Update Oct 2010.

                                      Updated June 2010 –Sandra Scott Cook- Many pictures added thanks to Stena Carter Cook and Doris Milton Watson

                                                                                                                        as well as some additional family.



                                                Cook Family of Nova Scotia- McLelland, McClelland, McLellan



                                                                Note from the Sandra;


                                                The below pictures were gathered from various website. I have no idea if the McLellan Castle pictured below has anything to do with our children’s

                                                ancestors, however it is interesting. If any of us ever get to that area of Scotland it may be worth a visit. From what I have pieced together their ancestors

                                                may have immigrated from that area or close. Certainly more research would be needed. The written names and were taken from various census and

                                                family information. I want to thank Mr. Ross Dickson for his contribution with helping me sort out this family via emails. Ross has his own web

                                                site CLICK FOR Ross Dickson Family HERE  which is worth a visit many common ancestors. I believe he figured out that he and Stephen would be forth cousins

                                                once removed. 

                                                Note’s from Ross-

                                                It would appear that your husband and I are in fact fourth cousins once removed, if I've got the calculation correct.  Norman MacIntosh, your husband's

                                                g-g-g-grandfather, we believe was a brother of David MacIntosh, my g-g-grandfather.  Our common ancestors were John & Euphemia MacIntosh.”

                                                “North Britain was a common synonym for Scotland in those days.  In fact, occasionally the abbreviation "N.B." was used, which

      is a real headache for New Brunswick genealogists let me tell you :-)The bunch of them (McNarin, McClellan and Girvan) are believed to have all come from the Galloway region of southwest Scotland -- hence the name they gave their settlement, Galloway.  This is pretty much confirmed for the McNarin/McNairns because the name is so rare and Galloway is one of the places.  Proving that that was where James McClellan started might be a little harder because McClellan/McLellan MacLelland/etc/etc/etc is a more common name.”





The Clan MacLellan uses the coat of arms for Lord Kircudbright. Robert M'Clellan of Bomby was installed as the first Lord Kircudbright by King Charles I in 1633. Many of the symbols predate the title.

The crest orignates from a great event in MacLellan history. Black Morrow, an Irish bandit was terrorizing the countryside around Kircudbright. King James offered the Barony of Kircudbright to whomever captured the bandit, dead or alive. William MacClellan presented the head of the bandit on his sword to the king. When the king appreared to have forgotten his promise, William bade him "Think On". Hence the motto and the crest.





                             Maclellan's Castle
A castellated town house, complete except for its roof, built by the then provost of Kirkcudbright, Thomas MacLellan of Bombie, in the 1570s but probably never finished.

       This Large town house was built in 1582 by Sir Thomas MacLellan of Bombie, Provist of Kirkcudbrught,using stones from a Franciscan friary that sheltered Mary, Queen of Scots in 1563.Tradition states that some of the fifteen rooms on the upper three floors were never completed. The castle was abandoned by 1700 and the roof stripped in1752. It was taken into state care in 1912.


       The stair leads to the first floor where the great hall has a huge lintel over the fireplace. The laird's chamber is beyond this. two lesser chambers are located in the wings, and each has a latrine. From the stair hall is a small room which overlooks the entrance. Also from here is a small aperture through to the great hall fireplace-the laird's lug. There were three newel staircases leading to the upper floors, which are now gone, but the walls are basically complete to the eaves. Kirkcudbright (Pronounced ‘Kir-coo-bry”) McLellan name may have originated from Mac Gille Fhaolain ( son of the servant or devotee of St Fillan.




                             James McClelland (Ancestor’s of Addie Villa McLellan)


Land Petition in NB

Transcribed by Ross M. Dickson

2002 August 30th at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick


Words or letters enclosed in [square brackets] are those I was unsure of, typically due to difficulty interpreting the handwriting.  Words enclosed in <angle brackets> are explanatory interpolations of my own.



From microfilm F4179:

GIRVAN, Samuel; James McClellan; Anthony McNarran (1817)


To His Excellency George Stracey Smyth Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of New Brunswick &c &c &c

The Petition of Samuel Girvan, James McClellan and Anthony McNarran Most Humbly Sheweth

