Gaelic: Mac Carthaigh, Gaelic Meaning: Loving Person

                                                                McCarthy one of the twenty most frequently found Irish surnames. The MacCarthaigh Septs were mainly based in the Province of Munster and were particularly

                                                                 prominent in Counties Kerry & Cork, where the majority of descendants are still found.






                                                                                William McCarthy ancestors of Sarah Miltida McCarthy Cook MacKenzie


                                                                1.             William McCarthy, born April 18, 1817 in Ballynena, Northern Ireland, died July 1842, buried July 17, 1842 in Ardorise Hill, Hants County, NS.


                                                                He married Margaret Lynch, Apr 18, 1817, born 1789 in Newport Township, Hants County, NS, died Nov 1847, buried Nov 22, 1847. daughter of ( John Lynch and

                                                                Carolyn Simpson)Margaret: Margaret Lynch had a previous marriage to a James Coombs however there were no children born to this marriage.




                                                                2.             i               Nicholas McCarthy b. 1827.


Second Generation


2.                    Nicholas McCarthy, (1.William1) born Nov 19, 1826 in Newport, Hants County. NS,(Irish) died 1906, buried Dec 16, 1906 in Gore, NS. 



                                                                He married Sarah Ann Kilcup, Oct 14, 1847 in Windsor, NS, born Nov 20, 1821,(English Lady) died 1908, buried March 02, 1908 in Truro, NS.  According to

                                                                Donnie’s family Notes; “Sarah had a twin sister who married Nicholas after her death. That is why there are two sides to the McCarthy family. Half sisters and brothers.”

                                                                 I suspect they were together before Sarah’s death. There are 2 more children listed on the 1901 census in Nicholas McCarthy’s household with Mary Dixon sister in law.

                                                                see below. Sarah Ann is listed as Joseph's Mother on the 1901 census. She was 79 living with Joseph and family in Truro district C.

                                                                                1901 District: NS Hants (#34)

                                                                                Subdistrict: Gore e Page 15

                                                                                Details: Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6452

                                                                                Transcriber: R. Murray Leitch


                                                                                35   145 McCarthy Nicolas M   Head M Nov 19 1826 74

                                                                                36   145 Dixon (?) Mary F   Sister-in-Law S Jan 27 1842 49

                                                                                37   145 McCarthy Austin ? M   Son S Apr 5 1887 13

                                                                                38   145 McCarthy John M   Son S Oct 22 1866 34

                                                                                39   145 McCarthy William M   Son S Nov 7 1891 9



                                                                                                i               William McCarthy, born ab 1848.

                                                                                3.             ii              Joseph McCarthy b. Sep 14, 1850.

                                                                                                iii             Mary McCarthy, born ab 1855.

                                                                                                iv             Harriet McCarthy, born ab 1857.

                                                                                                v              Nancy McCarthy, born ab 1859.

                                                                                                vi             Arthur McCarthy, born ab 1862.

                                                                                                vii            Leanne McCarthy, born ab 1863.

                                                                                                viii           John McCarthy,  born Oct 22, 1866

                                                                                                ix             Daniel McCarthy, born ab 1867.

                                                                                                x              Helen McCarthy, born ab 1868.

                                                                                                xi             Almina McCarthy, born ab 1871.



                                                                 He married or lived common law with Mary McKilcup Dixon his first wife’s twin sister.



                                                                                                xii   Austin McCarthy born April 05, 1887

                                                                                                xiii   William McCarthy Born Nov07, 1891

                                                                                                xiv   Mary McCarthy Born Mar 09, 1877  (I found birth record for Mary McCarthy b Gore Father Nicholas McCarthy mother Mary Dickson.)


Third Generation


3.                    Joseph McCarthy, (2.Nicholas2, 1.William1) born Sep 14, 1850. According to census records the family lived in Gore Hants County, Stewiacke,

Colchester County and later Truro, Colchester County. Harold Embree mentioned to me he remembered his Grandmother Sarah saying she grew up on a farm in Stewiacke.

