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                                                          Archibald McMullen- Rachel McMullen Scott Ancestor’s

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The Shield is: Or, a lion rampant sable in chief three mullets azure.
The Crest is: A dexter an sinister hand issuing from the wreath, brandishing a two-handed sword ppr.
The Motto is: "Miseris Succurrere Disco" - "I learn to succour the distressed"
Plant Badge: Holly seedling fructed Proper.
Septs: Baxter, Bell, Blue, Brown, MacNamell


                                                                                Variant spellings for MacMullen are: MacMullan, MacMullin, McMillan, McMullan, McMullen, and McMullin.

                                                                        Gaelic spelling: MacGhille Mhaolainthe

                                                        "Mac" prefix. Mac is the Gaelic word for son. It is now often abbreviated to "Mc", but originally it was the longer word and normally followed by a space and then the surname.

The surname MacMullen emerged as a Scottish Clan or family in their territory of Argyllshire where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated with manor and estates in that shire. Many clansmen of Highland families migrated from Scotland to Ireland during the 17th and 18th centuries. They were granted the lands of the native Catholic Irish. 25 MacMillan heads of families and 108 MacMullens settled in Antrim and Down, in the seventeenth century. However, to many, life in Ireland became a disillusionment. Conditions were little better than in their homeland. Poverty prevailed, and the religious conflicts remained except that now they were in a strange land and without the support and kinship of the clan. The New World beckoned to the adventurous.

Clansmen sailed aboard the small sailing ships known as the "White Sails"; ships such as the Hector, the Rambler, and the Dove, which plied the stormy Atlantic. These ships were originally designed for 100 passengers, but frequently sailed with 400 to 500 people on board. Many ships arrived with only 60 to 70% of their overcrowded passenger list, the rest dying at sea. The passage was expensive as well as dangerous, and many clansmen indentured themselves for as long as ten years to pay their passage.


1. Archibald McMullen, born 1780 in Antrim, Ireland, died Nov 16, 1841 in Antrim, NS.  Much of this McMullin information was taken from a report on McMullin’s by Douglas Goff (McMullins Families of Halifax and Colchester County). You are welcome to email Mr. Goff if you have additional information.  Archibald McMullen came to NS in 1821 and settled in Antrim, Halifax Co, NS. Archibald was born 1780 in Antrim Ireland. Described as Irish however Scots-Irish. First land petition dated Aug 20, 1821. There is a family story that the McMullen's traveled to Nova Scotia with the Redmond, McFetridge, Henderson and McGunnigal families, all from Antrim, Ireland. There’s a story that goes; ship was wrecked about 300 miles from Halifax. They were forced to remain on a rock three days and nights. When the rescuers finally came, a Newfoundland dog swam with a rope from his ship to the rock, without this rescue would have been impossible. The passengers were landed in Halifax. Another note of interest both the school and church in Antrim were built on the property of Archibald McMullen. It looks like Archibald may have come alone to Canada with his sons and remarried to a Mary unknown. They then had a daughter Mary. This information was taken from his will the mention of a wife Mary whom he leaves his estate later to be passed on to son Hugh and 1 lb to each of his 4 other sons and 1lb to daughter Mary. The full will is contained in Doug Goff's report. Died Age 61.


                        Will of Archibald McMullin, Sept. 16, 1841:


In the name of God, Amen: This sixteenth day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-One.


I Archibald McMullen of New Antrim settlement in the County of Halifax and Province of Nova Scotia, farmer: being very sick and weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God: Therefore calling unto mind the mortality of of my body knowing that it  is appointed unto all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament: This is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hand of almighty God that give it, and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors: nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the almighty powers of God: and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give, demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.