That your Petitioners emigrated to this Country this present year, your first Petitioner from Ireland and your Second and Third from North Britain, where they were Born, and have resided in Richibucto in the County of Northumberland for two months, and are Subject to the Crown of Great Britain.  Your first Petitioner Samuel Girvan is Twenty-Eight years of age and has a Family.  Your Second Petitioner James McClellan aged Thirty-Five years also has a Family.  And Your third Petitioner Anthony McNarran aged Thirty Years single.  Neither have had any allotment of Land from the Crown but are now desirous to settle on a tract of Wild or uncultivated land on the South Side of the River Richibucto in the County aforesaid being in the Rear of Lands Granted to Ronald McDonald and associates being Nos.12 -"- -"- on said Grant.  Your Petitioners beg leave further to state that it is their intention to settle and improve the land applied for and that they are of sufficient ability to do so and that they have not either directly or indirectly Bargained or agreed for the Sale or transfer of Said Lands to any person or persons whatsoever.  Your Petitioners therefore

Most Humbly Pray your Excellency may be pleased to grant each of them such a portion adjoining each other as will enable them to make suitable Farms and they as in duty bound shall ever pray

<signed>Samuel Girvan

James McClelland

Anthony Narin


On the 23rd Day of July 1817 before me Wm. Hannington Esq. one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Westmorland, personally appeared the above named Samuel Girvan, James McClellan, & Anthoy McNarran, and made oath that the Several Matters, and things set forth in the Before Written Petition are just and true.  Wm. Hannington J.P.


5th Aug 1817 the situation applied for above is vacant -- Geo. Sproule



1.      James McLelland, born 1781 in Scotland, North Britain died Mar 29, 1856 in NB Canada buried Galloway Cemetery, NB. Age 65. From the above information we can see that James and Margaret migrated from Gallowayshire, Scotland to New Brunswick in the spring of 1817. James McClelland with Samuel Girvan and Anthony McNairn petitioned together for land a little south of Kingston (now Rexton) and thereby founded the settlement of Galloway. From the later Census information we can see that both he and Margaret were listed as born in Scotland.


                                                                                                                         Galloway Cemetery

“When the first Scottish settlers to Galloway considered their need for a burying ground,
they agreed that the first family to have a death would provide land for the cemetery.
When the James McClelland family lost a child, the Galloway cemetery was set up on
a portion of the McClelland grant.  The beautifully tended, fenced cemetery, on the Galloway Road

has over one hundred and fifty stones, dating back to 1817.  However, there is no readable inscription

on any of the stones for the McClelland child who caused the cemetery to be established there.”


       He married Margaret Douglas, born 1891 in Scotland, died Apr 21, 1856. Age 65. Note I got the maiden name of Douglas from Ross Dickson which he got from David MacLelland's memoirs, also the names and dates of children Jane, James1, John and William. The middle 4 children I was able to piece together from census records and were verified from these memoirs.




                             i        Jane McLelland , born 1816 in Scotland


                             ii       James McLelland, born ab 1819 died young ab 1820

                                                (Likely the child referred to above as the child that passed away and      

                                                caused the cemetery to be placed on James McClelland’s property.)



                             iii      Robert McLelland, born Sept 19, 1820 in Galloway NB, died Oct 29, 1893 in Galloway Cemetery, Kent Co, NB. Robert and Flora had 7 children. (Margaret 1852-1922,Elizabeth 1854-1943,David 1857-1936, James Dec01, 1859-1935, George Gordon 1861-1897, Annie 1863-1942, Christina Jane 1869-Aug18 1872)


                                      He married Flora MacIntosh Jan 15, 1852 born June 04, 1822 died May 04, 1893 buried Galloway Cemetery Kent Co, NB

                                                                                Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 86 Number 1609-Date April 6 1893-County Kent-Place Richibucto-Newspaper Review

                                                                                                Miss McINTOSH, Campbellton (Rest. Co.) who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Robert McLELLAND left for her home Monday.

                                                                                Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 86 Number 1650-Date May 11 1893-County Kent-Place Richibucto-Newspaper Review

                                                                                                We regret to report this week the death of Mrs. Robert McLELLAND which took place at her home in Galloway (Kent Co.) Cause: cancer. The funeral which took place Saturday was largely attended.

                                                                                Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 86 Number 1607-Date April 6 1893-County Kent-Place Richibucto-Newspaper Review

                                                                                                Wm HARPER and his two sons returned home to Campbellton (Rest. Co.) Monday. Mrs. Harper remained visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLELLAND of Galloway (Kent Co.)


                             iv      James McLelland, born 1823, died Oct 27, 1887 in Galloway Cemetery, Kent Co, NB. 1881 census Richibucto Kent NB household 140-(James 58, wife Jane 48, Children- Annie 28,James 26, Robina 23, Robert S. 17, Jane 12, Maud 10, Johnathan 7, Flora Bell 5)Galloway cemetery lists 2 other children Flora J. b 1866-Aug 18,1867 age 11 months and Marion b ab 1860-July08, 1869 age 9 years.

