times displaced their worries through possession. Although Mary Daniel was never possessed, her baptism only a few months before the Salem witch hunt presumably increased the pressures of her religion. These feelings would only have been heightened if she in fact served in the household of the local minister.22

The third piece of spectral evidence against Margaret Scott came from another young woman, Sarah Coleman, who deposed that Scott's specter had tortured her on August fifteenth "by pricking, pinching, and choaking of me." Although born in Rowley, the twenty-two-year-old Coleman lived in neighboring Newbury with her parents for the previous nineteen years. The senior Colemans probably knew of Margaret Scott's reputation for witchcraft before they moved to Newbury; that knowledge, combined with the region-wide gossip about Scott's more recent malefic activities, undoubtedly in 1692 led their daughter to accuse their former townswoman.23

Two Rowley residents, Phillip and Sarah Nelson, testified about conversations with Robert Shilleto. The Nelsons deposed that Shilleto believed himself a victim of Margaret Scott's afflictions and "we have often heard him complaining of Margaret Scott for hurting of him, and often said that she was a witch." The Nelsons also described how his affliction lasted for two or three years before Shilleto passed away in 1687 showing that Scott was suspected of being a witch long before the Salem Witch Hunt occurred.24

Spectral evidence was not the only tool that accusers used in Margaret Scott's trial. Two depositions presented at her September 15th appearance before the court examined how Scott tormented people through maleficium, a witches's harming of one's property, health, or family. Of the depositions offered both presented examples of the refusal guilt syndrome among the accusers. The depositions also showed how an ability to predict the future, and damage to livestock raised suspicions against an individual. 25

The deposition presented to the Salem court on September 15th by Daniel Wicom provided evidence of maleficium. His testimony described an encounter with Margaret Scott that occurred about five or six years before the trial when he did not give Scott corn. He reported that Scott predicted that he would be unable to harvest corn that evening and immediately oxen started to act in a strange way making it unable for Wicom to harvest his fields. 26

Wicom's deposition provided an example of refusal guilt syndrome where he initially denied a good to Margaret Scott only to suffer an inconvenience directly related to what Scott was begging for. This testimony also provided evidence that described Scott's ability to predict the future, which was a trait thought to be used by witches.27

More evidence centering on maleficium came from Thomas Nelson, whose statement was also influenced by refusal guilt syndrome. Nelson testified that when Margaret Scott was "Earnest she was for me to bring her wood" and he refused to deliver it immediately one of his cows acted in a strange way and another died.28 Nelson's deposition not only describes many classic characteristics of maleficium, but also includes information about his loss of cattle which was a symbol of status, common in many witchcraft accusations in New England. In attacking his livestock Thomas Nelson believed that Margaret Scott was a threat to his position among the other men in the town.29 In his deposition, Nelson testifies that after the death of his cows he "had hard thoughts of this woman."30

Major events in Margaret Scott's case coincided with important dates of the Salem witchcraft court. When compared to the testimony against Scott, clear patterns can be found between the evidence brought against her and the timing of the Salem court.31

Evidence from the girls' testimony was synonymous with important events in the Salem trials. Frances Wicom was the first girl to experience spectral torment in 1692 "quickly after the first Court at Salem." Frances also testified that Scott's afflictions on her stopped on the day of her examination, August 5. Mary Daniel deposed on August 4 that Margaret Scott afflicted her on "ye 2d day of the week last past," which would have coincided with Scott's arrest. The third afflicted girl, Sarah Coleman, testified that the specter of Margaret Scott started to afflict her on the 15th of August, which fell ten days after the trials of George Burroughs and Scott's own examination. Additionally, the 15th was only four days before the executions of Burroughs, John Proctor, John Willard, George Jacobs, and Martha Carrier; accused who were not "usual suspects" that brought considerable attention to the Salem proceedings.32

Once Margaret Scott's case came before the Salem court, the magistrates were eager to prosecute her for witchcraft. At the same time that Margaret Scott appeared in front of the court, critics of the proceedings had become more vocal expressing concern over the wide use of spectral evidence in the Salem trials. The court probably took the opportunity to prosecute Margaret Scott to help its own reputation. Margaret Scott's case not only involved spectral evidence, but also a fair amount of maleficium evidence. Scott exhibited many characteristics that were believed common among witches in New England. Additionally, the spectral testimony given by the afflicted girls bolstered the accusers' case. With a combination of solid maleficium and spectral evidence against her, the proceedings took only one day to complete. To the judges at Salem, Margaret Scott was perfect candidate to highlight the court's effectiveness. By executing Scott, the magistrates at Salem could silence critics of the trials by executing a "real witch" suspected of being associated with the devil for many years.33

Margaret Scott was executed at Salem as a result of a suspicious reputation, the combination of spectral and maleficium evidence against her, the close relationship among her accusers, and the timing of her trial. Margaret Scott's downfall resulted from a series of misfortunes that she could not avoid. Impoverished and isolated from her long widowhood, Scott's shady reputation made her an easy target for witchcraft suspicions. Her accusers' depositions describe many typical beliefs about witches in early New England built up over a prolonged period of time. Even the actions taken against her by the prominent families of Rowley were not uncommon in New England witchcraft. Margaret Scott simply could not avoid the key factor in her condemnation; her profile as a "usual suspect". Unlike many of the other accused before the court, Scott was faced with an equal amount of spectral and maleficium evidence. The proponents of the court saw the opportunity to use Margaret Scott to their advantage. Her case showed the court relieving a community of a long believed witch and distracted attention from other defendants who were convicted on much more questionable evidence.”


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31.  Dates from depositions listed in Gage, The History of Rowley, 169-75 Frances Wicom's deposition states that she is first afflicted at the first trials of Salem, which was June 2nd, therefore Scott could have been named as a witch any time between then and her arrest.

32 Testimony from Gage, The History of Rowley, 169-75; evidence of the August 19th executions from Bernard Rosenthal, Salem Story (Cambridge University Press, 1993) 108.

33.  Doubt about spectral evidence was voiced by some ministers. Their concerns are described in Norton, In the Devil's Snare, 281-2; testimony of the afflicted girls of Salem is given in Gage, The History of Rowley 173-4.




The Children Benjamin Scott and Margaret Stephenson Scott



                                                                                i               Joseph Scott, born July 03, 1644, died Dec 03,1644.

                                                                                ii              Benjamin Scott, born July 05,1646.


                                                                                                                He married Susanna Scales.


                                                                2.       iii       John Scott b. July 02,1648.

                                                                                iv             Elizabeth Scott, born May 27,1650, buried July 03,1650.

                                                                                v              Mary Scott, born March16,1651/52, died Dec 25,1700.


                                                                                                She married John Decker, June 18, 1680 in Rowley, Mass, died Oct 28, 1694 in Rowley, Essex Co, Mass.


                                                                                vi             Samuel Scott, born March 07,1654/55, buried March 10,1654/55.

                                                                                vii            Sarah Scott, born Jan 01,1656/57, buried Aug 21,1660.




Second Generation


                                      2.       John Scott, (1.Benjamin1) born July 02, 1648 Cambridge, died 1715-1722 in Probably Roxbury.   He died at age 74. John Scott, The founder of this line of Scott's in America. Possibly was not born in New England birth date could have been 1646 and 1650. Although it appears that he is identical to John Scott born to Benjamin and Margaret Scott Cambridge Mass. July 02, 1648, who named his children Hannah (his wife Hannah Duncan), John, Sarah, Mary, Margaret and Joseph. He had no son Benjamin, but a grandson of his bore that name. The probability is that the two Johns are the same but nothing has been found to prove it. He was an inhabitant of Roxbury Mass. before 1672. The first mention of him is 1672 in his marriage record of May 05, 1672 convent of Roxbury Church. He served in King Phillips War 1675-76(the most devastating Indian war in New England, which resulted in the virtual extermination of native people from Southern New England. In 1683 he was paid by the town for 'warding'. He served on the 'Jury for Tryalls" in 1695 and in the same year he received two grants of land in Woodstock Conn. On April 11, 1705, Mr. John Scott was made constable in Roxbury. On the 4th of the following March was made surveyor of highways. There is no record of his or his wife’s death but they had evidently deceased before 1722 for in that year John Scott (2) youngest son of John and Hannah, made his will and although unmarried leaves no legacy to his father or mother as he would have been likely to if they were living.



       He married Hannah Duncan, May 29, 1672 in Roxbury Mass. USA, born April 28, 1651 in Boston, Mass. USA, (daughter of Samuel Duncan and Mary_________) died BEFORE 1722.  Hannah: Note could have died Jan 01, 1706 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co Mass Re: note from Barbara Lenker.


                                                                                                See Samuel Duncan History for Further information on Hannah Duncan -Scott Ancestors:





                                                                                i               Hannah Scott, born July 24,1674 in Rowley Mass, died Aug, 1674 in Rowley Mass.

                                                                                ii              John Scott, born Nov 11,1675, died Nov 11,1672.  died 1 hour after birth.

                                                                                iii             Sarah Scott, born Jan 26,1676, died Jan 26,1676.  Lived about 6 Hours.

                                                                                iv             Hannah Scott, born Aug 18, 1678, died Aug 26,1678.

                                                                                v              Margaret Scott, born Jan 06,1680, died Jan 14,1680 in Roxbury, Mass.

                                           3.       vi       Joseph Scott b. March 27,1682.

                                                                                vii            John Scott, born Nov 08, 1683, died Nov 16,1683.

                                                                                viii           Sarah Scott, born 1684, died Nov 10,1684.

                                                                                ix             John Scott, born July 09,1686 in Roxbury, Mass., died Apr,1722.  From Holman Book- John Scott of Roxbury, Mass,. Weaver, made his will, 4 Apr 1722, proved May 1,1722.

                                                                He gives to friend, Thankful Dana, for her kindness, 10 pounds. To brother Joseph Scott's two eldest sons Samuel Scott and James Scott, the residue, and makes brother Joseph Scott executor. Inventory 103 pounds, 8d. (Suffolk Probate, 22: 535).

                                                                                x              Mary Scott, born July 28,1679 in Roxbury Mass, died July 30,1679 in Roxbury Mass.



Third Generation


                                      3.           Joseph Scott, (2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born March 27,1682 in Roxbury, Mass, baptized May 07, 1682 in Dr. Elliot’s Church, died aft 1753.   Died age 71. Joseph and first wife Sarah had no children. Joseph and second wife Hannah had 8 children. From the Holman Book- Joseph Scott was a weaver. He lived in Roxbury until about 1717 when he removed to Brookline. On the 2 Mar 1712-3, he petitioned the town of Roxbury, for permission to build a "pue" in the place where his boys had been sitting. He only remained in Brookline for a short time and was again resident of Roxbury in1724. While living in Brookline he evidently attended the West Roxbury Parish church of Roxbury, as he had three children baptized there during those years. In Brookline, in 1717," Mr. Joseph Scott" was appointed Hayward, in 1720, Surveyor of Highways, and in 1723, Constable. In Mar 1723-24, he was living in Boston, but returned to Roxbury before the following March. Between April and November 1733, he removed to Dudley, Mass, having purchased land there in August of that year. He lived in Dudley ten years, when he removed to Sturbridge, Mass. He is called 'weaver', 'yeoman' and 'Husbandman'. The last mention found of him is when he gave land to his son Benjamin, in Sturbridge, in 1753.                                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                Suffolk Deeds, 31:15   Joseph Davis, Jr., of Brookline, Mass., and Elizabeth his wife , for 226 pounds sell to Joseph Scott of Roxbury, Mass weaver dwelling-house, barn, and land, in Brookline, 5 Feb 1716-17.  

                                      31:15 Joseph Scott of Roxbury, and Hannah his wife, mortgage for 100 pounds to the Mass Commissioners, their property in Brookline, 13 Feb 1716-17.                    

                                                                 43:95 Joseph Scott of Roxbury, weaver, sells to Richard Child of Woodstock, land in Woodstock. Hannah, wife of Joseph Scott, releases her dower 20 Jan 1724.   

       47:132 Samuel Scott of Roxbury , Blacksmith, and Sarah his wife , for 30 pounds sells to his father Joseph Scott ,one-half piece of land, in the part of Roxbury commonly called Pond Plain, given to the said Samuel and his brother James Scott, now a minor, by their uncle John Scott, late of Roxbury, dec'd., 5 Mar 1732-3....................... Many more deed references in Holman book.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dr. John Elliot who was minister and Baptized Joseph Scott

                                                                                                                                                                                                                and some of his children in Dr. Elliot’s Church in Roxbury 



                                                                                He married (1) Sarah Davis, Feb 08,1704/05 in Roxbury Mass., no children from this marriage she died Jan 01,1705/06. Sarah died within a year of her marriage to Joseph Scott.



                                                                He married (2) Hannah Prior, May 17,1708, born Sept 01, 1687 in Boston, Mass, (daughter of James Prior and Susanna) died unknown.


                                                                   See Prior Family for Hannah Prior Scott Ancestors:




                                                                4.             i               Samuel Scott b. Feb 14,1708/09.

                                                                                ii              Hannah Scott, born April 30,1711 in Roxbury, Mass, died 1799.  Note: William's sister Mary Edmands married Joseph Scott, Hannah Scott's Brother. There were no children to the marriage of Hannah Scott and William Edmands.


