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                   Note to anyone searching sometimes the records for Cates show under Kates or Cotes.


                             Samuel Cates-Olive Jane Cates, Addie Carter McLellan Ancestors





1. Samuel Cates, born ab 1725.  The information I have included on the Cates has been taken form photocopied info sent to Stena Carter from her cousin Phyllis Rust. Much of this information was compiled by a Dr. Frank Morrone also a descendant. In these notes there are several references to Samuel as a Shipbuilder. One reference I found interesting which I shall include here is: According to Cumberland County Deeds (1:57) on 13 June 1757 Samuel Cates, boat builder, of Falmouth, and wife Ruth sold land to Robert McLellan, which land was a small lot in Falmouth, part of the lot purchased earlier from Joseph Conant and Moses Pearson. What I found interesting was Robert McLellan could he be a relative of Norman McLellan? I will also include a paragraph about his death- although Samuel probably died in Harrington, the date unknown. He certainly died by April 1794, when his heirs bought the lot in Herrington which he had settled, the General Court Resolve of June 21 1793 making it possible for settlers or their heirs, to finally buy the land they were living on. He most certainly died before the summer of 1790 as he was not mentioned as head of household in the 1790 census, nor is there another Cates family with a man old enough to be him living with it. He may have died as early 1767 when the last entry in his handwriting was made in the pigskin bound account book. He had kept the book since 1749. In 1767 his son, Edward, began writing in it, and later his grandson, Joseph.

     Other information on the later generations came from censes records and family members.

Reference below I found on some Historical web site likely one about Washington County

Hammond Tells Historians About Earliest Settlers of Area

By Terry Hussey

“Settlers Come into Washington County,Me


The hard work of lumbering required the use of animals, some horses but mostly oxen; and the animals needed food. Schooners from the Kennebec began to come into the Washington County area, looking for hay. They found it growing in the salt marshes. At first, they cut the hay and took it back to the Kennebec, but soon they realized they didn’t need to do that. They could settle here, where they could have the hay and also the lumber.


To increase the area that could grow hay, they began to dam the saltwater marshes, keeping the saltwater out at high tide, and allowing fresh water in flow out at low tide. Soon they could grow upland crops on this fertile land. Hammond said today you can still see remnants of the old mud dams in marshland all over Washington County.


Hammond said the oldest permanent community in Washington County grew up in 1734 around a store built by Samuel Cates in Harrington, across from today’s Harrington Health Center. Cates supplied the early settlers with all the things they needed to live in the wilderness. He kept a “pigskin book” in which he recorded every transaction that took place in his store.


Hammond said that the settlers that followed Cates into Washington County usually moved to the same land that had attracted the Indians—the ends of the long peninsulas of land.”


     He married Ruth Thorndike, Nov 26, 1749 in Falmouth, ME, born July 13, 1725 in Beverly, Mass, (daughter of Robert Thorndike and Elizabeth Woodbury). Ruth: Descendants of John Thorndike of Essex County, Massachusetts by Morgan Hewitt Stafford 1960 gives the Birth date of Ruth Thorndike.



            2.       i      Robert Cates b. ab 1754.

                      ii     Edward Cates.

                      iii    Elizabeth Cates.

                      iv    Samuel Cates.

                      v     Anna Cates.

                      vi    Ruth Cates.

                      vii   Lydia Cates.

                      viii  Hannah Cates.


Second Generation


2.  Robert Cates, (1.Samuel1) born ab 1754 in Falmouth, ME, died June 07, 1811 in Cutler/Machias, ME.  Robert and Mary Holmes had possibly 10 children; I am missing a couple notes misplaced.


     He married Mary "Polly" Holmes, Sep 01, 1780 in Machias, ME, (daughter of Samuel Holmes and Charity Bryant).



            3.       i      Robert Cates b. ab Nov 1782/83.

                      ii     Samuel Cates.

                      iii    Timothy Cates.

                      iv    Charity Cates.

                      v     Ephraim Cates.

                      vi    James Cates.

                      vii   Edward Cates.

                      viii  Lydia Cates.