First I give, leave and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Mary, my land, tenements, stock of cattle and sheep: also my farming utensils and furniture for and during her natural life time, by her freely to be possessed and enjoyed; and at the expiration of her natural life, the estate real and also the household furniture, farming utensils and stock of cattle and sheep, I give leave and bequeath unto my well beloved son Hugh McMullen. Also I give and bequeath unto my son James McMullen the sum of one pound. Also I give and bequeath unto my son William McMullen the sum of one pound. Also I give and bequeath unto my son Alexander McMullen the sum of one pound. Also I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph McMullen the sum of one pound. Also I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Mary, the sum of one pound. All of which sums of money to be raised and paid out of my personal property, by my Executors herein after to be named: and the sums of money so willed and named to be paid to my sons by my Executors in eighteen months after my decease. Also I nominate, constitute and appoint William Logan, Samuel Kerr, and my son Alexander McMullen my sole executors of this my last will and testament; whom I authorize to sell and dispose of such stock or personal property as to them may seem proper, for the discharging of my debts, legacies and funeral expenses and I do truely utterly disallow disavoke and disanull all and every other former testament, will, legacies, bequests and executors by me in any wise named willed and bequested ratifying and confirmng this and no others to be my last will and testament. In witness where of I hence here unto set my hand and seal this day and year first before written. Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and delivered by me Archibald McMullen in the presence of us the subscribers, Archibald McMullen (his mark), James Kerr, John Kerr, William Goodbran.




Inventory of the Estate of Archibald McMullen of Antrim settlement in the County of Halifax, deceased:


First beginning with the real estate,

                                                                                                        P     S     D

two hundred and seventy acres with all its improvements               100   00    0


Second of the personal property,

one pair of large oxen value                                                            18    00    0

four cows valued at                                                                          18    10     0

one heifer valued at                                                                         2      10     0

eight sheep valued at                                                                       6      00    0

two tons English hay at pasture                                                      6      00    0

five tons meadow hay at pasture                                                     6      05    0

70 bushels oats at per bushel 18d                                                    5      05    0

250 bushels potatoes at per bushel 1/d                                            12     10     0

three beds and bedding and two bedsteads value in all                   3      05    0

two potato forks                                                                               0      03    0

rope                                                                                                 0      07    0

shovel                                                                                               0      02    0

two ploughs                                                                                      2      05    0

half bushel pail, box and hammer                                                   0      05    0

4 axes, digging fork and hammers                                                  0      10     0

box of old iron and harrow teeth                                                     0      10 0

a jack plain and some old iron                                                         0      02    0

a gun and hat                                                                                  0      07    0

one ox chain and yoke                                                                     0      16     0

one ox cart                                                                                       3      10     0

one churn 1/3                                                                                  0      01     3

four iron pots                                                                                   0      08    0

two kettles                                                                                       0      06    0

three tubs, a plae and eitgh barrels                                                0      07    6

ten tubs and two milk pans                                                              0      12     0

a spinning wheel                                                                              0      05    0

an old horse cart                                                                             0      07    6

a lot of plates earthen ware                                                             0      04    6

three brass candle sticks                                                                 0      01     6

three pints and three slop bowls                                                      0      02    0

knives, forks and spoons                                                                  0      05    0

cups saucers and tea pots                                                                0      02    6

two chairs and two benches                                                             0      01     3

books                                                                                               1       00    0

two tables                                                                                        0      02    6

4 table cloths, 2 rollers and one towel                                             0      16     0

two flat irons, one grid iron, one beam                                            0      04    0

one clothes brush and two sickles                                                     0      02    3

one fire crane and hooks                                                                 0      02    0

old clothes valued at                                                                        0      16     6

34 skeins of woolen yarn                                                                 1       14    0

some linen yarn 5/                                                                          0      05    0

chain of cotton yarn and filling                                                       1       07    0


Thomas Murphy’s note of hand                                                      2      00    0

John Murphy’s note of hand                                                           3      00    0

Pork 160 lb at 3d per lb                                                                  2      00    0

three grain bags at 2/ each                                                            0      06    0

two hay forks                                                                                   0      03    0

one pair scissors                                                                               0      01     0

                                                                                                    204      08    3


Dated 24 Nov. 1841

Nova Scotia Court of Probate and Wills

William Logan




       He married (1) Rachel Unknown.






          2.     i    William McMullen b. 1806.