                                      She married (1) William Edmunds, Dec 26,1738 in Dudley, Mass, no children from this marriage none, born Mar 14,1716 in Lynn, Mass, (son of Joseph Edmunds and Mary Pratt) died before Nov, 1750 in Halifax, NS.  William:.

                                                                                                She married (2) Ephraim Brown, Feb 21,1755 in Spencer. Mass,  born April 08,1714 in Weston, MA, (son of Benjamin Brown and Anna unknown.


                                                                                iii             James Scott, born Nov15,1713 in Roxbury Mass.  Living in 1731 no further record of him.

                                                          5.       iv       Joseph Scott b. Nov 05,1716 Roxbury MA

                                                                6.             v              Ebenezer Scott. b. Mar. 29, 1719 Roxbury MA.

                                                                                vi             John Scott, born in Brookline ,Mass, baptized Feb26,1720 in West Roxbury Mass.  No Further Record of him.

                                                                7.             vii            Sarah Scott. b. Dec. 23, 1722 Roxbury MA.

                                                                8.             viii           Benjamin Scott b. March 10,1724/25.




Fourth Generation


                                                                4.             Samuel Scott, (3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born Feb 14,1708/09 in Roxbury, Mass.  Note: Three of Samuel and Sarah Chamberlain children died within a month in1756, (Ages 2,4,and 18.)


                                                                                                He married Sarah Chamberlain, Nov 1730, born July 17,1712 in Roxbury, Mass, (daughter of Jacob Chamberlain and Sarah _________).



                                                                                i               John Scott, born 1731-1732 in Roxbury, died 1805-1810 in Richmond, NH.


                                                                                                He married (1) Mary Trott.

                                                                                                He married (2) Joanna Brown.

                                                                                                He married (3) Chloe Daniels.


                                                                                ii              Abraham Scott, baptized Feb 17,1733-34 in Woodstock, CT, died Nov 1, 1796 in Winchester, NH.


                                                                                                He married (1) Metetabel ________?.

                                                                                                He married (2) Abigail Latham.


                                                                                iii             James Scott, born ab 1735-36, died Oct 28, 1776 at battle of White Plains, NY.


                                                                                                He married Rhonda Rockwood, about 1760.


                                                                                iv             Sarah Scott, born 1738, died Oct 22,1756 in Athol.

                                                                                v              Samuel Scott, born 1740 in Dudley, MA.


                                                                                                He married Abigail_________?.


                                                                                vi             Isaac Scott, born Nov 11,1744 in Dudley, MA.


                                                                                                He married Lydia_______?.


                                                                                vii            Elizabeth Scott, baptized Mar 22, 1747 in Dudley, MA.

                                                                viii           Jemima Scott, baptized June 30, 1749 in Dudley, MA.  Note; Jemima married her cousin Benjamin Dresser son of John and Sarah Scott Dresser. Jemima and Benjamin had several children.


                                                      She married Benjamin Dresser, April 08,1778, born Sept 05,1752, (son of John Dresser and Sarah Scott). Benjamin: Note he married Jemima Scott his cousin.


                                                                                ix             Jacob Scott, baptized June 14, 1752 in Dudley, MA, died Sept 24, 1756 in Athol.

                                                                                x              Mary Scott, baptized Dec 15,1754 in Dudley, MA, died Oct 14, 1756 in Athol.                                                                           


5. Joseph Scott, (3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born Nov 05, 1716 in Roxbury Mass., died Jan 23, 1761 in NS, Canada. Died Age 45. There has been much written about 
Lieut. Joseph Scott. His company marched to the relief of Fort William Henry in Aug.1757.He served in the French war in Canada and was Commander of a small body of Men called 
"Scott's Rangers' and Daniel Knowlton was his lieutenant. (Note Daniel Knowlton later married Josephs widow Mary Edmands). The Acadians were expelled in 1755. The government 
sought to colonize again with New Englanders and offered large inducements in 1760 to the soldiers who helped to conquer Canada. Joseph Scott was given a grant in Onslow NS. 
Joseph Scott played a critical role in the foundation of Onslow. The formation of the township took place upon the application of Joseph Scott and Daniel Knowlton on behalf of themselves 
and 50 others (309 people altogether). They participated in the Fort Cumberland Expedition the previous year. The erection of the township took place July 24, 1759. The guarantees were to
 receive 26,000 acres, half were to settle in October 1760 and the remainder in May 1761. From Holman Book- Joseph Scott evidently removed from Dudley to Sturbridge, with his father, 
but before 1753 he had left Sturbridge for Ware. He served in the French War as a Lieutenant and Tradition states that he commanded a body of men called "Scott's Rangers" and that 
Daniel Knowelton was his Lieutenant. After Acadia was taken by the British, and the French inhabitants scattered in 1755, the government sought to colonize again with the New Englanders 
and offered large inducements in 1760 to the soldiers who had helped to conquer Canada. Joseph Scott was given a grant of land in Onslow, NS, and went there to prepare for his family. He 
either died on the voyage or after his arrival for one of the items in his inventory is "pay for a man to go to Boston, to get (his) clothes".  Administration on his estate was granted to his widow 
Mary Scott, in 1761…. continued under Mary Edmunds Scott   Joseph Scott appears on Muster-roll dated at Ware River Parish, sworn to at Worchester,5 Jan 1758, of Captain Jacob 
Cummings' company, Col Israel Williams' Regt., which marched to the relief of Fort William Henry in Aug 1757. Rank Lieutenant.  Marched from Ware to Kinderhook, 200 miles. 
(Mass. Archives, Muster Rolls, 95:542 )  Joseph Scott appears on billeting account swarn to at Boston, 13 Oct 1758, rendered by Luke Bliss for victualling men who were sent to the relief of Fort William Henry when besieged. In Captain Cummings' company. Belonged to Ware River. 
(Ibid., 95:470)  Worchester Deeds, 15:39 Edward Kitchen of Salem, Mass., and Freek his wife, sell to Joseph Scott, Jr., of Dudley Mass., 100 acres of land in Oxford, Mass., Dec 1940.   
18:39 Joseph Scott Jr of Dudley, Mass., husbandman, sells to Joseph Edmunds of Dudley, 100 acres of land in Dudley that he bought from Edward Kitchen, 13, Apr 1743. 
 28:49 Joseph Scott, Jr., of Sturbridge, husbandman, sells to Moses Holbrook of Oxford, for 400 pounds, land in Sturbridge, 20 Apr 1747.
                                                             Onslow Grant Original Grantees
Shares, of Rights, of 500 acres each were apportioned to the grantees, in the order in which their names appear on the township grant are: Richard Upham, William Hamilton, Anthony Elliott, Thomas Stevens, 
James Lyon, John Steel and James Wilson each two Shares .unto Frances Blair, Jonathan Higgins, Joseph Scott, John Carter, William Tackles, Hugh Tackles, Jacob Stevens, William McNutt ,
The Heirs of Jacob lines, Nathaniel Gallop, Edward Brooks, David Hoar, Martin Brooks, William Blair, Ephraim Howard, Joshua Lamb, David Gay, David Blackmore, Abner Brooks, Carpenter Bradford,
 George Howard, Ephraim Scott, John Polly, Samuel Nichols ,Peter Richardson, Ephraim Howard Jun'r, Robert Crowell, Abijah Scott, David Cutting, Isaac Ferrell, Daniel Knowlton & Mary Knowlton, 
each one share and an (SIC) half: Elizabeth BIackmore, Abigail Upham, Caleb Putnam, Nathan Upham, Richard, Upham Jun'r Nicholas Blanchard James Tackles, John Cutting, Solomon Hoar ,
William Blair Jun'r; William Whippey, Peter Wilson, James Brown, The Heirs of Zabez Rude, Joseph Pierpont, John Howard, Daniel Calf, The Heirs of Samuel Whippy, The Heirs of Joel Camp, 
The Heirs of Benjamin Brooks, Asa Scott, Francis Harris, John Barnhjll, Samuel Bencraft, & John Hewett, each one share; John Polly Jun'r,  Reuben Richardson, William Crowell, Jonathan Higgins Jun'r., 
Mercy Brooks, Hugh Actor (Easter) Tackles, Christopher Stevens, Jacob Stevens Jun'r ., Abner McNutt, Jacob Lines Jun'r., Silvanus Brooks, Edward Brooks Jun'r., Ebenezer Hoar,John Blair, and Deborah Wright, 
each one half share, together with two shares for a use of a Church, a School, and Glebe Forever.
                                                                                 BOSTON, 19th, July, 1760.
THE proprietors of the township, of Onslow and Truro, in the province of Nova-Scotia, are hereby notified that there is a proprietors meeting appointed at the house of lieut. Joseph Scotts, 
in-holder in ware-river on the first Wednesday of September next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, then and there to hear the report of the committees that have been in order to lay out said lands; 
and to act upon any other affairs that shall be thought profitable for the proprietors at said meeting: And those of the proprietors that do not determine to carry on the settlement of their rights in 
said lands are desired to appear at said meeting, and resign or acquit their rights to the committee, according to his excellency governor Lawrence's direction; and all persons that live remote are desired 
to appear by themselves or agents.
Joseph Scott, John Johnson,
Jonas Lock, James Willson, } Committee.
Joshua Lamb - [Boston Post-Boy - July 28 1760]
                                                                                 Record 1                                                                                                                                 
Record number:  000041878
Time period:  0000/00/84 - 0000/00/00
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Item name:  Families for Onslow Township
Item ID code:  PANS O/S #203
Remarks:  A list of prospective grantees for Onslow Township, represented by Joseph Scott and Daniel Knowlton. This lists heads of households
                                          and numbers of individuals in each family 
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Planter:  Knowlton, Daniel
Place name subject:  Halifax--Onslow
Record 2
Record number:  000041412
Time period:  1759/11/24 - 0000/00/00
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Item name:  Onslow Township Grant
Item ID code:  PANS O/S #201
Remarks:  A grant made to Daniel Knowlton and Joseph Scott, on behalf of 90 persons, of 41 shares out of 200, which comprised the Onslow Township. 
Names of grantees and conditions of the grants are listed.
Planter:  Knowlton, Daniel
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Place name subject:  Halifax--Onslow
Record 4
    Record number:  000040830
    Time period:  1759/07/26 - 0000/00/00
    Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
    Collection title:  D.C. Harvey Papers
     Item name:  Preliminary Grant Documents, Onslow
     Item ID code:  MG1 Vol.1798 F12 #4-7
     Description:  Pages: 5; Quantity: 4
     Physical medium:  Original: Document; Archive: Typed transcript
     Remarks:  Two preliminary grantee lists and a rough surveyor's sketch of Onslow Township. Agents Joseph Scott and Daniel Knowlton 
                      agreed that half the settlers would be established in October 1760 and the remainder in May 1761.
      Planter:  Scott, Joseph
      Planter:  Knowlton, Daniel
      Topical subject:  Agents
      Topical subject:  Settlement process
      Place name subject:  Halifax—Onslow
Record 5
Record number:  000037691
Time period:  1756/04/27 - 0000/00/00
Author:  Lawrence, Charles
 Source repository:  Boston Public Library
 Item name:  Transports to Chignecto
 Item ID code:  Ms.Am. 1902
 Description:  Pages: 4; Quantity: 1
 Physical medium:  Original: Document; Archive: Original
 Remarks:  A letter to Thomas Hancock from Governor Lawrence, requesting him to dispatch transports to pick up Colonel Scott's battalion at Chignecto, Nova Scotia. Dated- at Halifax, 27 April 1756. 
 Planters named:  Further Planters are listed in the document(s).
 Planter:  Scott, Joseph
 Topical subject:  Militia--Correspondence
 Place name subject:  Cumberland--Cumberland
 Category subject:  Government Documents--Military Records
Record 6
Record number:    000037528
Time period:  1743/03/21 - 0000/00/00
Source repository:  Boston Public Library
Item name:  Joseph Scott Bill, Boston 1743
Item ID code:  *Ch.M.2 .3 v.3 p.529
Remarks:  A bill from Joseph Scott to Thomas Hancock for the storage of foodstuffs in Boston. Dated -21 March 1743.
Planters named:  Further Planters are listed in the document(s).
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
 Place name subject:  Massachusetts—Boston


       He married Mary Edmunds, Dec 27,1738 in Dudley, Mass, born Aug 30,1719 in Lynn, Mass, (daughter of Joseph Edmunds and Mary Pratt) died ______1798 in Halifax, NS.  Mary:  Died Age 79. Mary is the great, great granddaughter of Dregory Priest who came to New England on the Mayflower 1620.Her grandparents Joseph Pratt and Dorcas Folger. Her Great grandparents Phineas Pratt (came on the Sparrow 1622) and Mary Priest (came on the Ann 1622 with her Mother ). And Great Great Grandparents Dregory Priest (Mayflower) and Sarah Allerton(came on the Ann 1622). Dregory Priest died during the first winter however he lived long enough to sign the Mayflower compact.                                                                                                                                                                                                            From the Holman book- She had bee admitted into the Ware Church in 1754. She removed to Brookfield, Mass probably to with her eldest son Abijah, before 11 May 1762, as she was "warned" by the town on that date.

       After her marriage to Daniel Knowlton, she removed to Nova Scotia, where her sons had become grantees in the right of their father. She possibly lived in Cumberland County between 1783-1791 as her husband Daniel Knowlton was granted 2000 acres in 1783 and he died in 1791. See Link for more information on Knowlton family.