                                                                 Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 64 Number 2469 -Date June 3 1885 County Westmorland -Place Moncton-Newspaper The Times

                                                                       “m. Jamaica Plains, Mass., 22nd Aprilm by Rev. George M. Boynton, John A. BLAKE, Kittery, Maine / Annie McLELLAND eldest d/o James McLELLAND of Galloway (Kent Co.) N.B.”

                                                                Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 92 Number 1707-Date August 16 1894-County Kent-Place Richibucto-Newspaper Review

                                                                                ‘A happy event occurred at the residence of Mrs. J. BLAKE, Jamaica Plains, Mass. on the occasion of the marriage of her sister, Miss Flora B. McLELLAND, youngest d/o Mrs. James McLELLAND

                                                                                 of Galloway (Kent Co.), but now of Boston to Alexander McMILLAN, a native of Pictou, N.S., now residing in Boston. The bride was attended by Miss Mabel PATTERSON. D.W. COTTER supported

                                                                                the groom. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Scott F. Hershey, pastor of the First Prebyterian Church, Boston”.

                                                                Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 69 Number 766-Date November 18 1887-County Westmorland-Place Moncton-Newspaper The Times

                                                                                ‘d. Galloway (Kent Co.) 27th Oct., James McLELLAND, 65th year, left wife, nine children’


                                      He married Jane Johnson, April 12, 1852, born 1833, died July 10, 1907 in Galloway Cemetery, Kent Co, NB.

                                                                   Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 13 Number 2777-Date April 12 1852-County Northumberland-Place Chatham-Newspaper The Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma

                                                                                                                ‘m. Buctouche (Kent Co.) 29th ult., by Rev. James Law, James McLELLAND / Miss Jane JOHNSTON both of Dundas Parish’


                2.          v       Samuel McLelland b. 1825.

                             vi      Margaret McLelland, born 1828, died Mar 19, 1900 in Galloway Cemetery, Kent Co, NS.  Buried Galloway Cemetery Kent Co, NB died age 72.

She married Finley MacIntosh, born ab 1834 in NB, (son of Norman MacIntosh and Flora MacIntosh) died 1915 in Pennsylvania, US, buried in Emporium, Cameron Co., Pennsylvania. (Note; Finley was Sarah MacIntosh McLellan’s brother and his wife Margaret was Samuel McLellan’s sister.)

                                    vii     John  McLelland,  born Dec 12 1829 in NB died Jan 07, 1914 in Quinnesec, Dickson Co., Michigan married Susannah Ingersoll July 22, 1856 in St. Stephen, NB children (Daniel Ingersoll McLelland b 0ct 12, 1860,

Mary May McLelland born Feb 24, 1862, Margaret M. McLelland born July 27 1865, Jennie McLelland born March 1868 in Maine, William Ingersoll McLelland born Jun 04, 1876 in Greenbay Wisconsin ) - Photo’s sent to me in 2008 from a 3rd great grandchild  Kena Jacobs Portland, Oregon US –

Click for Kena’s branch McLELLAND family web page Thank you for sharing your information and photo’s Kena.


                                                                                                                image009.jpgimage011.jpg    image013.jpg     image015.jpg

                                                                                                                John McLellan age 81(about 1910)   Susannah Ingersoll McLellan John’s wife    Maggie McLelland-John’s daughter   Mammie McLelland- John’s Daughter


                             viii    William McLelland, born 1832


                                                                                Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 20 Number 1508-Date December 13 1862-County Saint John-Place Saint John-Newspaper New Brunswick Courie

                                                                                                                                “d. Baring, Maine, 28th ult., Maggie d/o William and Sarah McLELLAND, age 5 mos.”






Second Generation


2.      Samuel McLelland, (1.James1) born 1825 in Galloway, Kent Co, NB, died June 19, 1895 in Galloway, Kent Co, NB.  Buried Galloway Kent Co, NB d June 19, 1895 age 70 buried with wife Sarah Macintosh.

                                                                                 Also a record of Death found at NB provincial archives Samuel McLelland died Friday June 28, 1895 aged 66 yrs death Galloway Kent Co, NB birth Galloway Kent County NB.

                                                                                 Information from Ross Dickson 1871 census included 6 children. He was listed on 1871 census age 46, Also on 1891 census age 66.

                                                                                 Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 100 Number 1013-Date June 25 1895-County Saint John-Place Saint John-Newspaper The Daily Sun

                                                                                                “Richibucto (Kent Co.) June 22 - Samuel McLELLAND, a Galloway farmer, died Wednesday from cancer of the stomach. The remains were interred yesterday afternoon.”