                             ii       James McMullen, born 1799 in Antrim, Ireland, died July 22, 1882 in Wyse Corner, NS, buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Middle Musquodoboit, NS.  Died Age 83. James and Elizabeth had following children (1. James, 2.William (1829-1881) 3. John (1836-1914) 4. Elizabeth 5. Rachel (1849- ).


                                      He married Elizabeth Unknown, born 1800, died Nov 19, 1855.


                             iii      Alexander McMullen, born 1808 in Antrim, Ireland, died June 26, 1893 in Guysborough Rd, NS.  Died age 85.Children of Alexander and Martha (1. Mary (1828-1896) 2.Rachel (1834-1915) Douglas Goff's gg grandmother 3. Jane (1834-1990) 4.Ann (1837-1900) 5. Hugh (1838 -1862) 6. Martha (1840 -1916) 7. John (1843-) 8. Catherine (1846-) 9. Margaret (1847-1919).


                                      He married (1) Martha unknown, born 1807, died Dec 19, 1865.

                                      He married (2) Sarah Scott, Nov 17, 1869 in Halifax Co, NS, born 1822 in Murchyville, NS, (daughter of William Tackles Scott and Ann O'Brien) died July 27, 1880 in Middle Musquodoboit, NS, buried in Elderbank, NS.  Sarah: Conflicting info on date of birth however 1822 seems to make the most sense at this time. Notes From Goff report Recorded in the Presbyterian Witness, Aug 07, 1880 is the death of a Mrs. Alexander McMullen at Middle Musquodoboit on July 27, 1880 aged 58 years, of consumption. I am using this information for Sarah’s birth and death at this time. Visited her Grave Apr 2002, She is buried between James and Rachel Scott (her brother) and William and Ann Scott (her parents). Her grave reads Mrs. Alexander McMullen died July 27, 1880 age 57. Her husband lived 3 more years and I assume he is buried with his first wife. Another interesting note is that Alexander McMullen was Rachel McMullen's (James Scott’s wife) Uncle. www.novascotiagenealogy.com Marriage record- states they were married Little River Nov 17, 1969 Church of Scotland. She was single age 49 and Alexander was widowed age 57. He was born in Ireland. Her parents were William and Annie Scott and his Archibald and Rachel McMullin.


                             iv      Joseph McMullen, born 1809 in Antrim, Ireland, died Apr 16, 1882 in Elderbank, NS, buried in Pioneer, Middle Musquodoboit, NS.  Joseph and Margaret had (1.Thomas Charles (1837-1917) 2.John (1838-1916) 3.Alexander (1840-1916) 4.Wilfred Burton 5.William Joseph(1846-1921) 6. Margaret Ann.


                                      He married Margaret McCullum, born Apr 1807 in Elderbank, NS, died Oct 03, 1887, buried in Pioneer, Middle Musquodoboit, NS.


                             v       Hugh McMullen, born Aug 17, 1812 in Antrim, Ireland, died Feb 07, 1897 in Truro, NS, buried in Robie St. Cemetery, Truro NS.  Hugh and Rebekah had 12 children Rachel, Thomas Gotobed, Archibald G., Mary Jane, Alexander Joseph, Rebekah, Harriet, Harriet, Hugh John, Sarah, Baby, Martha Ann,).


                                      He married Rebekah Gotabed, born May 1822 in Ely England, died Aug 05, 1889 in Truro, NS, buried in Robie Street Cemetery, Truro NS.




       He married (2) Mary Thompson, Feb 08, 1825.  Mary: Mary's last name came from GeneJane site and marriage date of Feb 08, 1825 by Rev. Blackwood.



                             vi      Mary McMullen.


Second Generation


2.    William McMullen, (1.Archibald1) born 1806 in Atrium, Ireland, died July 18, 1865, buried in United, Gays River NS.  William is buried in Gays River next to his wife Catherine and children Margaret and William. He died age 59. Note from Doug Goffs notes ' Rev. Blackwood notes that a William McMullen of Musquodoboit married Catherine MacPhee of Nine Mile River on Mar 4, 1823. I would guess that that date should read Mar 04, 1832. Making William a age of 26 when married a more reasonable age than 17. Also Catherine a age of 25 rather than 16. Although it is highly possible they were 17 and 16. Also Census records from 1838 Lower Musquodoboit. William had 3 girls under 6 and 1 boy under 6. Meaning 4 children would have been born between 1832 and 1838. No other children listed ie under or over 14. I am guessing that its unlikely they would have been married 9 yrs and had no children. Therefore I am assuming Archibald was his first child born in 1832. Janet was the last born 1852 making Catherine 45 when she had her last child.