       She was living in Halifax in 1798, when she sold by her attorney, Joseph Scott, Land in Onslow.      

        Onslow Deeds 3:111 Joseph Scott late of Onslow, now of Truro, sells land in Onslow and states he is empowered to give deed of conveyance by Power of Attorney given him by his mother, Mary Knowelton.   

       3:335 Joseph Scott of Truro, as attorney to Mary Knowelton, sells to W.H.O. Halliburton of Windsor, Atty-at-law, 100 acres of land in Onslow, the original draft James Wilson conveyed to her, being land adjoining lot 33, the original draft of Mary Knowelton, 11 Jan 1798.   

       3:336 Joseph Scott as Attorney. to Mary Knowelton of Halifax, an original grantee of lands in the Township of Onslow, sells more land to W.H.O. Halliburton, Jan 11, 1798.


       See Dregory Priest, and Edmunds

 for more on Mary Edmunds Scott Ancestors:


                                                                                                9.             i               Abijah Scott b. about 1739.

                                                                                                10.           ii              Joseph Scott b. About 1741.

                                                                                              iii             Asa Scott, born About 1742 in Sturbridge, Mass, died before 1818 in Halifax, NS ?.  Before 1773 he moved to Sackville NS, and by 1798 he was in Birch Cove near Bedford where he kept an Inn 'Scott's Inn'. He finally settled in Halifax where he probably died sometime before 1818. 
                       He married Rebecca______?, before 1771.
Record 1
       Record number:    000034813
       Time period:  1795/02/21 - 0000/00/00
        repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
        Item name:  Scott/Cunningham Deed, Horton
        Item ID code:  MG1 Vol.249 #43
        Remarks:  A deed for four acres of dyke land in Horton Township, sold by Asa and Rebekah Scott of Halifax, to Richard Cunningham of Windsor for 10 pounds.
        Planter:  Scott, Asa
        Place name subject:  Kings NS--Horton
Record 2
       Record number:    000029038
       Time period:  1787/01/02 - 1787/12/24
       Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
        Item name:  Road and Bridge Repair 1787
        Item ID code:  RG16 `R' Vol.1 1787
        Remarks:  Documents related to the repair and construction of roads and bridges in Nova Scotia which involved several Planters.
 Include mostly warrants to pay commissioners, also itemized lists of work done and one list of workers with time, wages, etc.
         Planter:  Dewolf, Benjamin
         Planter:  Dickson, Charles Jr.
         Planter:  Scott, Asa
         Topical subject:  Roads--Construction
Record 3
    Record number:    000029012
    Time period:  1783/07/07 - 1785/09/01
     Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
     Item name:  Road and Bridge Repair 1785
     Item ID code:  RG16 `R' Vol.1 1785
     Remarks:  Documents related to the repair of roads and bridges in Nova Scotia - mostly in Halifax County.
  One project involved Asa Scott of Onslow repairing the road between Fort Sackville and Windsor.
      Planter:  Scott, Asa
      Topical subject:  Roads--Maintenance
      Place name subject:  Nova Scotia
Record 4
       Record number:    000026014
       Time period:  1783/10/03 - 0000/00/00
       Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
       Item name:  Asa Scott Letter about Sackville Road
       Item ID code:  RG1 Vol.223 #12
       Physical medium:  Original: Document; Archive: Microfilm
       Remarks:  A letter from Asa Scott stating that the road from Birch Cove to the Sackville Bridge was in need of repair and would soon be impassable, and stating that he was willing to repair it for 150 pounds.
       Planters named:  Further Planters are listed in the document(s).
       Planter:  Scott, Asa
       Topical subject:  Roads--Maintenance
       Place name subject:  Halifax--Onslow

                                                                                11.           iv             Ephriam Scott b. about 1744.

                                                                                                v              William Scott, baptized Sept 29, 1745 in Sturbridge, Mass.

                                                                                                vi             Lemuel Scott, baptized Aug, 23 1747 in Sturbridge, Mass.

                                       vii            Mary Scott, baptized Aug,21 1753 in Ware, Mass, died Dec 17, 1844 Three Fathoms Harbour, Halifax County, NS at age 91 Another date of death died Feb 18, 1854 in Halifax, NS??. Mary and John Graham had 10 children between 1774 and 1799 (James, Martha, Rosanna, John , William, David, Joseph, George, Mary, Asa.)  There is also other information that Mary may have married Henry Wisdom. Taken from Douglas Grahams web site.

                                                                                                Excerpt taken from Above link Douglas Graham.

Mary would have been about nine or ten years old when she would presumably have traveled to Onslow in 1763 with her mother, stepfather, and her siblings. There is however no further mention of Mary Scott   in (1) or (3). Written records from the Wisdom side of the family (q.v.) recorded that Lucy Scott, daughter of Joseph Scott of the Mayflower lineage, married Henry Wisdom, and not Mary Scott. However, as we now know (1), there was no such Lucy Wisdom but I have found the death notice of Henry Wisdom's wife (4) which reads: "Mrs. Mary Scott Wisdom, having on that day completed her 98th year (funeral from residence of her son, W. H. Wisdom, Halifax. Died 18 February 1854 (Acadian Review)".We can thus with some certainty conclude that this "Mary Scott Wisdom", is the Mary Scott from Ware, MA. It is conceivable that she went by the name Lucy despite her birth name being Mary. We only have Mary's date of baptism (1) which is 21 August 1753 so it is conceivable that her birthday was truly on February 19. However, in 1854, it would have been her 101st birthday and not her 98th! We have at this time no further record mentioning Mary Scott but such could probably be turned up in the archives in Halifax”


                                                          She married John Graham born ab 1747 He died on 24 February 1819 at Three Fathom Harbour, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia; at age 71.


                                      Excerpt taken from Descendants of James Graham and Rosanna MacLaughlin

“He married Mary Scott, daughter of Joseph Scott and Mary Edmands, on 29 October 1772  at St Pauls Anglican Church, Halifax, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia. He died on 24 February

1819 at Three Fathom Harbour, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia; at age 71. His estate was probated on 8 June 1819 at Probate Court, Halifax, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia.

Your authors were fortunate to have baptismal and marriage records for many of the descendants of John Graham and Mary Scott. For records before the mid 19th

century, when we examine the baptismal records closely, we note that there are often several events recorded on the same day for several families from the same

village. This leads us to suspect that a minister or deacon from the church was on circuit to the village and that the sacrament was performed by the church but

not at the church. Although we accept the dates and residence locations as accurate, we caution the reader that the baptisms may have not been performed at

the church in question.Mary Scott; of Boston, MA was born circa 1753. She was baptized on 21 August 1753 at Ware, MA. She died on 17 December 1844 at Three Fathom Harbour, Halifax

Co, Nova Scotia; at age 91. Her request to the Probate Court at Halifax, probated in June 1819, that her son David be made Administrator of her late

husband's estate was made in her own handwriting. Few women born in the 1750s could write! Your authors have searched diligently for Mary Scott's ancestors. In the 1760s

we find two Scott families recorded in middle Nova Scotia. A Joseph Scott arrived in Halifax with an early contingent of British soldiers and is recorded

prominently in Halifax records. There was also a Joseph Scott from the Massachusetts Bay Colony who received a Crown Grant of land at Onslow in 1760.

Mary Scott's marriage record describes her "of Boston"! The latter Joseph Scott died about 1761 but four of his sons settled on his grant at Onslow. Several of

the sons are found in the 1770 census or in land transactions in the later half of the 18th century at Onslow. Of greater interest, Joseph Scott's widow, Mary,

married a family friend, Daniel Knowlton, and was recorded at Fort Sackville, NS in 1798 with a sale of part of her land at Onslow.

From Mary Lovering Holman's The Scott Genealogy, 1919, we have an excellent, professionally documented history of the Massachusetts Joseph Scott family. In

addition to the four sons for whom we have records at Onslow, Joseph and Mary Scott had a daughter, Mary, who was baptized 21 August 1753 at Ware,

Massachusetts.We are still searching for a probate record for the estate of Daniel or Mary Knowlton, hoping for the mention of Mary (Scott) Graham in the court record.

Until we have a record that ties Mary (Scott) Graham to Mary or Daniel Knowlton, we cannot be certain of Mary Scott's ancestral family. However, the evidence to

date is quite compelling”.

                                                                                                viii           Sarah Scott, baptized Aug 04,1760 ? in Ware, Mass.

                                                                                6.             Ebenezer Scott, (3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) baptized May 29,1719 in West Roxbury, Mass, died Oct 26,1804 in Winchester, NH.


       He married Mary Shapley, Nov 11,1741 in Thompson, CT, (daughter of David Shapley and ?) baptized May 19,1719 in Killington, CT, died Dec 27,1785 in Winchester, NH??.


                                                                                                                i               Mary Scott, baptized Dec 02, 1744 in Dudley, died about 1814.


                                      She married Ebenezer Taylor, Oct 13, 1768 in Dudley, MA, born Jan 28, 1744 in Dudley, MA, (son of John Taylor and Elizabeth_________?) died 1814 in Winchester.


                                                                                                                ii              Rebecca Scott, baptized March 30, 1747 in Dudley, MA.


                                                                                                                                She married Daniel Smith Jr., May 31, 1767 in Dudley, MA, died 1800 in Winchester.

                                                                                                                iii             Ebenezer Scott, baptized Sep 25,1748.


                                                                                                                                                He married Celia Brett.

                                                                                                                iv             Hannah Scott, born Nov 25,1750.


                                                                                                                                                She married John Goss.


                                                                                                                v              Sybil Scott, baptized Mar 17, 1754.


                                                                                                                                She married Amos Willard.

                                                                                                                vi             Abel Scott, baptized Aug 1, 1762.


                                                                                                                                He married Jemima Narramore.

                                                                                7.             Sarah Scott, (3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born in Brookline, Mass, baptized Dec 23, 1722 in West Roxbury, Mass, died before 1785.


                                                                                                                She married John Dresser, 1739-1740, (son of Richard Dresser and Mercy Peabody) baptized Jan 27, 1717 in Killingly, CT, died about March 1789 in Dudley, MA.



                                                                                                                i               Sarah Dresser, born Dec 20,1740, baptized in Dudley, MA.


                                                                                                                                                She married John Coburn.  John:   Marriage intention Dec 16, 1758 John Coburn.

                                                                                                                ii              Hannah Dresser, born Oct 09,1742, baptized in Dudley, MA.


                                                                                                                                                She married Lemuel Lyon, Nov 10, 1763.

                                                                                                                iii             John Dresser, born Sept 07,1744.


                                                                                                                                                He married Anne Clark, May 23, 1769.


                                                                                                                iv             Asa Dresser, born May 06,1746.


                                                                                                                                                He married Abigail Wheelock, Jan 10, 1771.

                                                                                                                v              Abigail Dresser, born July 04,1748.


                                                                                                                                                She married Elisha Thompson, Jan 25, 1770.

                                                                                                                vi             Joseph Dresser, born July 08,1750.

                                                                                                                vii            Benjamin Dresser, born Sept 05,1752.  Note he married Jemima Scott his cousin.


                                      He married Jemima Scott, April 08, 1778, (daughter of Samuel Scott and Sarah Chamberlain) baptized June 30, 1749 in Dudley, MA.  Jemima: Note; Jemima married her cousin Benjamin Dresser son of John and Sarah Scott Dresser. Jemima and Benjamin had several children.

                                                                                                                viii           Prudence Dresser, born Aug 13,1754, died Sept 23,1756.

                                                                                                                ix             David Dresser, born Aug 31 1756.


                                                                                                                                                He married Serviah Polly, Jan 13, 1780.

                                                                                                                x              Isaac Dresser, born Feb 22, 1759.

                                                                                                                xi             James Dresser, born May 27,1761.


                                                                                                                                                He married Irena Herrin, May 07, 1783.

                                                                                                                xii            Mary Dresser, born July 10, 1764.


                                      She married Aaron Dresser, Mar 24, 1786 in marriage intention published.  Aaron: Note same last name possibly cousin??????

                                                                                                                xiii           Prudence Dresser, born Mar 24, 1766.


                                                                                                                                                She married Asa Chamberlain, May 10, 1787.

                                                                                8.             Benjamin Scott, (3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born March 10, 1724/25 in Roxbury, Mass., died Oct 27, 1809 in Sturbridge, Mass.


       He married (1) Lydia Johnson, Sep 07, 1749 in Sturbridge, Mass, born May 10, 1733 in Sturbridge, Mass, (daughter of James Johnson and Susanna Waters) died Jan 07,1757.


                                                                                                                i               Benjamin Scott, born April, 23,1750, died Jan 17, 1755.

                                                                                                                ii              Barachiah Scott, born Dec 30,1751.


                                                                                                                                                He married Alice Shumway.

                                                                                                                iii             Amasa Scott, born March 16,1753.


                                                                                                                                                He married Ann Howe.

                                                                                                                iv             Prudence Scott, born May 01,1753.


                                                                                                                                                She married (1) Joshua Gerould.

                                                                                                                                                She married (2) Nathan Cutler.

                                                                                                                v              Benjamin Scott, born Nov 12, 1756.


                                                                                                                                                He married Anna May.