                             He married Sarah MacIntosh, born June 6, 1827 in Bouctouche, Black River Kent Co, NB, (daughter of Norman Macintosh and Flora Macintosh) Died Sep 24, 1911 in Galloway, Kent County NB. 

                                                                       Sarah: Buried in Galloway Cemetery next to her husband Samuel McLelland d Sep 26, 1911 age 84,

                                                                       Also a death record found at NB provincial archives Mrs. I McClelland d. Sunday Sep24, 1911 aged 84 yrs. Birth place Bouctouche (Black River) Kent Co. NB. Not sure why listed as

                                                                       Mrs. I McLelland Sarah also listed on 1871 census age 44 and on 1891 census age 64. In the 1901 census age 74 living household 6 as widow born June 6, 1827.

                                                                        Household 7 is Robert her son and family, our Normans Brother. 

                                      Information on MacIntosh’s contained in MacIntosh History File


                             i        Robert McLelland, born Dec 04, 1858.  Age 13 on 1871 census, listed on 1891census with parents Samuel age 66 and Sarah age 64. Robert age 32 his wife Sarah Forster age 28 and Norman age 29. He and wife Sarah are listed on the 1901 census with 4 children 3 apparently triplets as they contain the same birthdates. (Lillian b. May 30, 1883, Graham, Arvilla and Thomas b. Sept 17, 1894,)

                                      He married Sarah Forster b. Mar 22, 1861

                                                                                                Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 92 Number 1739-Date September 20 1894-County Kent-Place Richibucto-Newspaper Review

                                                                                                               “The wife of Robert McLELLAND of Galloway (Kent Co.) last Monday gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl.”


                3.          ii       Norman McLellan b. April 1, 1861.

                             iii      James McLellan, born ab 1863 in Rexton Galloway, Kent Co, NB.

                             iv      William McLellan, born ab 1865 in Rexton Galloway, Kent Co, NB.  listed on 1871 census age 6, 1881 age 1

                             v       John E. McLellan, born Dec 27, 1867.  listed on 1871 census age 5. John and Margaret listed on 1901 census with 6 children (Alice M. b. Mar 01, 1888, Andrew M. May14, 1890, Mary I. b. Jan 09, 1892, Isabella b. Aug 27, 1894, Albert Edward b. June 22, 1897, James Roy b. Oct 03, 1899)

                                      He married Margaret Glencross born May 23, 1865


                             vi      Flora McLellan, born ab 1868 in Galloway, Kent Co, NB.  Listed on 1871 census age 3, 1881 age 15.




1881 CensusSource Information:

  Census Place Richibucto, Kent, New Brunswick

  Family History Library Film   1375820

  NA Film Number   C-13184

  District   34

  Sub-district   D

  Division   2

  Page Number   31

  Household Number   140 

 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

 Samuel MCLELLAN   M   Male   Scottish   56   New Brunswick   Farmer   C. Presbyterian 

 Sarah MCLELLAN   M   Female   Scottish   52   New Brunswick      C. Presbyterian 

 Robert MCLELLAN      Male   Scottish   22   New Brunswick   Farmer   C. Presbyterian 

 Norman MCLELLAN      Male   Scottish   20   New Brunswick   Farmer Son   C. Presbyterian 

 James MCLELLAN      Male   Scottish   19   New Brunswick   Farmer Son   C. Presbyterian 

 William MCLELLAN      Male   Scottish   17   New Brunswick   Farmer Son   C. Presbyterian 

 John MCLELLAN      Male   Scottish   15   New Brunswick   Farmer Son   C. Presbyterian 

 Flora MCLELLAN      Female   Scottish   15   New Brunswick      C. Presbyterian 

 Flora MCINTOSH   W   Female   Scottish   81   Scotland      C. Presbyterian     Note this is Sarah’s widowed Mother. Flora MacIntosh.







 1891 Richibucto Parish, 1891 Census Div. 15-e-2

page line HH   Surname            Name                       Sex           Age          Married    Relation     POB       POB Father    POB Mother       Religion          Occupation 

21          83   McLellan              Samuel     m             66            m -                           NB           Scotland     Scotland            [C.Presb.]     Farmer

22  "         83                     Sarah                               f              63            m             w              "              "                    "                           "                      -

23              83                   Robert                  m          32            m             s               "              NB               NB         "                 Farmer

24                              83                  Sarah                               f                                 28            m             D in Law "            England   England                   C.E.                -

25                              83                Norman                          m                     29               -                 s      "                NB             NB                          C.Presb.       Labourer