Third Generation


3.  Robert Cates, (2.Robert2, 1.Samuel1) born ab Nov 1782/83, died Apr 17, 1860 in Cutler, ME.  From Information Phyllis, Robert and Rebecca had 11 children, (Stillman being #4) between 1807-1828. All children probably Cutler, ME. Names of children, Charles, Mary, Lavina, Stillman, Cordelia, Mariam, Barbary, William, George O., Louisa and Robert.


     He married Rebecca Dennison, Nov15-Dec 23, 1806 in Machias, ME, born May 08, 1780-1787, died Mar 23-May 1863 in Cutler, ME.



            4.       i      Stillman Cates b. May 09, 1812.


Fourth Generation


4.  Stillman Cates, (3.Robert3, 2.Robert2, 1.Samuel1) born May 09, 1812 in Cutler, ME, died Aug 24, 1858 in Cutler, ME.


     He married (1) Mary Andrews, Nov 1844 in Cutler, ME, born ab 1822 in Cutler, ME, died June 1850 in Cutler , ME.



                      i      Miriam T. Cates, born ab 1846 in Cutler, ME.

                      ii     Olive L.S. Cates, born ab 1848 in Cutler, ME.

            5.       iii    William C.E. Cates b. Oct 1849.


     He married (2) Mary H. Ramsdell, July 17, 1853 in Cutler, ME.



                      iv    Eugene W. Cates, born ab 1854 in Cutler, ME.

                      v     Ida Frances Cates, born ab 1856.


Fifth Generation



Old photos of Shulee likely taken around the time William and Family were living there.



            Old Photo of the Grave Yard in Shulee looks in bad repair


5.  William C.E. Cates, (4.Stillman4, 3.Robert3, 2.Robert2, 1.Samuel1) born Jan 07, 1851 in Cutler, Washington Co, Maine, died June 17, 1911 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS.  Notes from Phyllis Rust information. William C/E Cates was a Lumberman, Stowed Pilings and a Carpenter. He was not a large man. He was on the Shulee school board in 1908. William C shows up in the 1850 Jonesport, ME census, Wm C., 10 months with Father and 2 sisters. Died age 62.

                             Viewed death record-William Cates age 65-June 17, 1911 Shulee listed as widow. Born Maine USA. He was ill 8 months could not make out cause. Buried-Shulee.


          He married Livonia J. Church, Nov 14, 1869 in Jonesport, Washington Co, Maine, born Sept 10, 1853 in Jonesport, Washington Co, Maine; (daughter of Charles W. Church and Mercy Jane French) died June 30 1908.  Livonia: Died age 54.

                                                                                                                        OXFORD JOURNAL NEWS

                                                                                                                        Oxford, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

                                                                                                                        Thursday, July 16, 1908

                                                                                    “Mrs. WILLIAM CATES of Shulee, age 55 yrs. She leaves husband, 5 sons & 3 daughters”



                                                                        Livonia J. Church- as a young women.



Source Information:1881 Census

                                                                        Census Place River Herbert, Cumberland, Nova Scotia

                                                                         Family History Library Film   1375813

                                                                         NA Film Number   C-13177

                                                                         District   22

                                                                         Sub-district   J

                                                                        Division   2

                                                                            Page Number   6

                                                                        Household Number   30


                                                                        Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

 William CATES   M   Male   English   31   USA       

                                                                        Lovonia CATES      Female   English   27   USA       

                                                                        Lettie CATES      Female   English   11   USA       

 Adaville CATES      Female   English   7   USA       

                                                                        Olive CATES      Female   English   5   Nova Scotia       

                                                                        Orra CATES      Female   English   3   Nova Scotia       

                                                                        George CATES      Male   English   <1 Born: Dec; 4/12   Nova Scotia       




                                                River Hebert

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          WILLIAM                    42             M

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          LEVINIE                     40             M

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          LETITIA                     20

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          ARRIE                         13             FEMALE

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          OLIVE                         13            

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          GEORGE                    11            

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          JESSIE                                    6                

                                                5071    RIVER HEBERT B     71        KATES?          WILLIAM                    1              


                                                1901 Census Shulie


                                                Other information contained on this 1901 census came to Canada 1875, English, American, occupation Stevedore, Religion Methodist, Jessie occupation listed as Lumberman



                      i      Lettie Mary Cates, born Mar 31, 1871 in Jonesport, Washington, Co ME, died Feb 1960 in Amherst ,NS.