                                                                                                                vi             Sarah Scott, born Oct 09,1758.


                                                                                                                                                She married Thomas Thompson.


                                                                                                                vii            Joseph Scott, born May 05,1761.


                                                                                                                                                He married (1) Catherine Upham.

                                                                                                                                                He married (2) Betsey Wilkins.

                                                                                                                viii           Lydia Scott, born April 16,1763.


                                                                                                                                                She married John Eaton.

                                                                                                                ix             Perley Scott, born July 18, 1765.


                                                                                                                                                He married (1) Lydia Day.

                                                                                                                                                He married (2) Lydia Day.

                                                                                                                x              William Scott, born June 23, 1767.


                                                                                                                                                He married Sabra Elkins.


                                                                                                                xi             Abilene Scott, born Aug 27,1770.


                                                                                                                                                She married (1) ?_______ Perry, no children from this marriage.

                                                                                                                                                She married (2) ?______Underhill, no children from this marriage.

                                                                                                                xii            Lemuel Scott, born Jan 12, 1773.

       He married (2) Azubah Cheney, Dec 22,1757 in Sturbridge, Mass, born May 30, 1731 in Medfield, MA, (daughter of Capt. Joseph Cheney and Margery Mason) died before 1777

                                                                                                                                                He married (3) Mrs. Deborah (Vorice) Rice, July 24, 1777 in Sturbridge, Mass.

Fifth Generation


                                                                                                                9.             Abijah Scott, (5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born about 1739 in Dudley Mass., died aft. 1769  in possibly Nova Scotia. 

                                                                                                                Moved to Onslow- about 1763, Moved to-Windsor, NS before 1769. I would say was in Cornwallis area in 1775 from Planter information below. Settled in  Guysborough County 1785..

                                      Record 1
                    Record number:    000005872
                    Time period:  1775/00/00 - 0000/00/00
                    Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
                    Collection title:  Chipman Collection
                    Item name:  Ferry Fees, Cornwallis River
                    Item ID code:  MG1 Vol.182 #298
                    Description:  Pages: 1; Quantity: 1
                    Physical medium:  Original: Document; Archive: Original
                    Remarks:  A list of fees charged for the ferry across the Cornwallis River in 1775. From 1 April to 1 December the charge was 6 pence. From 1 December 1 to 1 April the charge was 9 pence.
                    Planters named:  Further Planters are listed in the document(s).
                    Planter:  Scott, Abijah
                    Topical subject:  Ferries
                    Place name subject:  Kings NS--Cornwallis
                    Category subject:  Government Documents--Township Administration

                                       He married Dorothy Olmstead, Apr 17, 1761 in Brookfield, Mass, born Dec 15, 1737 in Brookfield, Mass, (daughter of Israel Olmstead and Sarah Bannister) died in NS.


                                                                                                   i         Lemuel Scott, born March 13,1762 in Ware, Mass. died 1850 in NS. Married Ruth Godfrey born 1770 died 1851 in NS.  They had 12 children born between1788-1814. Abidjah, John, Sarah, William, Mary, Joseph, Caroline, George, Ruth Ann, Lucy and Frances. In 1818 they were permanently granted the lad they settled 1150 acres in Guysborough, Co., NS Abidjah Scott born 1788, died 1823 he married Mary Sloan Grant in 1809, died 1870. They had 9 children born between 1811-1823 William Grant, Martha, Lemuel, John Henry, Charles, Sarah Jane, Ruth Ann, Maria Elizabeth and Mary. William Grant Scott born 1811 died 1901 he married Elizabeth Hart in 1841,born 1812 died 1905. They had 8 children born between 1842-1858 Abidjah, Jeremiah, Jost, Martha Mary, Levi William, Florence Nightingale, Lavina, Jarius Hart and Elizabeth. Jarius Hart Scott born Dec 28, 1856 in NS died 1918 married Henrietta MacLean in 1881, born 1856 and died 1916. They moved to Melrose Mass in 1880 where they lived. They had  4 children Allison May, Norman MacLean, Luncoln Bain, Elizabeth Hart. Norman MacLean Scott was born 1889 in Melrose Mass.died in 1950. Married Mary Amelia Hubbard born 1883 died 1981. They had 4 children Norman McLean JR, Allison, Jerry and Elizabeth. Norman McLean Scott born 1921in Washington DC married Suzanne Wright born 1923 they had 4 children Allison Joan, Sarah Elizabeth, James Hubbard and Mary Susanne some information from whom I corresponded with living in San Francisco 2002.                  

                                                                                                                ii              David Scott, born Sept 18,1763 in Onslow NS.

                                                                                                                iii             Tryphena Scott, born Jan 05,1765 in Onslow,NS

                                                                                                                iv             Isreal Scott, born Oct 16,1766 in Onslow, NS.

                                                             10.               Joseph Scott, (5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born about 1741, died after 1798.  Note Joseph Married his cousin Sarah Cutting daughter of David Cutting and Sarah Edmands. Served in the military before coming to NS. In 1760-1797 he lived Onslow-Horton-Onslow-Truro in NS. Holman Book  “ Man of prominence in New Settlement”. He removed to Truro before 1797. He was Sheriff of Colchester County 1788, for many years and in1782 was "Deputy Provost Marshall of Halifax County", this being before the establishment of Colchester County.  A note from the Miller Book-“ At a meeting held in the Meeting House, April 3rd, 1783, it was agreed that Charles Dickson, Joseph Scott, Ephraim Howard, Samuel Nichols, and Capt. Blackemore be a committee to set a value on the pews in the Meeting House, and that the minister's salary be assessed on the pews according to their value.” He was an Attorney from the mention of land transactions for his mother. No record of death for him or his wife. I am not sure if all the records below pertain to this Joseph Scott. I believe there was another Joseph Scott who lived in Sackville NS during this time period. However these records were taken from Planter Archives Acadia University.
Record number:    000035097
Time period:  1763/09/24 - 0000/00/00
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
 Item name:  John Day Land Indenture
tem ID code:  PANS O/S #461
Remarks: An "Indenture Tripartite" made between John Day of first part, George Cotnam, and Henrietta Maria Cotnam of the second part and 
                                         Joseph Scott of the third part,concerning lands at Newport Township.
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Planter:  Cotnam, Henrietta Maria
Planter:  Day, Henrietta
Planter:  Day, John (3)
Topical subject:  Women
 Place name subject:  Kings NS—Newport Record 8
Record number:    000034978
Time period:  1762/10/15 - 0000/00/00
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Item name:  Grant Commission, Justice of Inferior Court
Item ID code:  PANS O/S #174
Remarks:  A commission appointing Charles Morris, John Duport, Joseph Scott, Edmund Crawley and Alexander Grant justices of the Nova Scotia Inferior Court of Common Pleas.
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Planter:  Crawley, Edmund
Planter:  Grant, Alexander
Topical subject:  Commissions--Civil
 Place name subject:  Nova Scotia
Record number:    000027264
Time period:  1777/01/31 - 0000/00/00
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Item name:  Treason Charge Against Cobequid Residents
 Item ID code:  RG1 Vol.342 #58
 Remarks:  A charge of treason brought against six residents of Cobequid for aiding and assisting rebel privateers.
 Planter:  Archibald, Thomas
 Planter:  Scott, Joseph
 Planter:  Taylor, Matthew Captain
 Planter:  Savage, John
 Planter:  Archibald, Samuel Jr.
Topical subject:  Privateering :  Treason:  Revolution--American--Nova Scotia
 Place name subject:  Halifax
Record number:    000028870
Time period:  1783/12/23 - 1792/08/30
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Collection title:  Court of Chancery Papers
Item name:  Chancery Case, Joseph Scott vs. William Parker
Item ID code:  RG36 #108
Remarks:  Documentation of a Chancery Court case involving Joseph Scott and William Parker, both of Sackville. Includes bill of complaint, petitions and testimony; no decree.
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Place name subject:  Halifax
Record number:    000028707
Time period:  1786/03/13 - 1786/03/30
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Collection title:  Court of Chancery Papers
Item name:  Chancery Case, John Pyke vs. Joseph Scott
Item ID code:  RG36 #69
Remarks:  Documentation of a Chancery Court case involving John George Pyke and Joseph Scott. Scott claimed land on which Pyke had settled and which he believed he had bought at auction.
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Topical subject:  Land--Titles                                                                                                 
 Place name subject:  Halifax
 Record number:    000028862
Time period:  1786/12/01 - 1793/03/01
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Collection title:  Court of Chancery Papers
Item name:  Chancery Case, R.J. Uniacke vs. Joseph Scott
Item ID code:  RG36 #107 Remarks:Documentation of a Chancery Court case involving Richard Uniacke and Joseph Scott of Sackville. Includes bill of foreclosure, order of sale, decree, court costs and a surveyor's plan of lot. 
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Place name subject:  Halifax
Record number:    000028749
Time period:  1787/05/01 - 1791/09/05
Source repository:  Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Collection title:  Court of Chancery Papers
Item name:  Chancery Case, John Day vs. Joseph Scott
Item ID code:  RG36 #78
Remarks:  Documentation of a Chancery Court case involving John Day Jr., administrator of the estate of John Day Sr., and Joseph Scott of Sackville. 
                    Day Sr. and Scott were business partners, engaged in provisioning His Majesty's troops.
Planter:  Day, John (3)
Planter:  Scott, Joseph
Topical subject:  Probate
 name subject:  Hants--Newport


                                                                                                He married Sarah Cutting, about 1765 in Onslow, born Jan 7, 1746 in Oxford, MA, (daughter of David Cutting and Sarah Edmands).



                                                                                                                i               Sarah Scott, born Sept 30,1766 in Onslow, NS.

                                                                                                                ii              Hannah Scott, born May 14,1768.

                                                                                                                iii             John Scott, born Jun 13,1770.

                                                                                                                iv             William Scott, born April 15,1772.

                                                                                                                v              Olivia Scott, born Aug 31,1774.


                                                                                                                                                She married Samuel Fisher Archibald, Oct, 1797 in Truro, NS, born Oct 03,1772, died May 14,1860 in Musquodoboit, NS.

                                                                                                                vi             Lucy Scott, born March 13, 1777, died Nov 25, 1853.


                                                                                                                                                She married Thomas Robertson, Dec 07, 1801 in Onslow NS, born 1782, died Jan 20, 1842 in Onslow, NS.

                                                                                                                vii            Joseph Scott, born Jan 01,1781.

                                      11.     Ephraim Scott, (5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born about 1744 in Sturbridge, Mass, died 1810-1814 in Onslow, NS.  Died age 70.

                                                                                                Notes from Holman book:  

                                                                                Onslow Deeds, 7:382   Alexander Scott sells to Michael O'Brien, Land in Onslow on East  and West sides of Tatamogoushe Road, no date given, about 1814. 

                                                                                1:45   Ephraim Scott of Onslow, yeoman, sells to Joseph Scott, yeoman, three lots of Marshland, in Onslow, 15 July 1771.     

         1:128  Ephraim Scott of Onslow, on the 7 Oct 1773, sold part of the land in Onslow that he held by virtue of an original grant from the Government of Nova Scotia. In 1776, 1779, and 1782, he sold other parcels of land.                            

         2:480 Ephraim Scott of Onslow, on account of  "the natural love and affection which he haith and beareth unto his son William Scott", of Onslow, gives him all the he owns in Onslow with the exception of two lots of land which he, the said Ephraim, will choose, 28, Feb 1792.   4:59  Ephraim Scott of Onslow, sells to Hugh Scott of Onslow, Land in Onslow, by Tatamagoushe Road, 8, Sep 1799. Wit: Wm. Scott and Alexander Scott.

                                                                                6: 553 Ephraim Scott sells to William Dickson, land in Onslow on Tatamagoushe Road, 1 Aug 1810. 

         7:384  12, July 1814, Alexander Scott quits all right to estate of father, Ephraim Scott, dec'd, and all right of brother, Hugh Scott, to estate of father, Ephraim Scott, dec'd, and all rights that would accrue to them at death of mother Elizabeth Scott, to William Scott.


                                                                                Extract from the Governor's report, of 27th October 1763, to the Lords of Trade, on the State and Condition of Nova Scotia:

                                                                                "Within the Basin of Minas, or that Branch of it called Cobequid Basin, are the two Townships of Truro and Onslow.

                                                                                 Onslow has about fifty families. These are the most indigent, as well as the most indolent people in the Colony. Several

                                                                                families suffered very severely last winter ,and some were famished. If they are not relieved this winter there will be

                                                                                great danger of their starving or quitting the Colony. They have but a small proportion of stock to the other inhabitants of

                                                                                the Province. Very few people of any substance among them. Five hundred bushels of corn will be scarce sufficient to keep

                                                                                them from starving. If 100 bushels of wheat for seed were sent them early in the spring, it would in a great

                                                                                measure alter their circumstances." Copied from Longworth’s Book

         FTM Vol. 38, #0709 states that Ephraim Scott was the 4th son of Lieutenant Joseph Scott and Mary Edmunds, his wife. This and most of the other Scott information is by Robert A. Logan and found in the "Logan’s of Middle Musquodoboit, Halifax County, Nova Scotia 1789-1919, call number M61 v.545 #3 of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia. This reference was written in 1965.