       He married Catherine (Kate) MacPhee, Mar 04, 1832, born 1807; (daughter of Donald MacPhee and Catherine unknown) died May 26, 1890, buried in United, Gays River, NS.  Catherine: Information taken from report on McMullen’s written by Doug Goff. Another possibility of Parents for Catherine are William MacPhee (Black Bill) and Janet MacMillan from Hants County. Also from Doug Goff's report Rev Blackwood notes that a William McMullen of Musquodoboit married Catherine MacPhee of Nine Mile River on Mar 04, 1823. She died age 83.



                3.          i        Archibald McMullen b. 1832

                             ii       Sadie McMullen.


                                      She married Mr. Mooney.


                             iii      Mary Ann McMullen.


                                      She married Keys McMichael, May 13, 1854.


                4.          iv      Rachel McMullen b. Feb 16, 1839.

                             v       John McMullen, born 1836. Died Dec 26, 1914 age 78y 10m buried Wyse Corner Antrim, NS. He is listed as widower living Elderbank. Reported-Mrs. Joseph Walley Registrar-William John Scott.

                                                                                  In 1871 census Gays River District John was single and living with Widow Catherine (his mother) and (sister) Jennet age 19.

                                                                He married Margaret Ellen Dillman


                             vi      William McMullen, born 1841, died May 15, 1858, buried in Gays River, NS.  William died age 17 buried with parents and sister Margaret in Gays River United Cemetery.

                             vii     Catherine McMullen, born 1844, died 1928, buried in Gays River, NS.


                                      She married Robertson (Robinson) Nelson, born 1835, died 1916, buried in Gays River, NS.


                             viii    Margaret McMullen, born 1847, died Sep 11, 1858, buried in Gays River, NS.  Buried with parents and brother William.

                5.          ix      Jennet (Janet) McMullen b. Apr 14, 1852.


Third Generation


3.    Archibald McMullen, (2.William2, 1.Archibald1) born 1832 in Antrim, NS, died Mar 08, 1917, buried in Gays River, NS.  Archibald is Buried next to both wives in Gays River NS. Age 85 when died. Archibald and Mary Ann had 16 children. Archibald J, Catherine Florella (May 11, 1875), Sarah Jane, Rachel, Mary Ann, Archibald H Tupper, Matilda, Martha, William M., Alexander S., Ellen. Florence, Henry K., Henry M., Norman, and Horace Douglas Steward McMullen.                   

                                                                        Death Record from 1909-1919 book



       He married (1) Mary Ann Moore, born 1838, died aft 1881, buried in Gays River, NS.



                6.          i        Horace Douglas Steward b. Jan 06, 1881.


       He married (2) Frances Unknown, bef 1891, born 1828, died 1916, buried in Gays River, NS.


4. Rachel McMullen, (2.William2, 1.Archibald1) born Feb 16, 1839 in Antrim, NS, died 1918 in Musquodoboit, NS, buried in Elderbank, NS.  Died Age 79. According to 1901 census Rachel's birth date was Feb 10, 1839, she was age 61.

   image009                         image011

              Rachel McMullen Scott picture taken about 1910                                      Death record taken 1909-1919 records

       She married James Scott, June 21, 1865 in Dartmouth, NS, born Feb 14, 1837 in Murchyville, NS, (son of William Tackles Scott and Ann O'Brien) died January 07, 1916 in Musquodoboit, NS, buried in Elderbank, NS.  James:  Died Age 78. Holman Book married in Dartmouth NS. I visited his grave and dates on stone are 1837-1916. Therefore I will change his birth date to read Feb 14, 1837 instead of previous information that was Feb 14, 1838. According to 1901 census James’s birth date was Jan17, 1838 age 62. He was Methodist religion. English, Origin.