1901 Census NB

41   6 McLelland Sarah F   Head W Jun 6 1827 74 PANB  


42   7 McLelland Robert M   Head M Dec 4 1858 43 PANB  

43   7 McLelland Sarah F   Wife M Mar 22 1861 40 PANB  

44   7 McLelland Lillian F   Daughter S May 30 1883 8 PANB  

45   7 McLelland Graham M   Son S Sep 17 1894 6 PANB  

46   7 McLelland Arvillia F   Daughter S Sep 17 1894 6 PANB Links

47   7 McLelland Thomas M   Son S Sep 17 1894 6 PANB Links

Dataset: County Birth Registers PANB RS141A2/2




Third Generation


3.      Norman MacIntosh McLellan, (2.Samuel2, 1.James1) born April 1, 1861 in Rexton, Galloway Kent Co, NB, died Jan 03, 1941 in Amherst, NS.  Found Norman and Family in 1901 Census Cumberland County River Hebert Norman Age 36 born April 01, 1864. Olive McLellan on census was age 26 born Oct 5, 1875.  According to Information through family members Norman was 15 yrs older than his wife. According to Nan he was 83 when he passed away in 1941. So he could have been born as early as 1858. Hoping to find an obit, birth record or something more for confirmation. Also his death date is a bit unclear It is know he died around Christmas time could have been late or early 1941, or as early as Dec 1940 or late as Jan 1942. Hope to clear up someday. The birthdates for Norman and Olives children, I have used all came from a small note book Nan Addie had. From correspondence I have had with Ross Dickson who has checked the 1861 and 1871 census for me. Norman was listed on the 1871 census age 10 Richibucto Parrish c-3, pg35, family 108. If this information is correct that would make Norman born 1861, which would seem more accurate according to the family info of him being 15 yrs older than his wife Olive. On the 1871 census we would have his father as being Samuel McLellan and mother Sarah MacIntosh. It would appear Norman left New Brunswick sometime between 1891 and 1894 to settle in River Hebert NS, where he met and married Olive Jane Cates. I spoke to Doris Watson Annie McLellan Milton’s Daughter and she told me that Norman had a stroke, happened Christmas Eve 1940, (I am typing from my messed up notes) Olive was playing Dominos and Norman was in a tiny bedroom he knocked over a lit lamp Gramma Olive heard it and was able to get to him. Doris said her mom Annie and possibly Aunt Flo stayed with them until Grampa Norman passed away in January 1941, which would have made him just shy of 80 years old.

  Death Record for Norman Cumberland Co 1909-1963 lists below.

                             Name                                        Year of death                      Age at death

              McLellan, Norman (Mac)                  1941                                       79y9m2d

              Using this information and his birthdate I get his death date of Jan 03, 1941.Which would correspond with the information Doris had. I now conclude Norman born April 01,1861and died Jan03,1941.


              I have also viewed Normans death record his full name was listed as Norman MacIntosh McLellan born New Brunswick April 01, 1860, age80y9m2d died Jan03, 1941wife -Olive informant- Cecil McLellan son.

              Norman’s parents are listed as Samuel McLellan and Sarah MILLER???Not Sarah MacIntosh??Norman buried Amherst, NS. Undertaker-Robie Furlong


              image014image016         image020.jpg

                                                                                                                The only know picture of Norman McLellan to date.            Normans headstone

             The above picture was taken in1890 Colchester County NS.  Norman would have been approximately 28 yrs old.







He married Olive Jane Cates, March 1894, born May 10, 1875, (daughter of William C.E. Cates and Livonia J. Church) Died May 8, 1959, buried in Highland View Cemetery, Amherst NS.  Olive: I got her birth date from 1901 census Cumberland Co. NS.  Sometime after the death of her second husband Claire Shipley, Olive went to live with her daughter Flo in River Hebert until she died of Old Age. If the above dates are correct she was just shy of her 84th birthday. Doris has a card that her mom Annie was going to send Olive for her birthday but she passed away just before. Maybe Nan Addie was thinking of her mom being 83 when she passed away and not her dad?


       Marriage record Transcribed by Don Lewis Cumberland County record #5846 McLellan John N. to Jane Kates 1894. I would say between Mar08 and Mar13, 1894 unfortunately of the 1000’s of records for this time period this particular record lacked information as to parents etc that others contained. I also viewed the original record.

       I viewed a birth record of Female born May 18, 1876 parents William and Livonia Cates could be Olive.