         Allen B. Robertson did research for George Surmeier in Halifax and found the birth information for sons Hugh, Ephraim, and Alexander on pages 11, 13, & 53, respectively of: PANS, RG vl, 361 1/2 (Micro reel 15,429): The Book of Records for Deaths, Births, and Marriages for the Town of Onslow...1761: Each were listed as the "son of Ephraim and Elizabeth Scott was born on..."


         He married Elizabeth Tackles, about 1765, born March 24, 1743 in Palmer, Mass, (daughter of William Tackles and Jean Tackles) died after 1814.  Elizabeth: Died Age 71.

                                                                                                See Alexander Tackles for more information on Elizabeth Tackles Scott Ancestors


                                                                                                                                i               Hugh Scott, born March 19,1766 in Onslow, NS.  I have no date of death, however we know he must have been alive 1799 when he bought land from father, Possibly died before 1814 when Alexander quits all rights to fathers estate for both himself and Hugh. Alexander must have had power of Attorney for Hugh, or been beneficiary to Hugh's estate. From Holman book Hugh probably died unmarried.

                                                                                                                                ii              Ephraim Scott, born Nov 17,1767 in Onslow, NS, died Aug 12, 1841 in Belchertown, MA.  Ephraim Scott was the only grandson of Joseph Scott to return to the US. Sometime before 1789 for that was the year he married. He was a school master (teacher)  in Ware Mass. The Scott Genealogy written by Mary Lovering Holman compiled by the author for Harriett Grace Scott. Grace Harriett Scott was a gg granddaughter to our Ephraim. Grace Harriet was born Dec 31, 1868 in Wyoming Mass. Her father was George Washington Scott. Her Grandfather was Ephraim Scott, her great Grandfather was also Ephraim Scott son of our Ephraim.


                                      He married Mary Coney, June 14, 1789 in Brookfield, Mass, born July 20, 1758 in Sharron, Mass, died Feb 11, 1841 in Belchertown, MA.  Mary:.

                                                                                                                12.     iii       William Scott b. Sep 22, 1769.

                                                                                                                                iv             Alexander Scott, born June 16,1781 in Onslow.  Living in 1814. Died unknown possibly in NB. He married Elizabeth Unknown. They had three children William James Scott born 1808 in NB Canada. Charlotte Scott was born 1808? in Maine US and Murray Scott born 1813 in NB, Canada. Information on Alexander’s family taken from web site of Roy Davis further descendents of Alexander traced there.

Sixth Generation

12.            William Scott, (11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born Sep 22, 1769, died in Musquodoboit, NS.  Settled in Musquodoboit South about 1814-1815. William and Ester had 11 children. William was a resident of Brookfield between 1800-1810 therefore it is believed Ruth and Abbie were born in Brookfield. Have been unable to locate William and Esther Scott’s Graves.


                                                                        Musquodoboit to the Mi'kmaq  was know as "Natkamkik" meaning "the river extends uphill." 


                                                                              Musquodoboit According to Grampy “John P. Scott 1899-1980””Indian travelling through the valley had a horse named Dobbit

                                                                              to keep horse moving said “Must go Dobbit”” I heard this from Grampy many times growing up always a chuckle from John P.                                                                                                         


                                                                                                Notes from Holman Book – Onslow Deeds,

                                                                                4: 429  William Scott and Esther Scott his wife, sells to James Bulmore of Onslow, land in Queens Village in Onslow, 1 Apr 1803.   

                                                                                5:   William Scott  of Brookfield, in the Township of Truro, sells land in Onslow, June 17, 1805, part of lot 53. Wit: Ephraim Scott

                                                                                 6:37 William Scott of Brookfield, sells land in Onslow to James Nicholas Crow, about 1809.  

7: 384  Alexander Scott quits to William Scott , all right to the estate of father Ephraim Scott died possessed and all right of brother Hugh Scott to the estate of father Ephraim Scott, and also all right that would accure to them at the death of mother Elizabeth Scott, reference being made to an agreement dated Feb 28, 1792, in which William Scott agrees to pay Alexander Scott 20 pounds for four years after the death of Ephraim and Elizabeth Scott ;  12 July 1814. Wit: John Scott    

        15:440   William Scott, Sr., of Musquodoboit, District of Halifax, "and his wife" sell to John Dickson, Sr., of Onslow, land in East Mountain, Onslow, July 12, 1833.                        



                                         He married Esther Whippey(or Whippie), May 23,1793 in Onslow, NS, born Nov 19,1774 in Onslow, NS.(daughter of William Pitt Whippie and Ruth Hoar).  Unfortunately no further Whippie Information. Note- marriage confirmed on genejane site from Vital records; Onslow Transcript, Onslow Township Record Books, (Colchester Historical Museum Archives)


                                                                                                See Edmund Rice, Charles Hoar and Sir White Bechonshaw for further Esther Whippie Scott Ancestors


                                                                                i               Elizabeth Scott, born Mar 25, 1794 in Onslow, NS, died 1853 in USA.  Elizabeth and James had 4 sons and 2 daughters. After his death in 1847 in Mabou Cape Breton she moved with her family to the US.


                                                                                                She married James McKeen, Aug 1824 in Musquodoboit, NS, born Apr 10, 1779 in NS, (son of William McKeen and Ann Archibald) died 1847 in Mabou, Cape Breton,NS.

                                                                13.     ii        William Tackles Scott b. Dec 04, 1795.

                                                                                iii             Agnes Pitsey Scott, born Sept 19,1797 in Onslow, NS, died in Higginsville, NS.


                                                                                                                She married George Higgins.

                                                                                iv             Esther Scott, born March 22,1799 in Onslow, NS, died in Elderbank, NS.  They had seven children (Mathew,Samuel,George,John, Esther, Janet, Ann Bruce) all born in Elderbank.


                                                      She married George Bruce, born 1801 in Scotland, died in Rawdon, NS. Living on 1881 census North, Rawdon, Hants, Nova Scotia. Listed as widow age 80. Household #14 living with Esther(daughter) and James Wallace.

                                                                                v              Ephriam Scott, born May 10,1800 in Truro, NS.

                                                                                vi             Ruth Scott, born 1803 in Brookfield, NS, died in Higginsville, NS.  From the Holman book she died with her baby one year after marriage.


                                                                                                                She married Thomas Higgins.

                                                                                vii            Abbey Scott, born between1804/1809 in probably Brookfield, NS.


                                                                                                                She married _______Clark.

                                                                14.           viii           Alexander Scott b. April 05, 1810.

                                                                15.           ix             David Scott b. May 24,1812.

                                                                                 x             Mary Ann Scott, born June 24, 1814 in Onslow, NS, died in Elderbank, NS.  Mary Ann died a few years after she married John Bruce they had no children. The widowed John Bruce would later marry her sister Bathsheba and have 2 children.


                                                                                                                She married John Bruce, born in Elderbank, NS.

                                                                16.           xi             Bathsheba Scott b. Mar 26,1817. married deceased sisters husband John Bruce and had two children Jane Bruce and Charles.

                                                                                                                She married John Bruce, born in Elderbank, NS.

                                                  Seventh Generation

13.            William Tackles Scott, (12.William6, 11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born Dec 04, 1795 in Onslow, NS, died May 04, 1871 in Murchyville, NS, buried in Elderbank, NS.  Died Age 76. According to his death record he was born Brookfield not Onslow.

I viewed Nova Scotia death records Year 1871-Book 1808-Page 318-number 468- William Scott widower age 75- born Brookfield NS. Died May 04, 1871 (no parents listed) cause of death General Debility, person making return Joseph McMullin, Registrar Robert A. Kaulback

1871 CENSUS-William age 77 listed as widowed, living with him are Alexander McMullin age 62 and Sarah (Scott) McMullin age 49-William’s daughter. Ann would have passed away shortly before census taken in 1871.        

Note- birthdate confirmed Genejane site from Vital records; Onslow Transcript, Onslow Township Record Books, (Colchester Historical Museum Archives)


                He married Ann O'Brien, born 1798, died Mar 31, 1871 in Musquodoboit,NS, buried in Elderbank, NS. Daughter of Michael O’Brien and Sarah unknown.

Michael O’Brien died ab 1815-Notes from Genejane’s website “Michael divided his estate 3 ways; 1 third each to his wife, step-son and daughter. His Will was witnessed by James McCurdy, William McLean and Alexander McCurdy. Colchester County Probate, Truro, NS, Canada; Book A, page 245”

When Michael O’Brien married Sarah unknown after 1795 she had been previously married to a Mr. Fields and had a son which would make him ½ brother to Ann-(John Fields b. About 1795,   d. Jan 15 1842, New Annan, Colchester, NS, Can. John Fields married Feb 1, 1815 to Rachel Morrison b. May 1 1794, Onslow Township, Colchester, NS, Can , d. Dec 11, 1858 they had children- Rebecca Dickson Fields b. Jan 28 1816,-d. before Jan 1842 Abigail Morrison Fields b. Mar 11, 1817-d. Jun 1 1818, Daniel Morrison Fields b. May 29 1819-, Simeon Fields  b. Apr 20 1822-and Rachel Fields). Sarah died Feb 20 1849  is buried at Burial Ground, East New Annan, Colchester, NS, Can

                Also I will mention that – Alexander Scott mentioned in Deed below is William Tackles Scott’s Uncle.

 Onslow Deeds, 7:382   Alexander Scott sells to Michael O'Brien, Land in Onslow on East  and West sides of Tatamogoushe Road, no date given, about 1814. 

I viewed Nova Scotia death records Year 1871-Book 1808-Page 318-number 464 Mrs. Ann Scott Age 71 died March 31, 1871 Middle Musquodoboit cause of death General Debility, unfortunately only listed- father as O’Brien farmer she was born Onslow no mother listed person making return was Dr. C.H.Morris and registrar was Robert. A. Kaulback.


                                                                                                                          William and Ann Scott Head Stone in Elderbank






                                                                                                i               Sarah Scott, born 1823 in Murchyville, NS, died July 27, 1880 in Middle Musquodoboit, NS, buried in Elderbank, NS.  Conflicting info on date of birth however 1823 seems to make the most sense at this time. Notes From Goff report Recorded in the Presbyterian Witness, Aug 07, 1880 is the death of a Mrs. Alexander McMullen at Middle Musquodoboit on July 27, 1880 aged 58 years, of consumption. I am using this information for Sarah’s birth and death at this time. Visited her Grave Apr 2002, She is buried between James and Rachel Scott (her brother) and William and Ann Scott (her parents). Her grave reads Mrs. Alexander McMullen died July 27, 1880 age 57. If she was 57 when she died she would have been born in 1823. Which is highly possible. Her husband lived 3 more years and I assume he is buried with his first wife. Another interesting note is that Alexander McMullen was Rachel McMullen's (James Scott’s wife) Uncle. I viewed their marriage record Sarah was listed as 49 single parents William and Annie. Married Little River Church of Scotland. Alexander was listed as 57 widow parents Archibald and Rachel McMullin. Rev John McMullin. Witness-? Cruckshank and ? If she was 49 at wedding would make her born 1820.


                                      She married Alexander McMullen, Nov 17, 1869 in Halifax Co, NS, born 1808 in Antrim, Ireland, (son of Archibald McMullen and Rachel Unknown) died June 26, 1893 in Guysborough Rd, NS.  Alexander: Died age 85. Children of Alexander and Martha (1. Mary (1828-1896) 2. Rachel (1834-1915) Douglas Goff's gg grandmother 3.Jane   (1834-1990) 4.Ann (1837-1900) 5. Hugh (1838 -1862) 6. Martha (1840 -1916) 7.John (1843-) 8. Catherine  (1846-) 9.Margaret (1847-1919).

                                                                                                ii              William Scott.  Moved to Western America and married there?

                                                                                                iii             Silas Scott, born in Murchyville, NS.  He lived in Elderbank and died unmarried.

                                                                                                                                                                Note-from D Reid/Margaret Morris Scott Sketch (Silas, who lived in Elderbank. He was not married, lived alone, was found dead in his home cause unknown.)


                                                                                                iv             Abbey Scott, born in Murchyville, NS.


                                                                                                                                She married George Nuttall, born in Wyse Corner, NS.

                                                                                                v              Esther Scott.  Married In California.

                                                                                                vi             Elizabeth Scott.  Married in California.

                                                                                17.       vii        James Scott b. Feb 14,1837.

