ALEXANDER TACKLES-Elizabeth Tackles Scott Ancestors


ThisTackles information is taken from the “The Scott Genealogy” by Mary Lovering Holman.             


ALEXANDER TACKLES(7th great grandfather to me) came with one of the Scotch-Irish emigrations from the north of Ireland. These people were really Scotch covenanters, who had fled into Ireland, as the Pilgrims went to


Holland, in order to gain religious freedom. Finding, however, that the end sought was not obtained, they again emigrated and this time to America. Some of them settled in New Hampshire, some in Pennsylvania, and a large colony was established in Worcester Co., Mass. Alexander Tackles belonged to this last group. He was in Palmer in 1732, and was granted one hundred acres of land there in 1733. The names of his wife are not known, nor are there any records of their deaths. He had at least two sons, who removed to Onslow, Nova Scotia.



i. WILLIAM, b. before 1720; m. JEAN_____.

ii. HUGH, b. in Ireland, in 1725, was a blacksmith and served in the French War. He removed to Onslow being an original grantee of the town. He became a settler there in 1760. His wife was named ELIZABETH and they had the following children:

1.        ISABEL, b. 8 May 1768.

2.        MARY ANN, b. 6 Oct. 1769.

3.        WILLIAM, b. 2 Apr. 1771.

4.        ALEXANDER, b. 16 Sept. 1773.

5.         ROBERT, b. 2 Sept. 1775.

WILLIAM TACKLES (Alexander 1), born probably in Ireland before 1720, place of death unknown; married before 1741, JEAN ----.

He was an original grantee of Onslow, N. S. and went there in 1760. He appears in various lists as receiving land and so do his sons James and Hugh Actor (or Easter). The following deed, recorded at Truro, N. S., and dated 6 July 1771 inclines one to think that William returned to Massachusetts, lived in Ware and perhaps died there. .'William Tackles of Ware in the County of Hampshire, Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England yeoman sells to William Sterlin of Windsor, N. S., one and one-half rights of land at Onslow. N. S., 750 acres, etc."


Children born in Palmer. Mass:

i. MARY  b. 26 May 1741.

ii. ELIZABETH, b. 24 May 1743; m. EPHRIAM SCOTT

iii. MARY ANN, b. 4 June l744.                                                                                                                          

iv. CRISTIANA., b. 28 Feb. 1748.

 v. JAMES, b. 14 Feb. 1750.

vi. HUGH EASTER (or ACTOR), b. 10 Apr. 1752.            

vii. ALEXANDER, b. 5 June 1755.


ELIZABETH TACKLES (William 2, Alexander1,), born in Palmer, Mass., 24 May 1743, died after 1814 in Nova Scotia; married EPHRIAM SCOTT.








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