       I viewed her death record Olive Jane Shipley born Shulee, May 10, 1876 she died from Pulmonary Oedema, River Hebert age 82y 11m 28d buried Amherst NS May12, 1959.Undertaker R.A. Furlong Informant-Mrs. Roy Lorette (daughter)




              See Cates Family files for continued Ancestors of Olive Jane Cates


              Olive married second husband Claire Shipley sometime after Norman passed away. Claire Shipley also passed away from a stroke June 18, 1956.



                                                                                Olive and our Addie and sister Lil.                                                                                     Olive


                                                                                                                1901 Census

                                                                                                District: NS CUMBERLAND (#30)

                                                                                                Subdistrict: Polling District No. 29 y Page 15 River Hebert

                                                                                                Details: Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6449

                                                                                                Transcriber: Sandra Scott Cook


                                                                                                35   128 McLellan Norman  M   Head         M     Apr 1 1864      36

                                                                                                36   128 McLellan Olive      F    Wife          M     May 10 1875   26

                                                                                                37   128 McLellan Austin    M   Son            S      Jul 31 1894       7

                                                                                                38   128 McLellan Flora      F   Daughter   S      Mar 20 1895     6

                                                                                                39   128 McLellan James    M   Son            S      Jun 16 1896      4

                                                                                                40   128 McLellan Annie    F   Daughter    S      Jul 15 1898       2


                                                                                                                1911 Census

                                                                                38    250 McLellan Norman   M Head          M     Apr 1864   47 

                                                                                39    250 McLellan Olive       F Wife           M     May 1875  36 

                                                                                40    250 McLellan Florence   F Daughter     S     Mar 1896   15 

                                                                                41    250 McLellan Annie       F Daughter     S     Jul 1899     11 

                                                                                42    250 McLellan James      M Son             S     Jun 1897    13 

                                                                                43    250 McLellan Annie       F Daughter     S     May 1901  10 

                                                                                44    250 McLellan George     M Son            S     Jun 1904     6 

                                                                                45    250 McLellan Walter      M Son            S     Dec 1907    3 

                                                                                46    250 McLellan Guy         M Son            S     Jul 1909      1 

                                                                                47    250 McLellan Earl          M Son            S     Feb 1911   3/12




                             i        Austin McLellan, born 1891 or 1892, died Feb 04, 1976.  He never married. His birthdate, according to 1901 census for Cumberland County, Austin age 7 yrs born July 31, 1894. Which I suspect may be correct if his parents were married in 1894. 1n 1891 Olive would have only been 16, although in those days it was quite common for a girl to marry that young. Although Norman appeared as single on the 1891 census with his parents in NB. Marriage date of March1894 of Norman and Olive. Austin died in a house fire in River Hebert, NS.

                                                                                image024.gif                   image026.gif                               image028.gif

                                                                                Austin sitting and friend about 1914                                                       Austin and Horse team                                                                      Austin and possibly brother George McLellan

          ii    Florence (Flora) McLellan, March 1896, died Mar 17, 1963/64.  According to 1901 census records for Cumberland Co. NS Flora age 6 yrs born March 20, 1895.


                                                                                                                Flo McLellan

                                      She married James Roy Lorette Sep 15, 1916 in Amherst son of John and Eunice Lorette. I viewed Marriage Record James Roy was 22 and Florence was 21.

                                                                I also viewed the death record of a female child born to Florence and Roy Jan 23, 1933 baby died at 12hours.


                             iii      James McLellan, July 1897, died Jan, 1954 struck by car and killed..  According to 1901 Census records for Cumberland Co. NS James was 4 yrs old born June 16, 1896.


                                                                                                Believed to be James (Jim) McLellan

                                      He married Claire Barry.


                             iv      Annie Mae McLellan, born July 18, 1899, died 1974.  According to 1901 census records Annie was 2 yrs old born July 15, 1898. According to her daughter Doris Watson she was born 1899. Birth certificate she got for old age pension. I believe she told me the date was July 8, 1899 and that she had always celebrated the 15th or it was the other way around. Her mom was not going to change the day of celebration. Note July 15 was the same day as her sister our Addie.

                                      Children (Hilda ( Mrs. J Cresson), Gladys (Mrs. Tripp), Doris (Mrs. Peter Watson), Beatrice (Mrs. A. Cooney) Doug, Harold, Allen, Leslie, all in Ontario)


                                                                                                    image034.jpg             image036.gifimage038.gif

                                                                                                                Annie and Flo McLellan               4 generations Olive, Annie, Doris& baby Kathy               Annie Milton , Addie and Seldon Carter 1972


                                      She married Murray Milton Dec 04, 1918 in Amherst NS. I viewed marriage record Murray was son of Cyrus and Margaret Milton. Murray was age 26 and Annie age 21.                                                                 


                             v       Minnie Blanche McLellan, born May 27, 1901, died May 06, 1947.  Note from Nan's (Addie McClellan’s' Carter's note book died May 06, 1947 on Stena's 11th Birthday). I also verified this death viewed record Age 45y 11m 10d. Informant- Arthur Noiles husband



                                      She married Arthur Noiles.        