                                                                                                viii           Samuel Scott, born About 1840 in Musquodoboit, NS.  Previous information said moved to Boston. However I found a marriage record for him in Cumberland County records Samuel Scott age 34 single of Sackville born Musquodoboit parents William and Ann married Aug 10, 1874 Oct 08, 1874 to Lucinda Bulmer age 33 single of Sackville NB parents Dixon and Jane. From this information I concluded he was born in 1840. Witness-W.G. Smith -Samuel and Lucinda  had one child Albert Scott born about 1876. (From the History of CHARLES DIXON,ONE OF THE EARLY ENGLISH SETTLERS- OF -SACKVILLE, N. B.--COMPILED BY-JAMES D. DIXON,A GRANDSON-SACKVILLE, N. B., 1891). (5) Lucinda, second daughter of Charles D. and Jane Carter Bulmer, married a Mr. Scott, of Nova Scotia.  They had one child named Albert.  Mrs. Scott subsequently became deranged and is now an inmate of the Provincial Lunatic Asylum, and her child found a home with Mrs. Ammi Anderson.’” Mrs Ammi Anderson was Elizabeth Bulmer- Lucinda’s older sister. If Albert was with his Aunt Elizabeth Anderson in about 1891 where was, Samuel- possibly Boston as previously mentioned?  Note of interest-Samuels brother- James Scott and Rachel McMullin Scott had a son born about 1868 as I found his death record which says on Albert Scott Oct 17, 1873 child age 5 born Waverly died Middle Musquodoboit Father James Scott mother Rachel Scott cause-Run over by a loaded team. Informant- Sam’l Scott  Registrar-R.A. Kaulback. If this was Samuel he must have been around home (Musquodoboit) in 1873, possibly thought fondly of his nephew as he later named his own son after him. I believe Albert W. Scott was in El Paso, Colorado 1890 US Census born Sep 1875 in Canada, Age 24 Father born Nova Scotia, Mother born New Brunswick. He is listed as Single head of household in a Rented House. Others in household include Celora L. Tenny a cousin (female) b. May 1872, age 28 married for 10 years 2 children born Rhode Island. A border Harry Hutchinson age 50 born 1850 in Rhode Island. Another border Idris Davis (female) age 24 also Sep 1875 in Missouri.



                                                                      He married Lucinda Bulmer, Oct 8, 1874 in Cumberland Co, NS, born about 1841, (daughter of Charles Dixon (Diain) Bulmer and Jane Carter). Lucinda: Found Lucinda On a couple of sites Fathers full name Charles Dixon Bulmer and Mother Full name Jane Carter. Marriage record showed Dixon and Jane Bulmer. Lucinda died St. John NB at Provincial Lunatic Asylum age 55 Oct 31, 1896. Reported Dr. G.A. Hetherington

(In August of 1896, Dr. George A. Hetherington became the director of the Lunatic Asylum. (1896-1903)He was a highly respected member of the medical community of Saint John. Dr. Hetherington's main concern during his time as director was to improve the walkways, pathways and gardens of the Asylum property that overlooks the Reversing Falls. His aim was to have the patients do more outdoor activities. He felt that this was a great method of treatment for the patients. He also was a definite advocate for hydrotherapy.

No one knows why Dr. Hetherington left his position at the Lunatic Asylum. On June 15, 1912 he died.)



                                                                                14.           Alexander Scott, (12.William6, 11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born April 05, 1810 in Onslow, NS, died Feb 27, 1894 in Musquodoboit, NS.


                                                                                                                                He married Janet Nuttall, Mar 28, 1833 in Wyse Corner, NS, died Aug 24, 1879 in Musquodoboit, NS.

                                                                                                                                                On 1881 Census Household # 148 Middle Musquodoboit

                                                                                                                                                Alexander Scott   Head      age 70   Occupation Farmer   Religion Methodist

                                                                                                                                                Alfred Scott                        25                  Farmer            Methodist

                                                                                                                                                Ephraim Scott                   45                                          Methodist

                                                                                                                                                Eliza Scott                        30                                           Methodist


                                                                                                                                                                                       Scott, Janet wife of Alex.JPG



                                                                  i.      Timothy Scott, born Mar 11, 1834. Possibly lived by Dollar Lake as there was a large land grant for Timothy on Dollar Lake.

He married Isabella Bothwick.


                                                                                                                                                                                On 1881 Census House hold # 26 Wyse Corner Halifax, Co NS

                                                                                                                                                                Timothy SCOTT   M   Male   Scottish   47   Nova Scotia   Farmer   Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Isabella SCOTT   M   Female   English   50   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Ida J SCOTT      Female   Scottish   23   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Alex SCOTT      Male   Scottish   22   Nova Scotia   Farmer   Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Walter J SCOTT      Male   Scottish   20   Nova Scotia   Farmer Son   Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Jane L SCOTT      Female   Scottish   17   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Ephraim SCOTT      Male   Scottish   12   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Eliza SCOTT      Female   Scottish   10   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                 Bertha SCOTT      Female   Scottish   8   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist

                                                                                                                                 Meagher's Grant Cemetery

                                      SCOTT, Bertha drowned March 9, 1882 age 9 yrs 8 mos
SCOTT, Leonard C.   d. May 3, 1869 age 3 yrs 6 days
children of Timothy & Isabella SCOTT


                                                                                                                ii              Ephraim Scott b. Apr 07, 1835.

                                                                                                                iii             George Scott, born Nov 01, 1838 in Murchyville, NS, died Oct 13, 1894 in Musquodoboit, NS. Listed in 1901 census as Dwelling # 18. His wife is not listed however 6 children are. Henritta July 23, 1878, Alexander Dec20, 1880, Walter Feb 10, 1883, Maud May 20, 1885, Nellie June 24, 1887, Lawrence Aug 17, 1891. Notes-from a The Scott family of Musquodoboit sketch written by  D.Reid as told by Margaret E.(Morris) Scott. “They resided in Upper Meaghers Grant for several years. They then moved to his father’s home in Musquodoboit south where they spent the remainder of their lives. They had 9 children. Della Mrs. L. Ballister, of West Concord Mass, Bessie Mrs. Stuart Higgins of Brookvale, NS; Etta of Elderbank;Alex of Elderbank;Walter of Vancouver Island,BC; Ella Mrs. Wm Mumford, of Boston Mass; Maud Mrs. Norman Davis of Elderbank; Launie of New Jersey USA Dora dead when quite young. Ephrairm married Elizabeth Cole of Elderbank, they lived on the farm near his fathers. They had one daughter Mary.”


                                                                                                                                                He married Martha Reid, June 01, 1873 in Musquodoboit, NS.

                                                                                                                                                On 1881 Census Household #  18 Wyse Corner, Halifax County  NS                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                George SCOTT   M   Male   Scottish   41   Nova Scotia   Farmer   Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                Martha SCOTT   M   Female   Scottish   25   Nova Scotia      C. Presbyterian 

                                                                                                                                                Theresa A SCOTT      Female   Scottish   6   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                 Bessie SCOTT      Female   Scottish   4   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                Henrietta SCOTT      Female   Scottish   2   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                George A SCOTT      Male   Scottish   <1 Born: Dec; 5/12   Nova Scotia      Weslyan Methodist

                                                                                                                iv             Agnes Scott, born Feb 05, 1841 in Murchyville, NS, died Feb 12, 1895 in Musquodoboit, NS.


                                                                                                                                                She married Peter Brown, 1863, born July 05, 1833 in Scotland, died Jan 04, 1914 in Musquodoboit, NS.


                                      Peter was a widow living with William John Scott and family in 1901 census. Notes- from a The Scott family of Musquodoboit sketch written by D.Reid as told by Margaret E. (Morris) Scott. ‘They had seven children Joseph, Sutcliffe, William and Alex all in the United States. John and Jane deceased, Janet Mrs. John Reid of Elderbank; Annie Mrs. Wm Wyse of Debert, NS.


                                                      On 1881 Census Household #42 Middle Musquodoboit

                                                                                                                                                                Peter BROWN   M   Male   Scottish   47   Nova Scotia   Farmer   C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Agnes BROWN   M   Female      41   Nova Scotia      C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Sutcliffe BROWN      Male   Scottish   17   Nova Scotia   Son   C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                John BROWN      Male   Scottish   16   Nova Scotia      C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Janet BROWN      Female   Scottish   13   Nova Scotia   School   C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Alex BROWN      Male   Scottish   12   Nova Scotia   School   C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                William BROWN      Male   Scottish   9   Nova Scotia   School   C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Jane BROWN      Female   Scottish   7   Nova Scotia   School   C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                                                                Annie BROWN      Female   Scottish   4   Nova Scotia      C. Methodist 

                                                                                                                v              Janet Scott, born May 08, 1842, died in Colorado, US.


                                                                                                                                                She married Charles Rulison, in Musquodoboit, NS.

                                                                                                                vi             Elizabeth Scott, born June 15, 1844 in Murchyville, NS, died in Colorado, US.


                                                                                                                                                She married (1) Alexander Lindsay, in Musquodoboit, NS.

                                                                                                                                                She married (2) Peter Churchfield.

                                                                                                                vii            Mary Scott, born Aug 16, 1847.

                                                                                                                viii           Isaac Scott, born Aug 01, 1849.

                                                                                                                ix             Emma (Emily) Scott, born Dec 28, 1852, died in Colorado, US.


                                                                                                                                                She married John Evans, in Musquodoboit, NS.


                                                                                                                x              Alexander Scott, born Dec 28, 1852, died Mar 1853.  Note Alexander and Emma (Emily) were twins.

                                                                                                                xi             Alfred Scott, born Nov 26, 1855 in Murchyville, NS. Died 1934 Musquodoboit. Both Alfred and Margaret buried Hillside Cemetery in Musquodoboit NS.


                                                      He married Margaret Elizabeth Morris, May 01, 1883 in Musquodoboit NS, born Mar 26, 1858 in Middle Musquodoboit, NS, (daughter of Henry Gloud Morris and Mary Hollingsworth) Died April 11, 1946. Death record age 88y 18d parent’s listed Informant- Ross Scott son Registrar- Villa Milne. She also must have had an interest in the family history as I have a paper hand written by D. Reid information by Margaret E. Scott in my possession. Notes- from a The Scott family of Musquodoboit sketch written by D.Reid as told by Margaret E. (Morris) Scott. They had 8 children Janet Myrtle deceased aged two years. Henry Morris “Harry” Scott –(born Dec 14, 1885 date from nsgenealogy)-WWI returned to Musquodoboit and in May 1921 went to BC, Murray Scott -Higginsville, William Stanley married Mildred Higgins and had 3 children( Myrtle, Edna Lorne, and S. Alice), Ross L-residing on grandfather Morris farm ; Noble W.-WW1 remained in England until March 1919,returned home until Aug 1921 then went to Manitoba and later BC married Edvie P. Martin of Salmon Arm BC. resided Vancouver BC . Elsie M.-married Douglas Ramsey of Stewiacke they had 6 children (Grace, Shirley being 2) There is a bit more information in this sketch.

                                                                                                                      Scott Alfred,Margaret Eaaa.jpg

                                                                15.                           David Scott, (12.William6, 11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born May 24,1812 in Onslow, NS, died in Snohomish, Washington.


         He married Sarah Dunbrack, 1840 in Nova Scotia, born ab.1813, died in Snohomish, Washington.  Sarah: Moved to Toronto 1848. They cleared three farms in Ontario before Wisonsin in 1888. In 1890 they went on an immigrant train to Washington State. Where they passed on.

I am going to include excerpts of a very well researched and written/compiled history document written by David Scott a great grandson of David Scott 1812 descended (9Gerald,8Wellington,7David, 6David,5William,4Ephriam 3Joseph 2John 1Benjamin)-sent to me via email in 2008. Thank you so much David for allowing me to share with our families.                                                                                  

Excerpts from-David descendants Scott b 1812 by David Scott

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Notes for DAVID SCOTT:

According to the family legend of the Ontario, Canada branch of the family, the family ancestor was a soldier who fought with the Irish Fusiliers in General Wolfe's army at Quebec in 1759 . For his services the British Government gave him a grant of land at Musquodoboit, County of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Some, but not all, of this legend has been confirmed .

Our Great-Grandfather, David Scott, emigrated from Musquodoboit, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada, to Ontario, Canada in 1848 . In 1935, his son David Scott Jr., told a granddaughter that his father had had two brothers, Ephriam and William, and at least two tall sisters. In 1979 Mr. Walter Ramsey of Middle Musquodoboit wrote to say that our great-grandfather, David Scott, might have been a brother of his greatgrandfather,Alexander Scott . Alexander Scott had three brothers, William, Ephriam and David, also seven sisters. Their father's great-grandfather, Joseph Scott, had come to Onslow, Colchester County, Nova Scotia,Canada, from the State of Massachusetts, U.S.A. as a united Empire Loyalist . Joseph Scott had a son Ephriam Scott, and it was Ephriam Scott's son who moved to Musquodoboit .Mr. John McLeod, research assistant in the Nova Scotia, Canada archives, searched the land grant records in June, 1979, and found no reference to a Scott who served in Quebec and was subsequently granted land in the Valley. However he found that a William Scott had been granted land in this area in 1769, but the land returned to the crown in 1785 in preparation for it being re-granted to Loyalists.

In Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton's book, " The Settlement of Colchester County ", Mr. McLeod read that many of the grantees in Onslow Township had served in the final reduction of Quebec . Among the grantees were Joseph and Ephriam Scott .Furthermore, Mr. McLeod read in R.A. Logan's manuscript, " notes on Musquodoboit Valley Family Names ",that some of the Scott’s in the Musquodoboit Valley are descended from the previously mentioned Joseph and his son Ephriam .

While we do not know for sure that our great-grandfather, David Scott, was a brother of Alexander Scott, there is several interesting coincidences such as family names

(Ephraim, William), military service at Quebec and Land grants .We do not know whether Great-grandfather was Irish. In the Ontario, Canada census of 1871 he is registered as" Scotch”. But as one cousin said, “the Scott’s acted as if they were Irish, they had so much fun in them.”Both David Scott and his wife were born at Musquodoboit, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. In his youth David served on an American Man-O-War for seven years. When he was twenty-eight years of age he married Sarah Dunbrack. David's small mother came to the wedding on horseback. Sarah Dunbrack was of Scottish descent. Her father was a lowland Scot, born in Edinburgh, her mother was a highland Scot. Sarah herself spoke the Gaelic. Two of her sisters went to Minnesota to live. David and Sarah lived in Musquodoboit until after the birth of their two oldest children, Rebecca and Ephriam. They decided to emigrate to Ontario, Canada and travelling by covered wagon they arrived in Toronto in 1848.