                                                                        image033image034 image002

                             She married Amos McKay Oct 30, 1894

                                                            Marriage record viewed at novascotiagenealogy.com Lettie age (23) daughter of William (shipwright) and Lavonia born and resided in Shulee. Amos(Lumberman) age (44) widow son of  James and Jane McKay.

                                                            Witnesses: Grace Steele and Orrie Cates. Rev. Steele


                      ii     Addie A. Cates, born ab 1873 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS, died Aug 15, 1884 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS.  Died at 11 yrs, 9 months old.


            6.       iii    Olive Jane Cates b. May 10, 1875.

                                                            Viewed a birth record of female May 18, 1876 parents William and Lavonia of Shulee. This very well could be Olive’s record.


                      iv    Aurie Etta Cates, born Mar 31, 1878 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS, died Sept, 28, 1960 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Orrie Etta and Stephen Porter had a child Phyllis (Porter) Rust whom supplied much of the Cate's information to Stena Carter who gave it to me.

                                                Viewed late registration of birth for Aurie signed by Mrs. Norman McLellan it is stated she was born March 31, 1879. Delivered by midwife Mrs. Tomas Priest Affidavit signed Aug 08, 1928 by Olive. Aurie was spelling

                                                Used on record.


                                                               image004                                      image019          image035   

                                                                        Believed to be Aurie by Doris.                        Believed to be Aurie by Doris.

                             She married Stephen McQuilty Porter, Dec 18, 1895, born May 17, 1873 in River Hebert, NS, died Sep 03, 1954 in Amherst, NS. According to the census below he was born Oct 10, 1874.

                                                            Marriage record viewed- Orrie age (18) (S) Shulee  parents William and Jane (Lavonia Jane). Stephen Porter (21) (b) Mariner parents William and Ellen Porter. Wittnesses Timothy Porter, Mrs. Parker

                                                                                                Rev. J.M. Parker. River Hebert.


                             1901 Census

                             7221           RIVER HEBERT        21        PORTER         DORA              DAUGHTER   S          2       1          7          1899

                             7221           RIVER HEBERT        21        PORTER         MABEL                       DAUGHTER   S       4          7          7          1897

                             7221           RIVER HEBERT        21        PORTER         HELLEN         DAUGHTER   S          1       31        5          1900

                             7221           RIVER HEBERT        21        PORTER         ORRIE                        WIFE              M       23        31        3          1878

                             7221           RIVER HEBERT        21        PORTER         STEPHEN       HEAD             M         27       10        10        1874



                                                                                                Phyllis B. Rust granddaughter of Aurie Cates and Stephen Porter


Passed away on Sunday, October 21, 2007, at Hospice Family Care, with family near.  She was 86.


Phyllis was born February 3, 1921, in Amherst, Nova Scotia, daughter of Dora May and Cecil L. McCoy.  She came to the United States at the age of 7, residing in New York and Pennsylvania.  Phyllis graduated from Trott Vocational School in Niagara Falls, NY, and became a U.S. citizen on December 7, 1942.  Ten years later, she relocated to Tempe, Arizona, where she met her future husband, Bart Rust.  They were married December 19, 1953, and settled in Maricopa, Arizona where they farmed cotton until moving to Chandler in 1965.  Phyllis always remembered her years in Maricopa as some of the best of her life.  She especially enjoyed the summer afternoons spent at the community pool, and the bridge parties she and Bart would host in their home.  In 1970, they moved north to Prescott, and fell in love with a new town.  


Her favorite career was as a homemaker, but she also worked as a bank teller and secretary over the years and was the church secretary at Trinity Presbyterian Church from 1972-1978.  She spent many of her years in Arizona as a church and civic volunteer.  In Maricopa, she was one of the original organizers of the Community Church.  She served as Secretary/Treasurer in the local Rotary Club.  She wrote articles about Maricopa life for the Casa Grande Dispatch.  In Chandler and Prescott, she participated in church choir for many years, and for 13 years sang with the Prescott Chorale.  She was a member of Daughters of the British Empire, Phi Sigma Alpha Sorority, Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, Republican Women’s Club and Trinity Presbyterian Church. 