See Scott Family of Massachusetts Nova Scotia and beyond for continued Descendents.


                                                                                                Fourth Generation


6.             Horace Douglas Steward, (3.Archibald3, 2.William2, 1.Archibald1) born Jan 06, 1881 in Antrim, NS, died 1974 buried at ST. PAUL’S UNITED CHURCH CEMETERYANTRIM/WYSE’S CORNER/LAKE EGMONT Horace and Jennie had 14 children (Maurice, Perley, Archie, Raymond, Chester, Evelyn, Charles, Nellie, Wilson, Carrie, Jennie, Harold, Roy, Earl).


       He married Jennie Dillman, Sep 26, 1900 in Milford Station, NS, born July 10, 1884(daughter of Thomas Dillman and Victoria Conley), died April 9 1933. (Death was shock from burns over ½ of her body, clothing ignited from explosion of gasoline used for lighting kitchen fire mistaken for kerosene,) buried Lake Egmont with husband.



                             i        Maurice William McMullen, born June 06, 1901.


                                      He married Nina Ruth Bell, born Feb 21, 1905 in Chaswood, NS, (daughter of George Bell and Jessie Watson). Nina: Aunt Nina had 5 children, Irene (she died of cancer) who married Bruce Miller. Jenny (who married Vincent Dillman) Grace, Gladys, and Stanley McMullen.


                                 ii   Evelyn Victoria McMullen, born February 6, 1909  died August 18, 2007


She married George “Geordie” Thompson Bell –on Feb 22, 1926 born April 14, 1901 in Chaswood, NS, (son of George Bell and Jessie Watson) died Oct 31, 1955.                                                         


Uncle George and Aunt Evelyn had 10 children between 1926 and 1955. Ralph Granville Bell, Nina Mildred Bell, Bertha Jenny Bell, Blanchard Vaughan Bell, Shirley Marlene Bell  was born on Apr 14 1937. She died on Apr 23 1981. Carrie Sharon Bell, Douglas Horace Bell, Gerald Dixon Bell,  Max Ellis Bell and Allen Bell .

Marriage record witness Laura Dillman and Archie McMullin registered Feb24, 1926 -William J. Scott


BELL, Evelyn Victoria - 98, Dartmouth, passed away after a brief illness in Dartmouth General Hospital with her family by her side on August 18, 2007. Born in Antrim, she was a daughter of the late Horace and Jennie (Dillman) McMullin. Evelyn was a resident of Dartmouth for the last 63 years. She was employed for a number of years as a cook for Scott Weeks Lumber Yard and the Mic Mac Bar and Grill, Port Wallis. She is survived by sons, Ralph, Chester; Blanchard (Marion), Sudbury, Ont.; Doug (Shirley), Port Wallis; Gerald (Karola), Lawrencetown; Max (Barb), Truro; Allen, Port Wallis; daughters, Nina (Edward) Wood, Courtenay, B.C.; Bertha Brunk, Goderich, Ont.; Sharon Bell, Dartmouth; brother, Earl, Shubenacadie; sister, Carrie, Fairview. She was predeceased by her husband, George in 1955; daughter, Shirley in 1981; sisters, Nellie Dunham, Jennie Amanda in infancy; brothers, Maurice, Perley, Chester, Raymond, Archie, Roy, Harold, Wilson, and Charlie. Evelyn was a loving and devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was a good friend to all who knew her. She never let life's challenges get her down, and was always quick to offer help or advice to anyone in need. She dearly loved music, cooking and gardening. Her family and friends were her greatest joy in her life. Her kindness and love touched the hearts of many people. She will always be remembered and sadly missed. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Atlantic Funeral Home, 771 Main St., Dartmouth, where visitation will be held 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Wednesday. Funeral service 11 a.m. Thursday in the funeral home chapel. Reception to follow. Burial in Hillside Cemetery, Middle Musquodoboit, Rev Patricia Malin officiating. Donations in memory may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. On-line condolences may be sent by visiting: www.atlanticfuneralhomes.com


(See -Bell page for descendants of Maurice McMullin and Evelyn McMullin Bell)