Excerpts taken from written Notes Don MacKenzie sent me. “Joseph was a foundry worker at the old Foundry in Truro. Their children were all born in the Gore or

Stanley in Valley. They moved to Stewiacke Farming and then to Truro where they died”. I do not have death dates for either however looking at their photo below I

would say they lived quite old maybe into their 90’s?


                From Joseph’s death record Joseph McCarthy living East Mountain Colchester County at time of death. Born Sep 14, 1845 age 88y 10m 3d. At his place

                Of death 2 yrs. Occupation Farmer Parents Nicholas McCarthy b. Ireland  and  Sarah Dickson. Buried Truro Informant John McCarthy son. Died July 17, 1934.


                                                                He married Esther Martha Lemmons, born April 22, 1855.  Esther: Note last name could have been changed from Lemmon to Lemont . Info from Donnie Mackenzie

                                                                 a great grand son her full name was Mitilda Hester Lemmon.  Nickname Mattie.


                                                                                From Marriage record:  Jan 15, 1881 Joseph (b) (30) farmer living Gore born Adroise NS parents Nicholas and Sarah McCarthy married Martha Lemons

                                                                                Her parents Lovett and Sarah Lemons. Witness Osborne Thompson and Amos Thompson Rev Adam Gorm Presbyterian


                                                                                From Esther’s death record Esther living at 32 Water St. Truro (38 years in Truro) She was a widow Her date of birth was Apr 20 or 26 1852. She was 84y 4m 10d

                                                                Parents were Lovett Lemons b. Ireland and mother Sarah O’Neil . Informant Mrs. Elven McKenzie (daughter) buried Truro. She died Sep 13, 1936.


                                                                                I also found a marriage record for Esther sister her name Sarah Melinda Lemons (19)(s) b. Nine Mile River parents Lovett Lemons and Sarah McNeil married

                                                                                                Benjamin Isach Laws (31) (w)


                                                                                                                                Joseph and Mattie McCarthy


                                                                                                                                1901 Census Truro Town/village

                                                                                                                22   187 McCarthy Joseph M   Head M Sep 14 1850 50

                                                                                                                23   187 McCarthy Martha F   Wife M Aug 22 1855 46

                                                                                                                24   187 McCarthy Olive F   Daughter M Mar 14 1881 20

                                                                                                                25   187 McCarthy Maggie F   Daughter S Apr 25 1882 19

                                                                                                                26   187 McCarthy Sarah F   Daughter S Feb 4 1887 14

                                                                                                                27   187 McCarthy Thomas M   Son S Jul 1 1890 10

                                                                                                                28   187 McCarthy Fred M   Son S May 15 1893 7

                                                                                                                29   187 McCarthy Mabel F   Daughter S Dec 3 1897 3

                                                                                                                30   187 McCarthy John M   Son S Apr 27 1898 2

                                                                                                                31   187 McCarthy Sarah Ann F   Mother W Nov 20 1821 79

                                                                                                                32   187 Frizel Vernon M   Son-in-Law M Mar 11 1879 22

                                                                                                                33   187 Frizel Norman M   Grandson S Dec 5 1899 1



                                                                                                i               Charles McCarthy, born ab 1870. possibly married a Minnie.??

                                                                                                ii              Lonzo McCarthy, born ab 1871.

                                                                                                iii             Christie Ann McCarthy, born ab 1876.

                                                                                                iv             John McCarthy, born Apr 27, 1878 in East Gore.


                                                                                                                                He married #1 Margaret Dewolf  and  #2 Margaret Johnson


                                                                                4.             v              Sarah Melinda McCarthy b. Feb 04, 1887.

                                                                                                vi             Olive Dorothy McCarthy, born Mar 14, 1881, died 1972, buried in Terrence Hill Cemetery, Truro NS.  Found Marriage record

                                                                                                                Colchester County she was listed as age 19. Married in 1899. Which would correspond with census records stating date of birth as 1881.