David Scott b 1812 descendants2 Scott worked in the Hogg's Hollow and Young Street area for some time, then moved out to Artemesia fortwo or three years and took up

200 acres of land. The 1851 census reported that he was living in a log shanty in Artemesia, Grey County and was farming. The family returned to the Young Street area. The third son, David, said there were still stumps on Young Street when he was born there. In 1859 David Scott, his wife Sarah Dunbrack and their family of six children moved to Harriston in Wellington County. They arrived there by wagon over the Elora road from Guelph on the 24th of May. Their first shelter was a little log house. Shortly afterwards they moved on to a farm a mile out of Harriston where they lived in a frame house and cleared 16 acres out of bush for 4 years rent. Later the family moved onto their homestead on the 12th Concession of Minto Township. Here they cleared 80 acres. The children walked through the bush to the Harriston school and its strict teacher, John Brown. Sometimes the brothers Jim and David Jr. played "hookey" from school and spent the day fishing on the Maitland River. In 1873 David Scott Sr. and his son, Jim went north to the Bruce Peninsula to look at land. On their retureir suppers. When they reached Hanove everyone had gone to bed so they rode on until they came to a river with no bridge. Returning to Hanover they rode north and then west. Daylight came and they plodded on to Tara. After dinner they went on to Wiarton where they spent the night. The next day they reached Spry on the Bruce Peninsula and met "Auld Hagann they sent sons Ephraim and David Jr. to see the land. The boys left home on horseback about 4 o'clock one July afternoon, stopping in Newstadt to feed their horses and have th "(Francis Hagan) who was mowing the grass on the road with a scythe. He gave them scones for supper and a night's lodging. Before they returned to Harriston they purchased 400 acres of land from the Government in Toronto and arranged for someone to build a shanty. David Jr. later said he was crazy to do this for he could have had good land in Harriston. In the fall the family moved north with the exception of Rebbecca, who was married. The parents and some of The family went to Owen Sound, crossed on the boat the "O'Connor" to Wiarton and hired a team to take them to Spry. On the way they stopped at reverend Edward Green's home at Pike Bay. Two of the boys had previously taken a load of goods by team and had the home ready when the rest of the family arrived. They built an addition to the shanty, roofing it with "scoops" which were made out of hollowed out Basswood logs. One row of half logs placed with the hollow side up and the next layer of half logs was turned with the hollow side down to coverthe cracks. This first home was on Lot 17, Concession 1, and W.B.R. (West of the Bury Road). Sarah Dunbrack, the mother of the family was a genuine pioneer. She would shear a sheep, wash and card the wool, spin and weave and make clothes for the family. She was an excellent cook, one of her specialties being potato cakes. Both parents were fond of home and their pipe of "baccy" and were honest and hardworking. Their son David Jr., said that his father worked in York for 12 dollars a month and his mother cooked meals for mill-men taking their dinners to them several miles away on a little cart. When the parents went into the bush of the Bruce Peninsula they were about sixty years of age. Undaunted they and their family cleared several farms. After several years the father and mother, and sons James and John and their wives and families, decided to move again. In 1888 they arrived in the state of Wisconsin. Two years later they all travelled together in an immigrant train to Washington State. In the 1890's David Scott and his wife, Sarah Dunbrack, died and were buried in in the G.A.R. Cemetery in Snohomish, Washington.


The names of the family of David Scott and Sarah Dunbrack were: Rebecca Faulkner, Ephriam, Eliza Jane,

James Clifford, David and John.[Brøderbund Family Archive #116, Ed. 1, Census Index: Ontario, Canada, 1871,

Date of Import: Apr 4, 2004, Internal Ref. #]


                                                                                                                                                                On 1881 Census Household #2 for  Eastnor & Lindsay & St Edmonds, Bruce North, Ontario

                                                                                                                                                                                David SCOTT   M   Male   Irish   69   Nova Scotia   Farmer   Church of England 

                                                                                                                                                                                Sarah SCOTT   M   Female   Scottish   57   Nova Scotia      Reformed Presbyterian



                                                                                                                                                                i               Rebecca Faulkner Scott,born Dec 25, 1842 in Musquodoboit, NS. Married John Livingston Feb 14, 1865 died Mar 09, 1933  Harrison,   Wellington County, Ontario.

Notes-David Scott 1812 by David Scott- Notes for REBECCA FAULKNER SCOTT:

Rebecca Faulkner Scott, the eldest child in the family of David Scott and Sarah Dunbrack could well remember

the long wagon ride from Nova Scotia, Canada to Ontario. During the the trip the family ate so much wild game

that Rebecca disliked it for the rest of her life.

While the Scott family lived in the Hogg's Hollow area of Toronto, Rebecca attended school. This was the only

formal education she received. However she was well educated in housekeeping. She was known as a marvellous

cook who never needed to measure anything but just threw in the ingredients.

Rebecca Livingstone was a busy wife and mother. Her husband’s public duties kept him busy in the countryside

and she was a real "homebody" though a true friend to many in this town and a wonderful mother to her "ain

folk".Rebecca and John Livingstone's family consisted of David, Elizabeth, William (died young), Charles, Mary,

Sarah (died young), Margaret, Rebecca, Hana, William, John, Arthur and Dora. Joe Livingstone, John

Livingstone's son by his first wife, lived with his grandparents in his early years, then as a teenager, came to live

                                                                                                                                                              with the Livingstone family. He later emigrated to the U.S.A. and lost all connection with the family.

ii     Ephraim Scott, born Sep 25, 1846 in Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. Married Susanna Green 1876. Died May 01, 1918 Spry, Eastnor Township,Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Notes -David Scott 1812 by David Scott-Notes for EPHRIAM SCOTT:

Ephriam Scott was probably named after his Uncle Ephriam Scott (born 1800) although he had a great-uncle

Ephriam Scott (born 1776) and a great-grandfather Ephriam Scott who moved from Massachusetts, U.S.A. to

Nova Scotia, Canada and founded the Scott Family in Canada. Great -grandfather Ephriam was born in 1744.

     Ephriam Scott was a small boy when he came to Ontario, Canada with his sister, Rebecca, and parents,

David and Sarah Scott. As the eldest son he was probably called upon to help with the younger children and

in the family's several moves. Ironically, in the 1851-1852 census, Ephriam is listed as 6 years of age and a"Labourer".

Ephriam Scott married Susanna Green of Pike Bay about a year and a half before his brother David married

           her sister, Jemima. Ephriam and Susanna lived on the adjoining farm south of David and Jemima's farm.

Although they had no children of their own they were like a second set of parents to their nieces and nephews

next door. David Scott named his eldest child Ephriam and well preserved tintypes show likenesses of "Uncle

Eph and "little Eph" and "Aunt Susie and little Eph". Uncle Eph was a tall, strong looking man with dark hair

and beard. Susanna and Ephriam Scott were also Aunt and Uncle to Winnie Rodgers of Pike Bay. Winnie's mother was

Rhoda Green, another sister of Susanna's. A Grand-Neice tells today how the Rodgers' house burned and left

                                                                                                                                                                                                        the family left homeless. Uncle Eph and Aunt Susie came along in their buggy and gave them money to rebuild.

        Ephriam Scott and his wife are buried in Eastnor Cemetery in the same plot as brother David Scott and his

        wife, also two of David's sons and a grandchild, Alberta Scott.

                                                                                                                                                                                iii             Eliza Jane Scott. Born May 22, 1849 Ontario, married (1)Alexander Gordon Feb 02, 1878 Harrison, Wellington County, Ontario.                                                                                                                                                                                       Married (2) Archie Gourlay Dec 15,1909 Mount Forest, Wellington Co. Ontario. She died Nov 01, 1931 Harrison,ON.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                She and Alexander Gordon had 2 children (“Sarah Mable Gordon m. John D. Clinton”. “Alexander D. Millard Gordon”)

                                                                                                                                                                                iv             James Clifford Scott. Born May 22, 1854 in ON he married Amelia Jane Driffel April 03, 1878 in ON he died Nov 19, 1941 in Seattle,                                                                                                                                                                                Washington, USA. He and Amelia had seven children( Agnes Lucinda Scott, Charles Walter Scott, David William Scott,                                                                                                                                                                              Harry Sherry Scott, Ephriam James Scott, John Herbert Scott, Elizabeth Scott)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Notes -David Scott 1812 by David Scott-Notes for James Clifford Scott:

James Scott and Jane Driffill were married in the bride's home in Hepworth, Keppel township, Grey County,

Ontario, Canada. The officiating clergy was Robert Johnston and the witnesses were William Driffill and William Spencer.

It is believed that the bride and groom first lived on a farm near Lion's Head, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. A

portion of this farm became the Eastnor Township Cemetery.

When James Scott's parents decided to leave the rocky Buce Peninsula in search of greener pastures, James and

his wife and children, Agnes and Charles, accompanied them. Their third child David, was born in Port Arthur,

Ontario, Canada(now Thunder Bay), and their fourth child Harry, was born in Wisconsin, U.S.A. It is possible

that the family lived near Park Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A., or perhaps Duluth, Minnesota, before moving to

Snohomish, Washington State in 1890.

In 1906 the James Scott family moved to Wilson Creek, Washington. At that time the town of Wilson Creek

consisted mostly of hotels, saloons, the depot and the railway roundhouse. It was a division point for the Great

Northern Railroad. People were coming and going all the time.

James Scott was a good carpenter and builder. He and his partner, Orrie Cunningham, built the Presbyterian

Church. They also built the grain elevator and many houses and barns for the ranchers. James served for years on the school board and was a faithful attendant at the Masonic Lodge.

In the late 1920's James Scott exchanged his home in Wilson Creek for a chicken ranch on the outskirts of

Spokane. He later bought a ranch at Valley, north of Spokane. Shortly after this, he and his wife moved to Mount

Vernon, near their daughter, Bess (Elizabeth).

Their son Dave, added a room to his home for the use of his parents. A few years after his wife's death, James Scott passed away in a  Masonic Home. He and his wife are buried in Washell Cemetery in Seattle

                                                                                                                                                                                v              David Scott born Sep 26, 1856, Toronto Canada, married Jemima Green Feb 14, 1878 ON, died Feb 16, 1942 Lions Head, Bruce County                                                                                                                                                                            On. David and Jemima had 6 children ( Ephriam Clifford Scott, Susanna Scott, Wellington Scott, Enoch Edward Scott,                                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. David Emerson Scott and Gordon Cleive Scott)


                                                                                                                                                      From David Scott’s collection of Photos

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Notes -David Scott 1812 by David Scott-Notes for DAVID SCOTT:

The first time Jemima Green saw David Scott Jr. was when he and his brother, Ephriam, came to the Green's

farm to buy oats. Jemima and her sister, Susanna, were scrubbing the kitchen floor. Romance blossomed in the

wilderness and the two Green sisters married the two Scott brothers. Ephriam and Susanna were married first.

One night Jemima overheard her parents saying that Susie and the other girls were getting married, but Jemima

would stay home and look after them when they were old. Jemima and David waited until her parents, Reverend

Edward and Mrs. Green, went to Owen Sound to visit their son, Alex. In their absence the young couple was

married in the Green home with James Scott and Abigal Green as witnesses. Jemima's parents forgave her and her

father wrote a poem and presented it to her as a parting gift. In her old age it hung, framed, on her bedroom wall.

David Scott took his bride to his home at Spry, Lot 20 and 1/2 Lot 19, Concession 2, W.B.R. ( West Bury Road,

now Hwy. 6 ). Here they began a long married life, enduring hardships, clearing land, farming, working in lumber

camps and helping construct roads and farm buildings. When their oldest child, Ephriam, was a baby their log

cabin burned. They escaped through a window but lost all their possessions. When their youngest child, Gordon,

was a baby they built a fine, two story frame home with a bay window and wooden lace trim. A photograph was

taken showing the parents and six children posed proudly in front of the new house accompanied by two teams of

horses, a colt and two dogs.

In 1878 the three northern townships of Bruce County became a separate municipality with Eastnor as the senior

township. David Scott became the first Reeve. In fact, the day after his cabin burned he had to borrow a suit to

attend the County Council! He also served as Reeve in 1879 and 1880 and from 1914 to 1917.

David Scott may have contemplated moving to the "States" as his brothers and Parents did. He and his wife

spent one winter working in Minnesota taking their son Ephriam with them and leaving the baby Susie with her

Uncle Ephriam and Aunt Susie. In the spring they returned to Spry to get Susie but did not go back to Minnesota.

When David Scott retired and sold his farm he and his wife made a trip to the Canadian West and Washington

State to visit members of their family and to see the country. Upon their return they bought a house in Lion's Head

but later moved to Wiarton. In 1938 they celebrated their Diamond Anniversary and were pleased by a bouquet of

roses sent to them by Malcolm McNeill, son of the Honorable Alexander McNeill, who had been a member in Sir

John A. MacDonald's government.