                                                                                            --Mrs. Arthur Noiles May 9, 1947 Halifax Herald

                                      Amherst, May 8 - The death occurred on Tuesday, May 6, of Minnie Blanche McLellan, wife of Arthur Noiles, at her home, 85 Victoria West, at the age of 46 years. The deceased had been ill about five months. Mrs. Noiles is survived by her husband, three step-children, Harry of Amherst; Irene (Mrs. William Rhindress) also of Amherst; and Ada (Mrs. William Casey) of Montreal; her mother, Mrs. Clair Shipley of Amherst; Walter, Cecil, Earl and Guy in Ontario; and four sisters, Florence (Mrs. Roy Lorett) of River Hebert; Annie (Mrs. Murray Milton) of Ontario; Addie (Mrs. Seldon Carter) of Brookfield, and Lillian (Mrs. James Leck) of Dartmouth. The funeral will be held from her late home on Thursday afternoon, May 8th, at 3:30 o'clock. Interment will take place in Sackville.


                             vi      William (Willie) McLellan, born 1902, died 15 yrs. of whooping cough. before 1911 not included in 1911 census 

                             vii     John (Johnny) McLellan, born 1903, died 1903 in Age 14 of whooping  cough before 1911 not included on 1911 census

                             viii    Frederick (Freddy) McLellan, born 1904, died age 13 of whooping cough before 1911 not included on 1911 census

                             ix      George Hebert McLellan, June 9, 1904, died 1970.  Nan's note book had a birthdate of 1905, Layton had a birthdate of 1903. ??


                                                I viewed delayed birth registration Affidavit signed by Austin McLellan George Hebert was born June 9, 1904. Affidavit and proof provided Sept 1968.


                                      He married Violet Irene Currie nick name Cricket born Dec 27, 1911, Lower MacCan, Cumberland County NS. daughter of James Alexander Currie (of Onslow) and Lulu Sharp. I viewed Violet’s Birth record. It is possible Violet had a previous marriage to Leonard Truman Estabrooks.




                             x       Walter Robert McLellan, born Dec 23, 1907, died 1964. He lived in Brockville, Ontario. It is believed he was shot by his wife

                                      Nov, 21 1964. Not sure why but I have a wife name of Helen Rita ____? Born 1923 married 1945. However I also have married Nevlin Smith.


                                      He married Nevlin Smith.

                                      I viewed delayed Birth registration Annie Milton signed Affidavit stating Walter Robert birth Dec 23, 1907. In 1961 was at 70 Center Street Brockville Ontario. Walter must have served in Military as he was discharged Dec 01, 1944.


                             xi      Guy(Gie) Cleveland McLellan, born July 17 1909. Living in Ontario 1947. I viewed Guy’s birth record Gie Cleveland McLellan July 17, 1909 parents Olive Cates and Norman McLellan.

                             xii     Earl Horace McLellan, born Feb 1911.  Earl never married. He went missing 1929 and believed Murdered. He worked on the railroad in Belleville Ontario.

                4.          xiii    Addie Villa McLellan b. July 15, 1912.

                              xiv    Lillian McLellan, born Dec 04, 1913, died June 2000.


                                                                                image040.gif                image042.gif          image044.gif

                                                                                                Lillian Mclellan Leck                                     Daughters Mable and June Leck                          Lillian with son William and sister Addie Carter


                                      She married James Macintosh Leck, born Mar 9, 1891 in Musquodoboit son of William Leck and Rebecca Macintosh, buried 1959 or 60 in Middle Musquodoboit.

                                                                                Lillian was second wife of James Leck was widow. His  married June 08, 1927 first wife was Martha Bates McFetridge of Musquodoboit she was born Nov 14, 1905 died Aug 15, 1929.

                                                                                 James and Martha  Leck had 2 children:

1.        Mary Ola Leck born Feb 11, 1928 and

2.        Ross McFetridge Leck born June 31, 1929.

                                                                                Children of Lillian and James Leck

1.           June Flora Leck married Oct 1952 Wellsford (Buster Yetman) they had 4 Children Wayne, Richard, Flora and Gordon Yetman.