                                                                                                                However according to her grave stone she was born in 1871??? She is buried with her Husband in Truro.


                                                                                                                                She married Vernon Melville Frizzel, Nov 06, 1899 in Truro, NS, born 1871 in Stanley, NS, (son of George Frizzel

                                                                                                                                                                                and Lillian _____?) died 1920, buried in Terrace Hill Cemetery, Kaulback Street, Truro NS.


                                                                                                vii            Margaret(Maggie)McCarthy, born April 25, 1882 in Gore, NS.  I got this info from Marriage records Colchester County. I have

                                                                                                                                                                assumed that she is a sister to Sarah as same parents listed.


                                                                                                                                She married Henry Hughes, Jan 31, 1901 in Truro, NS, born ab 1877 in North Field, (son of Samuel Hughes and Caroline _).


                                                                                                viii           Annie McCarthy, born Nov, 1880.  I suspect the child listed on the 1881 census as Sarah is actually Annie. On the 1891 the child which

                                                                                                                                                                would be the correct age is Annie age 12. She is lists as the next in age under brother John.


                                                                                                                                He married Alec Connolly.


                                                                                                ix             Ruby McCarthy, born ab 1886.  Ruby is included in this family on the 1891census age 5, however she is not included in the 1901 census.

                                                                                                                Spoke to Donnie MacKenzie Nov 25, 2002 he said she had two children one named Lawrence who was called Lonnie. maybe named after

                                                                                                                his Uncle (Ruby's older brother Lonzo).


                                                                                                                                She married M. George Henderson.


                                                                                                x              Thomas McCarthy, born June 01, 1890 in  possibly Stewiacke.


                                                                                                                                He married Jessie Woods.


                                                                                                xi             Norman Frederick McCarthy, born May 15, 1893, died 1962, buried in Terrance Hill Cemetery, Truro NS.  Stena Visited grave Nov 21, 2002.

                                                                                                                He is buried with his wife and a daughter Beatrice Teed (1916-1944).


                                                                                                                                He married Florence Mabel Hamilton, born 1895, died 1979, buried in Terrance Hill Cemetery, Truro NS.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     daughter of George T Hamilton.



Sarah McCarthy and sisters Olive sitting and Ruby.


Fourth Generation


4.                    Sarah Melinda McCarthy, (3.Joseph3, 2.Nicholas2, 1.William1) born Feb 04, 1887 in East Gore, NS, died Oct 06, 1969 in Terrance Hill Cemetery, Kaulback Street, Truro NS. 

Info found in marriage records Colchester county. She was 22 single. Which would make her born ab 1886? I had a birthdate in Steve's  Baby book of Feb 4, 1879.

However have found out that her date was Feb 04, 1887. Which would correspond with info in marriage record. Information received from Donnie MacKenzie

,grandson from Sarah's second Marriage, that her mothers full name was Matilda Hester Lemmon maybe later changed to Lemont.  According to the date off

Sarah grave she was born 1880. Sarah is buried with her second Husband Elven W. Mackenzie. I have found Sarah listed on several census odds are she was

born in1887 not 1880. Donnie MacKenzie gave me her middle name Melinda.


                                                                                                She married (1) John A. Cook, May 20, 1908 in Truro, NS, born 1878 possibly in Halifax ,NS, died June 05,1911 (son of William Cook and Phebe__?). 

                                                                                                John: Information found in Marriage record Colchester County. In marriage records he was single age 27.

                                                                                                Which would make him born 1881. Previous info from family said born about 1875?


                                                                See Cook Family Files for continued descendants of Sarah McCarthy Cook MacKenzie


                                                                                                She married (2) Elvin Wilbur MacKenzie, born 1871, died 1941, buried in Terrance Hill Cemetery, Kaulback Street Truro, NS.



                                                                                                                Elven MacKenzie and Sarah McCarthy Cook MacKenzie