David Scott and his wife were a gentle couple who lived in love and peace with their god, their family and their

neighbours. David was over six feet tall, had blue eyes, and black hair in his youth. He was a calm steady man

with a droll sense of humour. Jemima was five and a half feet tall, had hazel eyes and brown hair which never

turned grey. She worried about her family's welfare, knit socks and mittens for them, and kept cherry or raisin pie

and fruit cake in her dining room sideboard. They always held daily family worship in their home. Their lives

amply illustrated the last verse of their favourite Biblical passage, the 13th Chapter of 1st Corinthians, " And now

abideth faith, hope and charity, these three, but the greatest of these is charity. " They died within a few months of

each other and were buried in Eastnor Cemetery or " Jim Scott's burying ground " as it was originally called.

It is interesting to note that every member of this family " went west " although none of them made their

permanent home in the Canadian west.

-- from Margaret (Scott) Smith's original Scott Family History


                                                                                                                                                                                vi             John Scott. Born 1860-1861 Ontario he married Ellen Cruickshank June 08, 1887 Bruce Co, Ontario, he died Dec 15, 1933 in Hartford

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Washington, USA. John and Ellen had 3 children (Robenna Scott, James Scott and William Scott)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Notes -David Scott 1812 by David Scott- Notes for JOHN SCOTT:

Ellen Cruikshank said that she was born in Cavin County, Ireland. The family came to Canada and settled in the

region of Wiarton or Owen Sound. There are Irish Cruikshanks living in this area today. But Ellen Cruikshanks

and her husband, John Scott, joined his parents and brother, James Scott, when they emigrated to western U.S.A..

John and Ellen's oldest child was born 1888, probably in Wisconsin. When they moved to Washington State John

and his wife settled in Snohomish. John took out his American Citizenship papers c 1896 in Snohomish County.

Later, the John Scott family moved to a farm near Hartford. Hartford was a small town near Everett,

Washington. It had a store and a post office.

John Scott first worked at a shingle bolt mill and then went to farming. His son, Bill, helped him on the farm.

They sold milk, cream, and butter. John went around with a horse and buggy and sold vegetables and fruit.

John Scott was a thinker who loved to read and study. He had many shelves of beautiful books. He was

interested in technocracy and several religious groups, finally becoming involved in the Assembly of God. He

often visited his daughter and they would exchange viewpoints over coffee.

A granddaughter remembers John Scott as a tall stately gentleman with a shock of pretty white hair. Her

grandmother Ellen Scott, was short and plump and wore her hair in a bun on top of her head. The grandparents

enjoyed their grandchildren and often had them stay all night. Sometimes they would sleep in the hay.

At this point we mention a fatal accident that occurred in the the early days of the family at Hartford. An old

newspaper clipping tells the story:

John Scott, his brother-in-law William Cruikshank, and another man, were blasting with giant powder. The

powder became too cold and in an attempt to warm it up, William was killed. At the time this happened, William

and Ellen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cruikshank from Ontario, Canada were on their way west to visit their son and

                                                                                                                                                                                                daughter. They did not received the sad news until they arrived.


                                                                16.           Bathsheba Scott, (12.William6, 11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born Mar 26,1817 in Musquodoboit, NS, died in Elderbank, NS.


                                                                                                                                She married John Bruce, born  ab 1807 in Elderbank, NS.


                                                                                                                                                                On 1881 Census Household #6  Little River, Halifax County NS

                                                                                                                                                                John BRUCE   M   Male   Scottish   74   Scotland   Farmer   C. Presbyterian 

                                                                                                                                                                Bathsheba BRUCE   M   Female   Scottish   66   Nova Scotia      C. Presbyterian



                                                                                                                                                                                i               Jane Bruce. was a school teacher and unmarried.

                                                                                                                                                                                ii              Charles Bruce. Went to Boston no further record.

Eighth Generation

                                     17.       James Scott, (13.William7, 12.William6, 11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born Feb 14,1837 in Murchyville,                  NS, died January 07,1916 in Musquodoboit, NS, buried in Elderbank, NS.   Died Age 78. Holman Book married in Dartmouth NS.

         Visited his grave and dates on stone are 1837-1916. There for I will change his birth date to read Feb 14, 1837 instead of previous information that was Feb 14, 1838. According to 1901 census James’s birth date was Jan17, 1838 age 62. He was Methodist religion. English Origin. James is listed under Middle Musquodoboit with Rachel in dwelling #27. I have found English and Scottish listed as origin amongst the different members of this Scott family. I guess from this that even a few generations ago they weren’t sure which country our ancestors came from.

          I viewed Nova Scotia BDM records , James and Rachel married June 16, 1865 in Dartmouth by Reverand A. Mc Kinght James was single age 25 parents William(farmer) and Anna Scott born and resided in Musquodoboit. Rachel was born in Gays River and resided in Gays River parents William and Catherine McMullin - Book 1815 Year 1868 page 28 #321 and book # 1815 yeqr 1866 page 39 #221.

         James death record year 1916 book 34 page 181 # 589- James died Jan 07, 1916 age 78y 11m. Born Murchyville died of old age (congestion of lungs one week) buried Elderbank Dr. J.B.REID person making return son William J. Scott.

                                                                                 I871 CENSUS-Name: James Scott Gender: Male Age: 33y Birth Year: abt 1838 Birth Place: Nova Scotia Marital Status: Married Religion: Church Of Scotland

                                                             Origin: Scotch (Scotish) Province: Nova Scotia District: Halifax East District Number: 197 Division: 21 Subdistrict: Middle Musquodoboit

Household Members: Name Age

James Scott 33y

Rachel Scott 33y

William Scott 4y

Albert Scott 3y

                                                                                                                                              1881 Census Musquodoboit Household #12:

                                                                          James SCOTT   M   Male   English   43   Nova Scotia   Farmer   Presbyterian 

                                                                           Rachael SCOTT   M   Female   Irish   43   Nova Scotia      Presbyterian 

                                                                                                                          William SCOTT      Male   English   15   Nova Scotia   Son   Presbyterian 

                                                                                                                          Hiram SCOTT      Male   English   9   Nova Scotia   School   Presbyterian 

                                                                                                                          Arthur SCOTT      Male   English   6   Nova Scotia   School   Presbyterian

                                                                                 1901 Census James and Rachel Scott Living Alone                                                                    Land Grant Map after 1941

                                                                image056            image058

                                                                                image060                      image062



He married Rachel McMullen, June 21, 1865 June 06, 1865 in Dartmouth, NS; born Feb 16, 1839 in Antrim, NS (daughter of William McMullen and Catherine (Kate) MacPhee) died March 31, 1918 in Musquodoboit, NS, buried in Elderbank, NS.  Rachel: Died Age 79. According to 1901 census, Rachel's birth date was Feb 10, 1839, she was age 61. Rachel’s death record-died March 31, 1918 age 79y 1m. Widow born Antrim doctor C.H.Morris buried St. Andrews Elderbank reported William J.Scott son.

                                                                                                                See McMullen File for Rachel McMullen Ancestors



                                                              Rachael McMullen and Grandchildren:John P. Scott and Ella Mae Scott




                                                                                                                19.     i         William John Scott b. June 21,1866.

                                                                             ii              Albert Scott b.1868 Waverly NS died Oct 17, 1873  Middle Musquodoboit –

                                                                                                                                                                   Death record states- Male child age 5 parents James and Rachel Scott Middle Musquodoboit

                                                                                                                                                                   ‘Run over by a loaded team” Informant “Sam’l Scott. Registrar-R.A. Kaulback The funny thing when I came across this record I almost remember hearing this

                                                                                                                                                                   story from Gram or Grampy. I am not sure but feel strongly I have heard this. Likely reinforce me to stay away from cows when I was little. I

                                                                                                                                                                   need to ask Aunt Ida she seems to have the best memory. How tragic this must have been for the family especially James, Rachel and big brother William                                                                                                                                                 John who would have been about 7 at the time.

                                                                                                                20.           iii             Hiram Scott b. Oct 24, 1871.

                                                                                                                21.           iv             Arthur J. Scott b. Dec 18,1874.

18.     Ephraim Scott, (14.Alexander7, 12.William6, 11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born Apr 07, 1835, died 1925, buried in Hillside, Middle Musquodoboit.  Notes from dates Ephraim and Elizabeth were older when they married he would have been 63 and she would have been she would have been 51. Mary would have been 8 years old when they got married. Elizabeth would have been 43 when she had Mary. Ephraim, Elizabeth and Mary were listed on 1901 census Musquodoboit Dwelling #17. Ephraim, Elizabeth and Mary were listed on 1901 census Musquodoboit Dwelling #17. Death reported by Alexander (Alex) Scott nephew. Registrar- William John Scott.

                                                                                                He married Elizabeth Cole, Nov 14, 1898 in Musquodoboit, NS, born Dec 07, 1847 in Elderbank, died April 5, 1931, buried in Hillside Cemetery, Musquodoboit, NS (daughter of John Cole and Mary                                                                                                                                                                             Butler) Death Age 84- reported by Miss Mary Scott-daughter. Cause - Heart Failure.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Elizabeth Cole Scott




                                                                                                                                                i               Mary Elizabeth Scott (Old Mary), born Jun 14, 1890 in Murchyville, NS, died 1984 in Musquodoboit, NS, buried in Hillside, Musquodoboit, NS. Mary Elizabeth never married. She lived all her life in Murchyville and all alone after the death of her parents. She is buried Hillside Cemetery Middle Musquodoboit, NS next to her parents. I remember “Old Mary” as we all called her. She lived an old tiny home which belonged to her parents and several after her mom’s death it was moved from the woods on top of the hill down near the road and river. I guess she really wasn’t happy about this but she lived alone, and being in the woods it was hard for family to keep an eye on her. Grammy (Sarah Bell Scott) looked after her as she got older. (I really need to find a couple of photos of her) I can remember being small and walking from the farm down to Old Mary’s. She was really short in stature under 5’. Tiny women, her hair was white and shoulder length very thick and grey. She spoke in a grumbly/mumbly voice as she had no teeth; it was hard to understand her. She dressed in layers and layers. Wore skirts on top of skirts, and tops on top of tops. (Even on summer days when the heat was 90.)(Always had the wood stove burning even in summer) The walls of her home were covered with newspapers, calendars, etc. Most people (kids) cousins from Ontario were afraid of her as she looked like a witch even to me especially when I was small. She had a little garden. I can remember she had strawberries. As we got older 12 or so we would go see her and I would knock at her door and when she came I would say “remember me I am Sandra John and Sarah’s granddaughter Vernon’s daughter.” She would say in her toothless deep voice “Yes”. I would ask if I could come in and visit. I would sometimes offer to help her like sweep the floor. As she got older maybe in mid 1970’s my Uncles (Clarence, Dougie,) tore down her old home and built her a small new one bedroom home. This one had a bathroom (inside), electric heat. They even got her a television, which she had never seen one before, these changes all took some getting used to. Imagine being 90 and so many new things. Extreme makeover. She lived to be 94.

                                                                                                       Headstone Ephraim, Elizabeth and Mary Scott



                                                    Ninth Generation

                                       19.              William John Scott, (17.James8, 13.William7, 12.William6, 11.Ephriam5, 5.Joseph4, 3.Joseph3, 2.John2, 1.Benjamin1) born June 20,1866 in Murchyville, NS, died Sep 28, 1938 in buried Oct 01, 1938 at Hillside Cemetery, Musquodoboit, NS.  He died at age 72y 3m. Note: passed away on his son (Grampy) John P. Scott’s 39th birthday. Cause of death- Heart failure. Holman book- William J. was present registrar of Musquodoboit 1917. According to 1901 census William John's birth date was June 20, 1866. (I believe that was a date Gram had also). I confirmed birthdates from viewing birth registration. (Stated- June 20,1866, registered Oct 12, 1866 by James Scott(father),Rachel McMullin (mother) their marriage date June 06, 1865- registered by R.A.Kaulback). In 1901 William John had two other's living with him besides his immediate family. One is Peter Brown widow of Agnes Scott daughter of Alexander Scott, William John's Great Uncle. Peter Brown b July 05, 1833 was listed as a Laborer age 67 born in Scotland. William John and Ida also had her sister Lavilla Hilchey William and family were listed as living in Dwelling #16. b Aug 15 1882 living with them as a border, single age 19. Aunt Ida Scott Larson supplied some personal information on William John. She stayed with him for 2 1/2 yrs from the time she was 15-18. He lived at the intersection across from John Grant Home on the Hill. William was getting older and had a bad heart. He was Liberal, he attended church, and he was not pleased that Grampy was having so many children. He would say “I only had 5 and one was out of diapers before the next would come along.” From what Ida could remember he had a government job possibly lands and Forest. He used to have a car and go around checking for illegal fishermen, fishermen fishing at night with a light. She said she went with him a few times. He died at home Ida was staying there. She said he suffered about 3 hours. William and Margaret had the bedroom above the kitchen; Ida was sleeping in another part of the house. Every time Margaret his second wife tried to leave William to get Ida, William would call Margaret back. He died of a Heart Attack. We also know he was the registrar of BDM for the Musquodoboit Area for a time early 1900’s. He also must have felt education was important at least for his girls as both Ella (teacher) and Lavilla (Nurse) must have been educated.

                                                                                           1901 Census for William John Scott Household and Ephriam Scott Household