2.           Mable (Babe) Clorice Leck married Sep 1955, George William (Willy) Wilson he died Aug 26, 2005 they had 5 children Tommy, Laura Lee b.1961 d ab 1968 of  Meningitis,

     Robert (Bob|), Sandra and Leslie Wilson who married Cathy Locke daughter of Mr. Lock and Mrs. McMillan Lock- Leslie and Cathy have 2 children Kegan and Justyn Wilson.


3.           William MacIntosh Leck married Leona Unknown and had one child James Leck married Heather unknown, James and Heather have 2 children Zoe and Isaac Leck.          



                             xv     Cecil McLellan, born 1919 died March 6, 2003



                                      He married Blanch Rossingnol 


                                                                Cecil McLellan 1919-2003

                                                                The Daily Press

                                                                 Saturday, March 08, 2003 - 07:00

                                      Obituaries - The family announces with great sorrow his death at the Timmins & District Hospital on Thursday, March 6, 2003 at the age of 83 years. Predeceased by his wife Blanche (nee Rossignol) in 1993. Loving father of Susan McLellan of Novar, Judy McLellan of Mississauga. Deborah (Igor Mychalczyszyn) of Timmins, Karen (Ron Gauthier) of Burlington, Rodney (Brenda V.) McLellan of Schumacher and Brian McLellan of Schumacher. Dear grandfather of Darlene, Renée, Ronald, Claudette, Kimberly, Luci, Lori, Jason, Adam and Holly Beth and great grandfather to Mayla, Kaelila, Lanai, Kristin, Marina, Brody, Kelsey, Eden Noel and Ryan. He will be sadly missed by many nieces and nephews as well as a special friend Marg Dupont. Predeceased by his son Norman McLellan, his parents, Norman and Olive McLellan and his brothers and sisters. Cecil has been living in the Timmins area since 1945. He was a W.W. II veteran and proudly served his country. He was also a member of the Legion Branch 88. The family would like to express a special thank you to the staff from Est 2 at the Golden Manor, the staff at the Timmins & District Hospital, Dr. Smith and Dr. Raymond, Ralph Carr and the Members of the Legion Branch 88. A funeral service will be held on Monday, March 10, 2003 at 10:00 a.m from Miron-Wilson funeral Chapel. Interment at Timmins Memorial Cemetery. Remembrance donations to the Legion Poppy Fund or to the Timmins & District Hospital Foundation would be greatly appreciated. The family will receive friends on Sunday, March 9, 2003 from 2-4 p.m. & 7-9 p.m. at the MIRON-WILSON FUNERAL HOME, 150 Balsam St. S., Timmins.




August 30, 1954 - September 4, 2010

We sadly announce the departing of our dear brother Brian McLellan. He was known as the “How are ya” guy. Brian was predeceased by his parents Cecil (2003) and Blanche (Rossignol) in 1993 and his brother Norman (1976). Left to mourn are Susan of Huntsville, Judy of Mississauga, Deborah (Igor) Mychalczyszyn of Timmins, Karen (Ron) Gauthier of Burlington and Rodney McLellan of Timmins. Also missed by aunt Regina (Late Joseph 2008) Rossignol and many cousins, nieces and nephews. Brian was very musical. He sang on a CD for Community Living benefit fund raising project. Brian also sang and played the spoons on stage with Gabe Benoit at the Golden Manor for Dad and others. He was well loved by his circle of friends on Bailey Ave. where he lived. Brian always enjoyed his coffee at Tim Hortons. He also faithfully attended the Gospel Hall where he’ll be sadly missed but is now at home with his Lord.
Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 from the Miron-Wilson Chapel. Interment at the Timmins Memorial Cemetery to follow. Remembrance donations to Timmins Community Living would be greatly appreciated. The family will receive friends from Monday, September 6, 2010 from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. at the MIRON-WILSON FUNERAL HOME, 150 Balsam St. S. Timmins, Ontario (705) 264-4444. To light a memorial candle or make online condolences or donations, please visit www.mironwilson.c



Fourth Generation


4.    Addie Villa McLellan, (3.Norman3, 2.Samuel2, 1.James1) born July 15, 1912 in Barronsfield, Shulie, Cumberland Co, NS, died May 02, 2001 in Truro, NS, buried May 05, 2001 in Brookfield, NS.


       She married Seldon Carter, born Feb 13, 1903 in Brookfield, NS, (son of Alonzo Carter and Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) Meech) died Mar 13, 1994 in Brookfield, NS, buried in Brookfield, NS.                                                     


                5.          i        Madeline Joyce Carter.

                6.          ii       Stena Pauline Carter.

                7.          iii      Layton Seldon Carter.

                8.          iv      Lyle Dwight Carter.



                             See Carter Family for continued descendents