Phyllis had an intense desire to preserve history, which spurred her to do extensive genealogy research after moving to Prescott.  The result was the production of two large volumes of family history, one of her family and one of Bart’s.  A most memorable event in her life was a trip to Nova Scotia in the 1980’s, after an absence of over 50 years.  There, she reconnected with her many relatives and met countless new family members.  Family and friends were everything to Phyllis.


She was preceded in death by her husband, Bart, and infant grandson, Garrett.  She is survived by children Mike Rust, Karen Rust, Gayle Rust Kreek (Jeff), and Warren Rust (Kim).  She is also survived by grandchildren Heather, Gary, Geneva, Andy, Alex, Liz, Becki, Kirsten, Jordan and Campbell, too many cousins and family to count in Canada, and many special, beloved friends in Maricopa and Prescott and elsewhere.         


The family would like to extend our gratitude for the compassionate care provided by the nurses and physicians at Yavapai Regional Medical Center and Hospice Family Care, and especially, Dr. Ellen Bunch.


A Memorial Service will be held at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Prescott on Saturday, November 24, at 10:00 a.m.




                      v     George S Cates. Born born Dec 01,1880  On the 1901 Census George has been listed as Halifax Infirments C. Letter C is unsound mind. I wonder if he was committed in Halifax at a hospital.

                                                                        Viewed a death record could be George b 1881 died Jan 08, 1929 parents unknown, informant J.F. Simity no relation. Buried Pugwash listed as widowed, undertaker R.B. Gillis, Pugwash, NS.


                                                image036. image022


                      vi    Jessie H Cates born April 22, 1882 On the 1901 Census Jessie’s occupation is Lumberman.


                      vii   Austin E. Cates, born Mar, 1888 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS, died July 24, 1890.  Austin Cates was 2 yrs and 4 months old. Buried in Shulee Cemetery, NS.

                      viii  William James Cates, born Feb 13, 1890 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS, died Mar 07, 1975 in Yarmouth, NS.


                      ix Horace E. Cates, July 11, 1893 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS, died Dec 03, 1912, buried in Shulee, Cemetery.  Horace Cates drowned on the Ethel B. Summer(,built 1901 in Horton, NB.) she went aground in the Petiticodiac River, across the bay from Shulee.  Horace and the Captain C. Wesley Patterson are buried in the Shulee Cemetery.



                             He married Marie Rose Morton, Sep 16, 1941.  Marie: In Notes from Phyllis Rust  Marie Rose Morton was a widow. Her and William James Cates had no children.


                      x     Eugene Cates, born Aug 26, 1900 in Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS, died May 20, 1975 in Parrsboro, Cumberland Co, NS buried in United Cemetery Parrsboro, NS.  Eugene was in first grade in 1908. Eugene Cates was raised by his sister Lettie Cates McKay after their parents death (1911).



                             He married Gertrude Elizabeth Maude Brown June 29, 1935 in Southampton born March 05, 1904 in Mapleton, Cumberland Co NS, daughter of John Welsford Brown and Elizabeth Manuge.

                                                                                    Viewed Late Birth registration which Gertrude applied Sept 17, 1965 at time she was living in Parrsboro. Viewed Marriage record, and supporting documents. Record in 1904 page 99100488.


Sixth Generation


6.   Olive Jane Cates, (5.William5, 4.Stillman4, 3.Robert3, 2.Robert2, 1.Samuel1) born May 10, 1875, died 1959, buried in Highland View Cemetery.  Got the birthdates from 1921 census Cumberland Co. NS. 1881 census supports this date, 1891 off.


                              Olive Cates McLellan and her brother Eugene


     She married (1) Norman McLellan, born April 1, 1861 in Rexton, Galloway Kent Co, NB, (son of Samuel McLelland and Sarah MacIntosh) died Jan 03, 1941 in Amherst, NS. 


                      For more information on Norman/Olive McLellan and descendants see McLellan family file.




     She married (2) Claire Shipley.